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MWFV Ch.51 Part 2 – School Parent Meeting (II)

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Because he thought it was improper, Qin Shao usually never entered Su Bei’s bedroom. But now, when he was standing at the door and saw his daughter tangled expression, he finally walked into the room and approached Su Bei’s bed. Qin Shao stared down at his daughter for a moment and asked: “Do you have something to say?”

“That…about the person we met today, Song Yancheng…Dad, I think you should be careful of him.” Su Bei didn’t know how to explain about the novel plot and her nightmare to Mr. Qin.

The male lead in the novel was a person who didn’t hesitate to use unscrupulous methods to achieve his goals. However, just because he was a male lead, his methods were narrated as proofs of his strength and ability.

In order to defeat Qin Shao, Song Yancheng indeed didn’t choose his methods. The failed assassination attempt in S city wouldn’t be the last. Su Bei wanted to remind Qin Shao to not fall into Song Yancheng’s traps.

Su Bei’s words made Mr. Qin a little surprised. But at the same time, his heart warmed. “Why are you telling me this?” Mr. Qin leaned down slightly and put his eyes on the same level as Su Bei’s. Song Yancheng was indeed a man to be cautious of. If a person was careless, they would be bitten into pieces. It was good for Su Bei to have this instinct.

Su Bei frowned deeply: “I cannot explain it clearly…anyway, Dad, I think he isn’t a good man. He is very dangerous, and his eyes looking at us were terrifying. Dad, you must be careful. It is best to let people watch him. He…”

The girl’s serious expression was mixed with nervousness and concern, but it made Mr. Qin happy. Laughing softly, he said: “Alright, I’ll listen to you and be careful of him.”

In fact, Qin Shao had made his moves against Song Yancheng. As he declared at Jinxi Garden, soon the Song Group would cease to exist. This was just the beginning.

Regarding the attack in S city, Qin Shao didn’t find any evidence that directly pointed at Song Yancheng. However, since Song Yancheng managed to get to this point, his hands actually were not clean. What Qin Shao doing now was to dig these things to give Song Yancheng a ‘big gift.’

On the morning of the parent meeting, Su Bei ran downstairs earlier than usual and saw Mr. Qin who was about to depart for work.

“Dad, good morning.”

Speaking of which, Mr. Qin was indeed a hard-worker, and he often left earlier than the students Su Bei and Su Xiaobao.

Mr. Qin saw the expectation in Su Bei’s eyes and couldn’t help but smile. “Get ready for school. I will go to the parent meeting in the afternoon.”

Su Bei’s eyes squinted in happiness. She nodded and answered cheerfully: “Okay!”

The parent meeting of Weiming Middle School has always been spectacular. If not for the sign ‘Weiming Middle School’ at the gate, just by seeing rows and rows of luxury cars parked on the space outside and a bunch of parents with extraordinary aura, a passerby would have mistaken this place to be the avenue of a high-level summit.

Qin family’s car finally arrived and stopped directly at the school gate.

At this time, the whole row of very conspicuous ‘monthly exam ranking list’ has been hung at the gate of Weiming Middle School.

“Sir, Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s results should be on the first one.” Chen De smiled and pointed at the most heavily decorated list with a red background, peonies, red ribbons, and white doves.

Qin Shao: “Go and take a look.”

Perhaps it was coincidence or maybe fate, but when Mr. Qin came over, Song Yancheng was also happened to stand in front of the top ranking list to look at his daughter’s result. Seeing the two big bosses standing side by side, other parents stepped back one after another, quickly vacating an area for Mr. Qin and Chairman Song.

Song Yancheng: “What a coincidence.”

In the last few days, although Song Group still looked as glorious as ever, many troubles started to overwhelm Song Yancheng. All thanks to Qin Shao. Therefore, Song Yancheng’s expression at the moment was extremely ugly.

Mr. Qin simply glanced coldly and didn’t give the other man a good face either.

Their eyes quickly moved at the exam ranking list. Song Xinyi did well this time. 16th place, if not for the comparison with Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, this was indeed an excellent achievement.

Mr. Qin saw the name ‘Qin Yue’ at first glance. Ranked first with a total score of 892. It was very dazzling. Immediately below her were ‘Qin Yu’ and Xie Minxuan.

“Still passable.” Mr. Qin threw out one sentence indifferently. It was as if he didn’t care about his children’s exam scores, or even a little dissatisfied.

Chen De standing on the side almost burst into laughter: What is dissatisfied, Mr. Qin is clearly showing off! His eyes are so overflowed with pride that only blinds cannot see it.

Song Yancheng’s expression became even uglier.

At this time, Su Bei’s voice came from a nearby crowd. “Dad, you are here!” She ran over before greeted Chen De: “Uncle Chen.”

When seeing Song Yancheng, Su Bei subconsciously took Qin Shao’s arm, as if wanted to pull him behind her back. Although this kind of protective gesture was useless, Chen De still felt a little envious towards Mr. Qin.

“Xiaobei and Xiaobao did a good job this time. This is a reward from Uncle Chen.” Chen De smiled at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. He took out two paper bags and handed them to the twins.

“Thank you, Uncle Chen.” Su Bei and Su Xiaobao thanked in unison.

At this time, Xie Minxuan also came over. Seeing ‘Qin Yu’ name before ‘Xie Minxuan,’ the boy looked dissatisfied. “How can?” He snorted coldly. They obviously had the same scores, why should his name be put under Su Xiaobao? Really annoying.

Su Xiaobao replied bluntly: “Because my surname is Qin.”

It couldn’t be helped. After ranking the list by total score, the system ordered the name by alphabet. ‘Qin Yu’ initial was Q, and ‘Xie Minxuan’ was X, so the current list was correct.

Listening to the two boys’ conversation, Mr. Qin felt pleasant, especially when Su Xiaobao said, “My surname is Qin.”

“The parent meeting is about to begin. Dad, let’s go in.” Su Bei pulled Qin Shao’s cuff to take him away from this place. Probably because Song Yancheng was the male lead who had caused too much psychological shadow on herself, Su Bei didn’t want to stay in the same place with this person.


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  1. Something I don’t like is that author didn’t tell us exactly how Su Bei lived her own transmigrator life, just that she was very sickly, but was she happy? Did she have loving parents? It really doesn’t seem so cuz she seems very starved for familial love from her dad.

    Oh yeah that one show the daugther female lead took wasn’t the one the friend was talking about, Su Bei said she kinda remembered it, so I’m guessing the director is some guy that’ll try to take advantage of her.

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