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MWFV Ch.50 Part 2 – The Only People I Care About (II)

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When Song Xinyi and her family were conversing harmoniously, Qin Shao’s family of three sitting on the other side of the table seemed to be on a different channel. Su Xiaobao originally disliked the Song family, and didn’t want to listen to the topics they talked about. As for Mr. Qin, he had even less interest and simply eating his own meal in silence. Besides that, he also took care of the two children who seemingly only knew how to bow their head to nibble on the rice, but didn’t know how to pick up other dishes. Mr. Qin picked up some dishes from time to time and put them into the twins’ bowls.

Only Su Bei paid attention to Song Xinyi’s words. “Ou Yibin? And director…” How did this name feel a bit familiar? Where did she hear it?

On the other side, although Chen Xueyan was happy, she could not help but ask: “Yiyi, if you start acting in a film, won’t it affect your study?”

Song Xinyi: “Don’t worry, grandma. Director Ou’s project is still in the preparation stage, and the filming won’t start so fast. I also properly told the director, even if I agree to this job, I will only go filming during my vacation time.”

Lin You: “Yes, Mom, you don’t have to worry. Yiyi knows how to arrange her own schedules, and her grades are also excellent, so we don’t need to worry about her studies.”

Lin You: “Dad, Mom. Do you know? Yiyi got a very good score in this month’s school exam. The perfect score is 900, and Yiyi got 832. Her rank in the school should be in the top twenty.”

Chen Xueyan and Qin Jinguo became even happier: “Our family’s Yiyi is truly a talented girl.”

When Lin You mentioned her grades, Song Xinyi’s smile vanished. The exam result was now a thorn in her heart: She did well in the exam, but Su Bei was even better!

Song Xinyi has always been reluctant to face this matter, nor was she willing to tell her parents about Su Bei’s scores.

Su Bei looked at Song Xinyi and secretly laughed a bit.

Su Xiaobao also glanced with obvious disdain.

Looking at his two children, Mr. Qin raised his eyebrows, and only said one sentence: “Eat your vegetables.”

But at this moment, Lin You turned her gaze to Su Bei. “Even though Xiaoyue has just been picked up, but you still have to learn many things. Yiyi’s private teachers who taught her when she was a child were pretty good. If needed, I can recommend them to teach Xiaoyue.” Lin You’s words seemed to be caring, but in fact, there was a strong sense of superiority in her eyes looking at Su Bei.

As if telling that her daughter was so good, but Su Bei was just a country girl who knew nothing.

Hearing this, Mr. Qin sneered. He glanced at Lin You sharply, and calmly said: “My Qin family won’t run out of money, so my daughter doesn’t need to show her face to the public and let others laugh at our joke.”

And what did she mean by ‘recommending teachers’? That their Qin family can’t find the best teachers?

Mr. Qin smiled coldly. Recently, he read a lot about children’s education on the internet, such as: sons should be raised a bit strictly, while daughters are raised rich and more delicately; parents should cultivate the sense of independence on the sons, and tell daughters to seek for family helps when needed; to let the sons learn how to be responsible and teach daughters how to cherish themselves…

Mr. Qin didn’t deny Song family’s way of raising their daughter, but simply disdained it.

Mr. Qin’s short remark successfully ended this topic, and the meal ended with a not-so-awkward mood.

After the meal, Qin Jinguo called Qin Shao and Song Yancheng to his study. On the one hand, he still wanted to persuade the two. On the other hand, because of his conversation with Qin Shao in the afternoon, Qin Jinguo also planned to probe Song Yancheng, to see whether he really had any thoughts that he shouldn’t have.

As for the women and children, they stayed in the living room to have some chat. After a while, Su Bei went to the bathroom, followed by Song Xinyi.

When Su Bei came out, Song Xinyi stopped her.

Su Bei: “What? Want to fight?” After learning a few simple self-defense skills with the coach arranged by Mr. Qin, Su Bei’s current combat ability was pretty decent. At least, more than enough to handle one Song Xinyi.

Song Xinyi stared at Su Bei fiercely: “Su Bei, why are you robbing me of everything? You robbed my ‘school flower’ title, robbed my’ opening performance, ‘ robbed Xie Minxuan, and robbed the monthly exam’s limelight. Isn’t that enough? Why are you still coming to this house to rob what’s mine, and snatched my grandparents?!”

Facing Song Xinyi’s accusation, Su Bei really wanted to dig her head to take a look inside. Was the protagonist’s halo too heavy and crushed some of her brain circuits?

Su Bei stared at Song Xinyi coldly and said: “First, I didn’t steal the ‘school flower’ title and the ‘opening performance.’ I won it. As for the monthly exam results, I also want to keep a low profile. Unfortunately, my ability didn’t allow it.”

As for Xie Minxuan…

What the hell?

Even he was truly being ‘robbed,’ it was Su Xiaobao who robbed him.

Su Bei: Wait, wait. This isn’t right. She shouldn’t have this thought.

“As for the others…” After a pause, Su Bei’s expression turned serious. “You simply overthink. I don’t have any spare time to deliberately rob your things.”

“You know? For me, Su Xiaobao is the most important, and Qin Shao is the second. As for the others, no one matters.” Su Bei might tolerate other things, but she would never allow anyone to hurt these two people.


Seeing that Su Bei had not returned to the living room, Su Xiaobao was about to go and find her. After talking with Qin Jinguo, Mr. Qin came out of the study and was going to take his children home. The two met in the hallway, no sooner, no later, just at the exact timing to hear Su Bei’s last sentence.


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Author’s Note:

[Little Theater]
Mr. Qin: What are you talking about? Excuse me, I am busy feeding my cubs and don’t have time to listen.

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  1. What a lovely father learning to care for his children on the internet. Daddy Qin, girls must learn to take care of themselves But also to be independent. boys also need care and love.

  2. Even he was truly being ‘robbed,’ it was Su Xiaobao who robbed him.

    Su Bei: Wait, wait. This isn’t right. She shouldn’t have this thought.

    No, no. Keep going down that rabbit hole, Xiaobei. Keep going down that rabbit hole. 😂🤣

  3. “You know? For me, Su Xiaobao is the most important, and Qin Shao is the second. As for the others, no one matters.” 

    Press F for Grandma Wang…

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