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MWFV Ch.48 Part 1 – Mid-Autumn Festival (I)

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Time soon arrived at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In the morning, Su Bei was already in Su Xiaobao’s room, helping him choose the clothes he would wear when they visited Jinxi Garden that afternoon.

Su Bei: “No, this one is too ordinary.”

“I think it’s pretty good.” Su Xiaobao glanced at his sportswear and said quietly.

Su Bei: “Not good, it doesn’t look expensive enough.”

So, Su Xiaobao took out his most expensive outfit: “What about this?”

This was the outfit that Uncle Fu prepared for Su Xiaobao to attend social events. Very handsome.

Su Bei: “Looks too friendly.”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

“You don’t have any clothes with more murderous aura? Forget it, I’ll find it myself.” Su Bei jumped off the bed and directly dragged Su Xiaobao into the cloakroom. Soon, she found a suit with a decorative pattern. It was fashionable, looked expensive, and very handsome!

“This one. Hurry and try it.” Su Bei stuffed the clothes to Su Xiaobao, full of expectations.

Looking at the suit that Su Bei handed over, Su Xiaobao frowned in disapproval: why is this pattern again. However, he still took off his sportswear obediently and put on the suit.

“Wow!” Su Bei’s eyes suddenly brightened. She found a super nice T-shirt in Su Xiaobao’s closet.

“Su Xiaobao, where did you get this T-shirt?” Su Bei showed the T-shirt to Su Xiaobao. This was an ordinary black T-shirt, but with a big cartoonish fat unicorn printed on the chest. It looked so cute.

“I don’t know.” Su Xiaobao glanced at the T-shirt in Su Bei’s hand, without the slightest impression. The siblings’ clothes were basically prepared by Uncle Fu. The clothes for Su Bei were mostly cute and girlish, while Su Xiaobao’s clothes were mainly all kinds of T-shirts. He seemed to have worn this T-shirt once before, but didn’t remember exactly when.

Su Xiaobao saw Su Bei blinking at him.

Su Xiaobao: “What?”

Su Bei: “Give me!”

Su Xiaobao took a close look at the T-shirt in Su Bei’s hand, then at the other clothes in the closet. He didn’t know which part of this T-shirt was more ‘excellent’ than the others. “It’s too big, you can’t wear it.” Su Xiaobao said truthfully. The T-shirt was one or two sizes bigger than Su Bei.

Su Bei: “Not big, ah.”

To prove her words, Su Bei put on the T-shirt on her body. Boys’ clothes were much larger than girls’. This T-shirt could directly be used by Su Bei as a semi-long one piece.

Su Bei: “Look, quite good, isn’t it?”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

In their family, Su Bei has the final say, so whatever she said is correct.

When Mr. Qin came in, Su Bei was holding a bottle of hair wax, helping Su Xiaobao styling his hair. She was wearing her newly-grabbed unicorn T-shirt, which only covered some part of her upper legs. Under the nightdress, the rest of her legs looked very ‘cold.’

Mr. Qin’s face instantly turned dark.

Su Bei: “Dad?”

“What are you doing dressed like that?” Mr. Qin said in a dark voice, his eyes stern.

Su Bei was taken aback by Mr. Qin’s sudden sternness. She shrank her head and whispered: “I’m just trying to wear it…”

Seeing Su Bei’s grieved face, Mr. Qin’s expression loosened. He quietly sighed and said, “We are departing soon. Quickly tidy up and change your clothes.”

“Okay, Dad.” Still with her head bowed, Su Bei passed by Mr. Qin and quickly ran to the room next door.

Su Bei changed into a long collared dress, then gave herself a hair bun for additional self-cheer. When the brother and sister stood together, they really brightened the space.

Looking at his children, a light secretly flashed through Mr. Qin’s eyes.

“Let’s go.”

Soon the family of three arrived at Jinxi Garden.

Jinxi Garden was the villa Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan bought after their marriage. The whole building was larger than Jingyuan, with a traditional European architectural style that looked a little oppressive.

“People inside won’t eat you. Don’t be so nervous.” Before entering the house, Qin Shao patted Su Bei’s head.

Knowing that Qin Shao was going to bring his two children over today, Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan have been waiting in the living room. Although the two had prepared psychologically, when they saw the two children behind Qin Shao, their hearts were still flustered.

Qin Shao took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to the two elders. “Dad, Aunt Chen. They are my children, Qin Yu and Qin Yue.” He then said to the twins, “Xiaobao, Xiaobei, greet them.”

Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan looked at the Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, and couldn’t help being surprised. What a pair of very beautiful and handsome children, and also very similar to Qin Shao. Not only on their facial features and appearances, even in their gestures, the couple could see Qin Shao’s shadow on the twins.


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