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MWFV Ch.54 Part 1 – Da-Dad? (I)

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Su Bei’s voice was soft, with the clarity that was unique to a girl of her age. In Mr. Qin’s opinion, his daughter’s voice was of course very pleasant to hear. However, he never expected to hear this exact same voice from the phone’s receiver right now.

Su Bei’s voice once again came from the other end: “Hello? Is the signal bad? If you don’t speak, I’ll hang up now.”

Qin Shao:…


A deep voice came from the receiver and slightly numbed Su Bei’s ears. Still holding the phone, she was instantly stunned: “!!!”

Even though the caller’s voice was changed slightly due to the transmission, it was still too familiar to Su Bei. Besides, the other party also called her ‘Xiaobei.’

In a moment of shock, Su Bei hung up the call without hesitation and then stuffed the phone into the pillow, as if to cover up the thing.

Downstairs, Mr. Qin who was hung up: “…”

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Su Bei was kneeling on the bed and staring at the pillow for a long time before her mind slowly recovered.

Su Bei: She seemed to have done something stupid just now.

After a long inner struggle, Su Bei finally took the phone out from under her pillow and checked the last incoming call. It was still an unfamiliar number, different from Mr. Qin’s phone number that she knew. Probably this one was used for work. With a stiff finger, Su Bei slowly pressed the callback button.

The call was connected instantly.

Mr. Qin’s voice was transmitted clearly: “Qin Yue.”

Su Bei: “Da-Dad?”

Although he already knew that the person on the other end of the phone was his own daughter, when Qin Shao heard the voice calling him ‘Dad,’ the corners of his mouth still twitched a bit. His current expression was mixed with unprecedented oddity.

Qin Shao: “Still not sleeping yet?”

Mr. Qin’s words were the same as usual. If not for the work phone number they were both using right now, Su Bei would think that nothing unusual was happening.

Su Bei: “Ye-yes. I’m sleeping——no, no, I’m going to sleep now.”

Mr. Qin’s voice darkened: “Change your clothes and come downstairs now.

Hearing Mr. Qin’s words, Su Bei’s heart instantly shrank. She replied weakly, “Okay,” before quickly jumped off the bed and ran downstairs.

When Su Bei came down from the upstairs, Mr. Qin was sitting on the sofa. His gaze was on the work phone he had on his hand.

Seeing Qin Shao, Su Bei became a bit timid. Originally, she was still trying to hide her participation in the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ Even if Lin Shaochi knew her identity one day, she would never let Mr. Qin know, especially about her’ secret child labor’ at Lin Group.

But this accident came too suddenly. Who would have thought that she would be exposed like this?

Mr. Qin finally raised his eyes and looked at Su Bei: “Come here.”

“Ah.” Su Bei slowly walked towards Mr. Qin and stood more than one meter away from him.

Qin Shao: “Stand up properly.”

Su Bei straightened her back.

Mr. Qin noticed Su Bei’s bare feet and frowned: “Why are you not wearing shoes?”

Su Bei: “I…forgot.”

Mr. Qin’s brows tightened even more. A trace of helplessness flashed through his eyes, but he still sternly said: “Sit down on the sofa.”

“Ah.” Su Bei obediently moved forward and sat down, curling her legs on the sofa. It was as if she was trying to shrink herself into a ball.

At this moment, there was some movement from the stairs. Su Xiaobao walked down and immediately saw this scene. Looking at Su Bei’s appearance, it seemed that she was getting scolded. Although Su Xiaobao didn’t know what was happening, it didn’t affect his unconditional protection of Su Bei.

“What’s happen?” Su Xiaobao looked at the two people.

Mr. Qin raised his eyes and glanced at Su Xiaobao: “It’s nothing to do with you, go back to sleep.”

“Who said that it’s nothing to do with me?” Su Bei’s business was his business.

Su Xiaobao walked over, blocking Su Bei behind his back in a protective manner and staring at Qin Shao coldly. For a moment, father and son were glaring at each other; none was willing to give up.

Fortunately, Su Bei raised her hand to tug Su Xiaobao’s shirt from behind, dragging the boy to her side.

Su Xiaobao: “?”

Su Bei: “It’s okay, you also sit here.”

Mr. Qin suppressed the urge to beat the stinky boy before looked at Su Bei again.

“So, you are working for Lin Group?” Mr. Qin asked Su Bei in a heavy voice. There was a trace of confusion in his tone. His mood at this moment was also very complicated. His daughter was actually [Q], the technical consultant of ‘NST,’ but he, the father, was completely in the dark.

“In fact, it isn’t that grand. I just provide them with some technical advice…” Su Bei timidly raised her head to take a glance at Mr. Qin. Seeing his gloomy face, she quickly said: “To be precise, I am helping your work, Dad.”

——Because Qin Group owned 51% of the ‘NST’ project.

Su Bei looked at Qin Shao with bright, clear eyes.

Qin Shao: “…”

“When did it begin?” Qin Shao asked again.

Su Bei: “Not too long ago…”

Qin Shao: “Speak clearly.”

Su Bei straightened her back: “On the 10th last month.”


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