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MWFV Ch.53 Part 1 – Ahaha! (I)

On the following Monday, when Su Bei and Su Xiaobao arrived in the classroom, their classmates were busily discussing the school sports festival next week.

“Should we just make it the same as the last year?”

“No way, no way. Too uncreative, and I think Wang Yali won’t do.”

“If you want to be creative, then just let Mo Zhouzhou perform a magic show.”

Su Bei listened for quite a while but still didn’t understand their conversation. “Is everyone really discussing the sports festival?” She couldn’t help but to pull Dong Wenqi’s hand and ask in a low voice. They even talked about a magic show. It was more like a discussion about art performance rather than a sports festival.

“Of course,” Dong Wenqi said: “To be precise, everyone is discussing our class’ entry parade formation for the opening ceremony.”

At the opening ceremony of the school’s sports festival, each class would show their original formation for the entry parade. Who knew who made the precedent, but some students started creating a surprising parade formation to outperform other classes. This tradition then handed down from year to year, turning the entry parade into the sports festival’s highlight. Every class racked their brains to design the best parade formation, and even came up with an official evaluation system.

At this moment, students in the class 8-7 were discussing the choice for the formation’s leader.

“Seriously, let’s juts put male god Xie and young master Su together. With the two male gods in the front, I’m sure we will definitely get the top three even without doing anything fancy.”

“It makes sense.”

“Then, we will entrust a glorious and arduous task for you. Please go and ask male god Xie and young master Su.”

“I dare not.” Those two male gods, they were indeed handsome, but their personality…Speaking of which, why couldn’t male god Xie Shen and young master Su be gentler like young master Ye from the class 8-2?

Suddenly, the class leader and art committee member looked at Su Bei eagerly.

Su Bei raised her eyebrows: “You want me to speak to them?”

This was easy. Su Xiaobao always listened to her. And Xie Minxuan, he seemingly also wasn’t difficult?

“No.” The class leader shook her head: “We just have a better idea.”

“When our parade formation enters the venue, can you be the leader?” Su Bei was beautiful and also selected by the whole school as the school flower. She was perfect to be the leader.

Su Bei: “Does the leader has to do anything special?”

Art committee member: “No. When entering the venue, you just have to bring our people to walk past the podium until we reached our assigned stand-by place. We will choose two other people to walk on your each side. One to hold the class nameplate, and the other to hold the class flag.”

Su Bei thought for a moment. Since it wasn’t difficult, she easily nodded: “Okay.”

“Great, get one!” The class leader happily said to Su Bei: “Su Bei, wait for a moment. We’ll choose the other two people now. Afterward, the three of you can practice together to find your rhythm.”

After the leader was confirmed, the next step was to choose the theme of the parade formation. When everyone was in the middle of debating, Liu Kai and Du Yiming barged in: “Everyone! The latest news!”

“How is it?”

“Of course we got it! Don’t underestimate us.” Liu Kai and Du Yiming walked in and joined the fray.

Liu Kai: “This is reliable news. Class 8-1 main theme is science. All the props they prepared all related to scientific research.”

“As expected of study geeks, their theme is so boring,” The art committee member commented rudely. “Then how about the other classes?”

Du Yiming: “Class 8-3’s theme is Hanfu(1), class 8-4 is the seven fairies(2), class 8-5 is Honor of Kings(3), class 8-6 is Marvel heroes, class 8-8… you know, class 8-8 seems to be preparing for the whole class to cosplay as Chunli(4). Hahaha…”

Class leader: “Did you find out about class 8-2?” Their parade formation took the first place last year.

Liu Kai: “Still not fixed. Apparently, they plan to spend a huge amount of money on Saint Seiya(5) theme. However, their class leader has agreed, and so have Song Xinyi.”

“So Song Xinyi wants to cosplay Athena!”

“It should be so. Many people in the forum are saying that they are looking forward to Song Xinyi’s Athena.”

Song Xinyi was the previous school flower, and she was also a popular female goddess. Making her into the formation leader was obviously an excellent choice since it instantly gathered so much attention. Not to mention that their class still had Ye Chen, this school grass. Side by side, they were like a real goddess and her knight protector.

“I’m starting to feel that our chance against clas 8-2 is hopeless …”

“Don’t spread your negativity to us! Our class lineup this year isn’t worse than them. If they have Song Xinyi, then we have Su Bei!”

Someone proposed: “How about we cosplay Calabash Brothers(6) this year?”

“Haha, do you want to let Su Bei cosplaying the Snake Spirit?”

“Then the people who hold the nameplate and class flag should be the Frog and Centipede Spirit?”

Someone else suggested: “Or Journey to the West?”

“Do you want Su Bei to cosplay White Bone Spirit or the Queen of the Womenland?”

“Or the Boddhisattva Guanyin?”

Su Bei: “…” Couldn’t they suggest anything normal?

Fortunately, a sane person finally spoke. Xie Minxuan, who has been sleeping all this time, suddenly stood up from the table, glanced at the crowd, and impatiently said: “Choose normal ideas.”

“Eh, these aren’t normal?”


“Guys, do you hear that? Brother Xuan told us to choose normal ideas.”

“I want to, but our opponent is also weird, ah.”

“Speaking of which, what kinds of ideas are ‘normal’ enough?”

“How about showing up in formal suits?”

“Well, probably. But it seems to lack creativity….”


“How about the multi-eras theme?” After thinking hard, Su Bei made a suggestion.

“Multi-eras theme?” The class leader’s eyes lit up: “What is it? Explain to us.”

Su Bei: “To put it roughly, we dressed as students from various eras and periods.”

Class leader: “Hey, it’s interesting.”

Others also thought that it wasn’t bad.

“I think it’s plausible.”

“Although pretty normal, but it won’t be too monotonous.”

“I also think it’s OK. Playing as students from different periods is better than posing as demons.”

“I don’t know if other classes will like it or not, but the teachers definitely will, hehe.”

The class leader finally decided: “Then let’s do it.”

Dong Wenqi: “Leave the clothes to me. Just give me your measurements, and I will ask my mother to arrange people from her studio to come over.”

After that, Dong Wenqi pulled Su Bei and whispered: “Don’t worry, Su Bei. This time I will definitely ask my mother to help you design a super nice costume!”

It must be better than the previous one!


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(1) Hanfu: Historical Han clothing styles of China

(2) Seven fairies: In ancient Chinese folklore, the Queen Mother of Heaven has seven fairy daughters, which are referenced in many tales involving romance with humans.

(3) Honor of Kings: Multiplayer online battle game published by Tencent.

(4) Chunli: A female character from the game Street Fighter.

(5) Saint Seiya: A famous Japanese manga about male warriors who protect the reincarnation of goddess Athena in their battle against various enemies.

(6) Calabash Brothers: A very popular Chinese animation from 80’s. About seven brothers who were born from calabash that fight against various evil spirits.

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  1. brazenlittlething

    “I want to, but our opponent is also weird, ah.” – Lololol. Good thing XM was there or MC will be cosplaying weird things XD

  2. This reminds me of that time an entire kinder class wanted to be Superman… And that’s exactly what happened 😅

  3. I’m only commenting to protest that something yi or yin, or whatever the Song girl’s name is to not dress up as Athena cuz i dont want my name to be associated with her. Thank you for listening to my ted talk and for your hard work in this chapter.

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