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MWFV Ch.5 Part 1 Returning Slap (I)

As soon as she arrived at school, Su Bei was called into principal office. At the same time, Zhong Hongmei and her gang were also summoned over the ‘report’ by students who witnessed the incident that day.

“School is the place where you learn to conduct yourselves, not a place to fight and cause trouble!” The principal stern voice greeted them as soon as they arrived at the office.

“If you have conflict with each other then just tell your parents and teachers, why should you use the wrong way to solve it privately?”

“And even posting it online! Do you know how bad this matter affected our school?!”

The forum post and video were not only uploaded on their school forum, but also circulated into other schools. If it was not for the faculty who deal with it quickly, deleting the original post on the forum and instructing the teachers to warn their students to not re-upload the video elsewhere, they afraid that the school would already got a call from education bureau.

Facing the principal’s outburst, Zhou Hongmei and her gang began to realize that the matter wasn’t simple. Like Su Bei’s said before, this incident might become serious, and thus, they started to feel afraid.

It couldn’t be denied that at first, Zhou Hongmei was very happy when she saw the forum post where everyone was scolding Su Bei. But she didn’t expect that thing would be escalated so quickly. She wasn’t the one who made that post, and the video obviously wasn’t taken using her mobile phone.

Which slut did this! She clearly told them to delete the video, but some people dare to disobey her words. When she know whose fault is this, she must give her a lesson.

A harsh look flashed on Zhou Hongmei’s eyes.

Fortunately, in the video, the viewers could only hear Su Bei’s voice and see her figure being beaten, and none of their own face was filmed.

“Principal Chen, that post on the internet wasn’t our doing. I don’t know what happened.” Following Zhou Hongmei’s rebuttal, one by one the girls behind her also hurriedly stated their innocence.

Bang! Principal Chen slapped his desk. “You think the school falsely accused you? It’s you people who dragged Su Bei to the toilet, and this thing clearly taken by school monitoring!”

Zhou Hongmei and her gang: “…”

Seeing the girls hanging their head down and no longer talking, the principal turned his head to Su Bei. His expression somewhat ugly. The troublesome part of this matter isn’t the students conflict, but the pressure and public opinion on the school after the incident circulated online. And the root cause of this matter is undoubtedly this student in front of him.

“Su Bei, I heard from your homeroom teacher that you are a student with good grades. You should cherish everything you have now and study hard, instead of focusing on things you shouldn’t be.”

The more Su Bei listened to the principal’s words, the worse they are. Sure enough, she heard the principal continuing, “I have heard about the situation of your family. If you have any difficulty, you can ask the school and the society for help. You cannot use the methods you think is good to solve them. You should stop those behaviours of yours that stemmed from some useless vanity.”

“I didn’t do that. “Su Bei, who had been hanging her head silently, finally spoke.

“I haven’t done anything written in the post,” Su Bei raised her head and directly looked at the principal. Word by word she continued : “Or did the school, and you principal Chen, believe the rumors on the internet?”

“This… ” Su Bei’s angry rhetoric made him temporary speechless.

He couldn’t be blamed for believing the rumors – their school had both bad and good students mixed together, and there were more bad students than good ones. Incidents created by troublemaker students wasn’t rare. Only two years ago, there was a case of a female student who accidentally died when doing abortion at an illegal clinic.

As a principal, he really shouldn’t look at any student with prejudiced view, and the clarity he saw in Su Bei’s eyes made it really difficult for him to associate her with such messy behaviours.

Some of Zhou Hongmei’s gang members who was standing on the side looked at this scene, extremely astonished. Su Bei was so arrogant, they just saw that their sister Mei completely being frightened in front of the principal, yet this Su Bei dared to talk to him like this.

If it wasn’t for their status as enemy, one of the girl actually wanted to give Su Bei a thumb up.


“This isn’t a normal students conflict, but one sided campus violence against me. What they did can be categorized as intentional harm, and the video is the best evidence.”

“There was also the rumor posted on the internet, resulted in serious defamation on my reputation, so I can also sue them for maliciously infringe my right.” Su Bei pointed to Zhou Hongmei’s gang.

Pointed by Su Bei, one girl unhappily retorted: “You bullshit! There is no uploader name on that post, anyone can be the culprit, and everyone in the class also gossiping about your prostitution job, on what basis can you accuse us!”

Listening to their words, Su Bei sneered. Because she still didn’t know who posted it, Su Bei indifferently look at the girls in front of her, and said. “Do you think that simply using an anonymous account will make it impossible to trace the one who originally posted the rumors?”

At this moment, Xu Shanshan, who secretly gloated inside the crowd, panicked: Su Bei’s talking nonsense, right?

Of course not.

Anything that be done over the internet, will always leave some traces. During her four years in another world, Su Bei has read many books, including several ‘Red Hacker’ books. Give her a computer and Su Bei is confident that within five minutes she can find out who posted the video.

“If you have this ability, then check it yourselves.” Unconvinced, Zhou Hongmei snapped.

Anyway, the post wasn’t made by her. If Su Bei wanted to check, then let her do it. She actually also wanted to see which slut dumped her this pot.

“Be quiet, I let you come here to solve the problem, not to deepen the problem!” The principal angrily stopped both sides.

“So, what is the school going to do?” Su Bei asked.

Su Bei’s question troubled the principal.

Originally, the school planned to call the students from both sides to the office, severely criticize them and let them understand how serious was this incident. Then, make the students write self-introspection essay and clarify that the whole incident was just a spoof, thus minimizing the impact to the school.

Principal Chen, who at first thought that it’d be easy to let those students obediently follow his plan, apparently didn’t exepect to encounter a hard stubble like Su Bei.

“Like I said, Zhou Hongmei and her gang wrongdoing can be categorized as intentional harm. If the school doesn’t deal with it, I will call the police myself.”

“You-” Su Bei’s words made the principal choking: if they really let her go to police station, wouldn’t the matter only get even worse?

“No need to worry, the school will of course handle this matter.”

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22 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.5 Part 1 Returning Slap (I)”

  1. Principal Chen is part of why this school is such a mess. Hope SB scares him into decency…
    Like I said before, posting that video was the stupidest thing that these girls could have done~~~

  2. Eh, she would never be able to pay for a lawsuit or Lawyer with her current financial situation.

    1. The victim, if the case is won, would pay the lawyer with the money won from the settlement. Also if it gathers enough attention there’s always someone willing to be a social justice warrior and help with funding lmao.

    2. Well she has those knowledges from previous life so she might know about lawyer taking pro bono case.

    3. Actually, there are lawyers who take payment after the case is won. Not sure about the laws in china but there is clear evidence of defamation, bullying that resulted in harm and neglicence of the school. This impacted her in a negative way physically and emotionally. She probably can not sue the other girls as they are underage but it is within her rights to sue their parents and the school. There are also support groups etc. I’m sure she could find a lawyer if she didn’t give up. Given that it’s a novel, the chances are slim though.

      1. Noted ❤️ thanks
        Im gonna sue who bully in the future though.
        To be honest, as when we are a kid, we didn’t even know how or where to find help
        So bullies are the things that the world gave us
        It’s just “oh so it is that and end its just that”

  3. What the hell! So getting beaten up is causing trouble now? That man should really consider a career change.
    Go SU Bei don’t let them bully you!

    Thank you for the chap 🙂

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  5. Thank you!

    She gots good grades and a video evidence but the school just thinks she is at fault..

    1. Not at fault, but the rumors. Although it is true she should not have to write an apology letter, so I guess they were slightly blaming her; even that though is more blame of fault than she should have.

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  7. Wait, so she could hack some IP address just by looking at books and not practice it even once?!!!!

    This is just ridiculous…. Wow I feel very stupid, I can’t even do my coding assignments properly 🙂

    1. Indeed, hahaha
      Of all things, I find that it’s the most ridiculous sentence in this chapter.

    2. No, we cannot , do “hacking” just by reading the book and not “practice “.
      But who said she didn’t touch the computer during that time while we was reading “book” lol
      The author didn’t specify physical or ebook either.
      Most of “red hat hacking” are used with ebook format.

      Lmao you said u did “coding assignments “
      Are u sure u can do those coding assignment of urs?

      Look at the situation, author want to make her sound angry so….did u feel the “heat” yet?

  8. Ugh! It’s people like this principle that will only cause more harm to other students that will become a victim of bullying. What’s the point if only yelling at them and having them write a self reflection after??? And even have the victim come forward to say that it wasn’t real…what a joke! He need to be fire!!!!! 😡😡😡😡

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