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MWFV Ch.51 Part 3 – School Parent Meeting (III)

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Mr. Qin, Su Bei, and Su Xiaobao walked towards the classroom, with Xie Minxuan towing on the side. This combination instantly became the school ‘breaking news.’ Many people who were walking nearby secretly took a look: is he the school flower and young master Su’s father? The legendary Mr. Qin!

Su Bei didn’t care about all the gazes that fell on them. From time to time, she raised her eyes to peek at Qin Shao. Su Xiaobao also did the same——this boy rarely took the initiative to talk to Qin Shao, but today, he stole a glance several times.

Mr. Qin secretly chuckled. These two children were clearly waiting for praise. “Good score,” he said. His tone was as calm as ever, but the children could hear a hint of pride in it.

His children are of course the best.

“Dad, over there is the library, the one we just passed is the administrative building, the teachers building is just behind that…” Along the way, Su Bei showed their school to Qin Shao. The girl’s voice was clear, soft, and charming to hear.

Xu Shiwei was originally walking outside the administrative building with his idiot little brother. But the girl’s voice suddenly made him halted his steps: this voice sounds a little familiar.

Is it his baby Q, ah?

Xu Shiwei’s eyes flashed in surprise. He happily turned his head behind to see a girl walking with a man and two boys.

Is she baby Q? Sure enough, as cute as he imagined——no! Even more beautiful!

At this moment, baby Q was facing sideways. Her head titled slightly, and she was talking smilingly with the tall man next to her. With her bright eyes, she was very adorable.

When Xu Yangyang noticed that his big brother had suddenly stopped walking, he also turned his head to look at Xu Shiwei’s line of sight. “It’s Su Bei, brother Bao, and brother Xuan. Wow, Uncle Qin is actually coming to the parent meeting!” Xu Yangyang then said to Xu Shiwei: “Brother, those three are my classmates.”

“Brother Xuan, brother Bao!” Xu Yangyang shouted and was about to run over there. However, before he took two steps, his collar was forcefully grabbed by his family’s eldest brother.

Xu Yangyang: “Big brother, what are you doing, ah?”

“Shouting so loudly in school, do you want to embarrass me?” Big brother Xu quickly found an excuse. In fact, after finally seeing baby Q in real life, Xu Shiwei also wanted to run and say hello to Su Bei. However, facing the icy glare filled with warning that father Q had just thrown at him, big brother Xu almost cowered in fear.

Before, Mr. Qin had let people investigating [vvvv] who harassed his daughter, and naturally remembered the brat’s dog face. Even now, he still had a bad impression of Xu Shiwei.

Mr. Qin and Xu Shiwei’s eyes only met for a few seconds, and Xu Shiwei hurriedly took his stupid brother to a ‘safe zone’ out of Mr. Qin’s sight.

Xu Shiwei: “You said those three are your classmates, what is the girl’s name?”

Xu Yangyang: “Su Bei. Next to her is Su Xiaobao, they are fraternal twins. Next to Su Xiaobao is Xie Minxuan, you should have heard about him before.”

Xu Shiwei: “Su Bei, eh?” It is a good name, but what does it have to do with ‘Q’?

Big brother Xu was still wondering when Xu Yangyang opened his mouth again: “But ‘Su Bei’ and ‘Su Xiaobao’ are nicknames. Their real name is actually Qin Yue and Qin Yu. Hehe, big bro, do you know which Qin family?”

“Qin family?” Xu Shiwei’s heart thumped, and his eyes widened: “Do you mean ‘that’ Qin family?!”

Xu Yangyang: “Yes!”

Xu Shiwei: F*ck…

No wonder he thought that baby Q’s father had a terrible aura. How could the legendary Mr. Qin be compared with average men?

Xu Yangyang: “Big brother, to actually meet Mr. Qin at a parent meeting, you don’t know how lucky you are.”

How many people in the business world tried to meet Mr. Qin even once?

“And let me tell you: Su Bei, brother Bao, and brother Xuan are the top three in our school’s monthly exam!”

Xu Yangyang bragged others’ achievements and was greeted back by his big brother’s disgusted gaze: Although they are studying in the same classroom, other family’s children could get the top three, but this idiot only got into the top 30.

With such a comparison, Xu Shiwei felt that his younger brother was utterly inferior with Su Bei in every aspect, and suddenly felt ashamed.

Inside the classroom, many parents were very surprised when seeing Mr. Qin. Although they knew Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s family background from their children, the parents really didn’t expect that the busy Chairman Qin would attend his children’s parent meeting in person.

Many mothers secretly regretted it. If they knew that Mr. Qin was going to come, their husbands would definitely attend this parent meeting regardless of how busy they were. The opportunity to meet Mr. Qin was too rare. If their child’s father comes, maybe he could take the chance to have a chat with Mr. Qin and talk about business.


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  1. Its ok precious baby Xu Yangyang top 30 is already very good! Don’t mind that your older brother wants to trade you in, you’re still good

  2. Xu Shiwei: Can I exchange my little brother?
    Little Qin Shao: …. dare I ask, with who?
    Xu Shiwei: Of course with baby Q–!!!!
    Big Qin Shao: *deathly glare*
    Xu Shiwei: …..
    Xu Yangyang: ….
    Xu Yangyang: ???
    Xu Yangyang: !!!

    Qin Yue: Xiao Beibei didn’t know what everyone is talking about~~

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