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MWFV Ch.48 Part 2 – Mid-Autumn Festival (II)

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While Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan were looking at the siblings, Su Bei also observed them back. Similar to the description in the novel, Qin Jinguo was a calm and conservative man, while Chen Xueyan looked weak outside, but actually had a tough heart.

From the couple’s expressions at the moment, she could see that they were simply being surprised upon seeing herself and Su Xiaobao, but not malicious.

“Hello, grandpa and grandma.” Su Bei smiled sweetly at the two elders.

Su Xiaobao was pulled twice by Su Bei before he finally turned to look at the two and greeted: “Grandpa, grandma.”

Qin Jinguo smiled kindly at the twins, “Good children.”

These two children were cautious but not timid, very good.

Qin Jinguo: “Are Qin Yu and Qin Yue? Good names.”

Su Bei also smiled and told Qin Jinguo happily: “Dad chose it.”

Qin Jinguo: “How old are you?”

Su Bei: “Fourteen.”

Chen Xueyan exclaimed, “Ah,” and looked at Qin Jinguo: “So Xiaoyu and Xiaoyue are the same age as Yiyi.”

Chen Xueyan looked at Su Bei again and explained smilingly: “Yiyi is your second uncle’s daughter and the same age as you two. Her family will arrive soon, you can meet and play with her later.”

The grievances between the two adults were already irrevocable, and the parents really couldn’t manage it anymore. But they still hoped the next generation would be able to get along well.

Su Bei: Haha…

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were taken to the backyard by Chen Xueyan to play, while Qin Shao followed Qin Jinguo to the study. In the study, Qin Jinguo’s expression towards Qin Shao became stern, but also contained some concern.

“What’s actually happen with Xiaoyu and Xiaoyue?” Qin Jinguo asked.

When Qin Group announced the two children’s identity before, Qin Jinguo wanted to ask why Qin Shao, who never even had a single woman around him, suddenly had two fourteen-year-old children. However, Qin Shao hasn’t visited him for more than half a year. Because of Song Yancheng, even their father and son’s relationship was estranged, so Qin Jinguo really didn’t know how to make the inquiry.

Hearing Qin Jinguo inquiring about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s origin, Qin Shao suddenly sneered. “Dad, you only need to know that Xiaobei and Xiaobao are my children.”

“As for the origin,” Mr. Qin squinted his eyes and sneered again: “Then you will have to ask your baby stepson.”

Qin Jinguo was surprised: “This matter is also related to Yancheng?!”

Mr. Qin’s eyes flashed coldly. He obviously didn’t want to talk more about it. Under his people’s investigation, Mr. Qin found quite a few things: More than a decade ago, not long after he took over ‘Jihua International’, a careless mistake made him fell into a business spy’s trap. After solving the trouble outside, he came home only to get schemed by Song Yancheng.

“However, for this matter, perhaps I should thank him.” Thinking of the two children, the coldness in Mr. Qin’s eyes melted a lot.

However, Qin Jinguo could clearly hear the hostility in Qin Shao’s tone when he mentioned Song Yancheng. With a soft sigh, he tried to persuade: “Anyway, we are all one family. Even if the two of you don’t get along, you shouldn’t really point the muzzle at your family. You are already a father. You now should be able to see my and your Aunt Chen’s perspective and understand our hardship. You are one year older than Yancheng…” When he and his second wife formed their new family, the two children happened to be in the rebellious period, and both also had such strong personalities. He and Xueyan would no longer force them to be real siblings. They just hoped that the two could stay in peace and didn’t break the last familial cordiality.

When Song Yancheng was unwilling to enter ‘Jihua International’ in order to join the entertainment industry, Qin Jinguo thought he truly liked acting and didn’t stop him. He secretly contacted the CEO of several entertainment companies to give Song Yancheng a lot of support. Unexpectedly, Song Yancheng made such a decision because of Qin Shao. Although Qin Jinguo didn’t agree with Song Yancheng’s approach, he undoubtedly felt that he owed Song Yancheng: The child’s psychological shadow and burden were caused by the reformation of their new family. As the head of this family, Qin Jinguo felt responsible.

Besides, Song Yancheng was also his stepson, and the relationship between step-parents and step-children has always been challenging. Therefore, on many occasions, Qin Jinguo restrained his own son and made Qin Shao bear with Song Yancheng.

This time, Qin Shao interrupted Qin Jinguo. “Enough,” He said coldly. After a pause, he said: “I have heard enough of you.”

“I’ve left him under my nose for so long, my tolerance is also limited.”

“What’s more, your baby stepson is aiming for my life now.”

Qin Jinguo’s eyes suddenly widened with an unbelievable face: “Impossible!”

Qin Shao: “Did he come to tell you about Qin Group’s suppression of the Song’s Group?”

Qin Jinguo: “…” It was indeed so. He originally wanted to persuade Qin Shao after talking about the two children.

Qin Shao: “Suppressing Song Group is just an initial gift. To be precise, it is not suppression. I am going to let the Song Group disappear completely.”

“When I went to S city two months ago, I encountered an accident and ended up in quite a trouble. Dad, if you really want to take care of this matter, you might as well find someone to check it.”

Qin Jinguo was completely speechless now. Although he couldn’t believe Song Yancheng would really do it, he understood Qin Shao’s personality. His son would not lie about such matters.

Qin Shao got up from the chair and put down the last sentence: “You said that I am now a father. Even for my own children, I will no longer tolerate Song Yancheng to keep posing a threat to myself or my children.”

Qin Jinguo: “You—!”

“Wait !” Qin Jinguo stopped Qin Shao: “Xiaoyu and Xiaoyue’s biological mother…”

Qin Shao: “I don’t know. Still checking.”


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  1. The way the reveal of the ML’s actions have been going so far I think the Mom might not be as bad as the book said.
    Could she have been drugged as well?

    1. Except she did essentially abandon them with an unrelated old woman. It will take a lot of exigent circumstances for me to believe ‘she’s not that bad.’

  2. This song bitch is really irritating and annoying me😬
    It’s their family who is villain✋️

  3. I wonder where their mom is, nothing was said in the book and I think the disgusting ML did something to her, because she would come back as Qin Shao is also rich so if that’s all she cared for, then she could get money that way as well.

    Also grandpa is horrible as far as I’m concerned. Be nice to your step child but don’t freaking trample all over your own child to facilitate him. And if the grandma was that nice, her son wouldn’t be such a snake.

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