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MWFV Ch.51 Part 1 – School Parent Meeting (I)

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Su Bei’s words made her family’s two men very satisfied.

Just, why is Su Xiaobao first and he is second? Mr. Qin frowned and glanced at Su Xiaobao: Why does he suddenly think that this stinky boy a little unpleasant to see?

At this time, Su Bei had also noticed Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao in the corridor. Her expression stiffened, and she suddenly felt a bit awkward.

Su Bei: Just now, she seemed to call Mr. Qin’s name directly, and was also overheard by him?

In front of Mr. Qin, Su Bei usually called him ‘Dad,’ except for one time when she accidentally blurted ‘Qin Shao’ out of surprise when he came to pick them up after returning from S city. And actually, there was another time: when Su Bei was drunk at Lin family’s banquet. Unfortunately, she had no recollection of this event.

“Dad…” Su Bei lowered her head and walked towards Mr. Qin. Seeing the girl’s awkward face, Qin Shao’s eyes flashed with a faint smile before he reached his hand to pat her head.

And thus, Mr. Qin was successfully stabbed by the hairpin on Su Bei’s bun.

Qin Shao: “Alright, let’s go home.”

Su Bei: “Okay.”

Su Xiaobao: “…” You don’t ask my opinion?

Su Xiaobao: Forget it, it’s not important.

Anyway, Su Xiaobao was in a joyful mood now: Look, in Su Bei’s eyes, he is still the number one. So in terms of family status, he is naturally above Qin Shao.

Su Xiaobao gave Qin Shao a smug face and received a cold gaze in return. For a while, father and son exchanged an icy glare.

Mr. Qin withdrew his gaze first and led the twins downstairs: “Let’s go, we should say goodbye to your grandparents before leaving.”

The next time they visit again would probably at Chinese New Year. Su Be nodded and obediently went to say goodbye to Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan.

Many problems happened because of forming their new family, and the elderly couple didn’t have it easy. On the one hand, they hoped that their family could live in harmony. On the other hand, they were afraid that treating the biological son too well would cause the stepson to be dissatisfied. On top of that, both sons were too capable, completely out of their parents’ control.

When Qin Shao’s family of three were about to leave, Qin Jinguo stopped Qin Shao outside the car. Now that there were only the two of them, Qin Jinguo no longer had the toughness and composure he showed in front of the other family members, and seemingly looked much older.

Qin Jinguo sighed lightly before said: “I know that you never let yourself suffer. If Song Yancheng really did those things, then you can properly deal with him as you see fit.”

“However, I hope that you only target just him, and not implicating others.” The ‘others’ Qin Jinguo said were Song Xinyi and her mother Lin You.

Mr. Qin’s eyes flashed in a touch of sarcasm: “I am not as low as him.”

At night, Mr. Qin and his children were back at Jingyuan villa.

Uncle Fu was afraid that Su Bei and Su Xiaobao didn’t feel comfortable at Jinxi Garden and thus didn’t eat much. He let the kitchen prepared some snacks for them and also asked if they suffered any grievance there.

Mr. Qin who was listening on the side had his face covered in black lines: “With me, why should they be hungry?”

Uncle Fu smiled awkwardly and dared not say any more.

Remembering how Mr. Qin kept putting various dishes into their bowl earlier, Su Bei chuckled.

“We will go back to our room now. Good night, Dad.” Su Bei pulled Su Xiaobao upstairs.


Back in her bedroom, Su Bei opened the group chat with the Xu family’s brothers.

[Q]: Have you finished all the matches?

Since Su Bei and Su Xiaobao had to go with Mr. Qin to Jinxi Garden today, she had no way but to entrust today’s games to Xu Shiwei and Xu Yangyang, and become a ‘corpse teammate.’

[Handsome Yang]: Oooooh, god Q, I am sorry…

[Q]: We lost?

[vvvv]: Technically, no. But Laozi almost became a dried mummy.

Big brother Xu told Su Bei about the three games they had today. In the first game, they met a team where each man was on their own, totally without coordination, enabling them an easy KO. The second game was also okay. The opponent team used all their members to attack, leaving an empty base with a trashy security wall. Xu Yangyang broke through in twenty minutes.

The third game, however, was diabolical.

In this game, the team they were matched with wasn’t weak and even left four members to maintain the defense. Xu Yangyang had to sneak around for several hours until he finally found a bug to attack. Meanwhile, Xu Shiwei had to resist the attack of three remaining opponents and was almost squeezed dry into a shriveled mummy.

In the end, Xu Yangyang failed to break the opponent’s security wall and was roasted alive by Xu Shiwei.

This match was played from 1 pm to 10 pm.

People on the opponent team said:

[I almost fainted from hunger, and my eyes started to see a mirage.]

[Motherf**er idiots, my hands almost numb.]

[I ran out of eye drops!]

[My mother told me to go down to eat, and she will come brandishing the Yitian Sword (1) if I don’t hurry.]

In the end, they put down a final, ruthless edict: “Brothers, you are so cruel, we won’t accompany you anymore,” and then went offline collectively, letting Xu Shiwei won over an empty base.

After listening to big brother Xu’s ‘thundering’ narrative, Su Bei didn’t know whether she had to sympathizing with Xu Shiwei or pitying Xu Yangyang.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Knowing that it was Mr. Qin, Su Bei reflexively tucked her mobile phone under the pillow.

Su Bei: “Dad, you can come in.”

Qin Shao opened the door and frowned when seeing that Su Bei was curling on the bed still in the clothes she had after they came back.

Qin Shao: “It’s bedtime.”

Su Bei’s neck shrank: “I’ll go to sleep right now…” Then she lifted the quilt and tucked in.

Looking at Su Bei, Mr. Qin felt a headache. Somewhat helplessly, he reminded: “Change your clothes first.”

Su Bei: “…”

Mr. Qin was about to take his leave when Su Bei called from behind: “Dad.”

“Mm?” Mr. Qin paused: “What?”

Su Bei: “I want to tell you something… ”


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(1) Yitian Sword: A sword forged by Cao Cao, an ancient military warlord from the Three Kingdoms era known both for his ability and ruthlessness.

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    “…might no longer be… law-abiding. ”
    “And thus, Mr. Qin was successfully stabbed by the hairpin on Su Bei’s bun.”
    Then he like, let’s go home.

  2. Lmao, that hacking game third round became a slog and they won simply cause the other team couldn’t put up with them anymore. Soone or later they probably would’ve lost. I feel bad for both teams there.

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