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MWFV Ch.54 Part 2 – Da-Dad? (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is ch.53 part 2.

Before Mr. Qin made further inquiries, Su Bei already began to explain how she participated in the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ and how Lin Group scouted her to their new project. After a moment of silence, Mr. Qin looked at Su Bei and asked, “When did you learn this skill?” He originally wanted to find a teacher for his daughter, but did not expect that she was actually an expert herself.

This question was truly hard to answer: Su Bei didn’t know how to explain to Mr. Qin that she had learned these things during her four years in another world. She could only bite the bullet and answered vaguely: “Before we came to you, Dad. I just happened to read many books about this topic and unexpectedly understood them easily.”

Su Bei also knew that this kind of explanation was actually difficult to justify. Fortunately, Mr. Qin seemed to sense Su Bei’s dilemma and didn’t chase this issue further.

For a moment, Mr. Qin looked at Su Bei with a solemn face, then to Su Xiaobao next to her: “In the future, you can do whatever you want. But for now, what you need to do is to grow up properly and study hard.”

Although he didn’t know how his daughter became so skilled, Qin Shao still didn’t think it was good for Su Bei to start working and getting in touch with society so early. It was the same reason why he looked down upon Song Yancheng, who allowed his daughter to enter the entertainment world at such a young age.

“I know,” Su Bei nodded obediently, then whispered: “I just want to help Dad.”

Regardless of whether these words were sincere or not, they were undoubtedly effective towards Mr. Qin.

Mr. Qin’s gaze stayed on Su Bei’s face for a while. Seeing the persistence on her face, he sighed secretly. Mr. Qin rarely made compromises, but he was unable to say no to his daughter. “How much is Lin Group paying you?” He asked.

Su Bei told him a series of numbers, which was already very high for her. However, she instead saw dissatisfaction and scorn on Mr. Qin’s face, as if she did something stupid.

“I just provide some technical advice without full-time work. This salary is already high.” Su Bei explained.

In this regard, Qin Shao refused to comment——Qin’s eldest miss went to work for others, but was only paid so little. Moreover, the value of Su Bei’s work at NST was objectively much higher than her current salary.

“The next time that Lin boy come to ask you to do any work, let him come to me first.” Mr. Qin finally relented.

Su Bei was taken aback for a moment before said, “Dad, young Chairman Lin actually doesn’t know my identity.”

Qin Shao: “…”

Qin Shao: “Don’t let it disturb your study.”

Su Bei: “Yes.”

“Dad.” “After a pause, Su Bei opened her mouth again: “I have one more thing to say.” Anyway, things had come to this, so Su Bei simply told Mr. Qin about the final stage of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ The finals would officially begin next week, and the venue was tentatively planned at S city. Until the grand final, the whole event would be held for a total of ten days.

After Su Bei finished explaining, she saw Mr. Qin frowned brows, and suddenly feeling hopeless. “Dad, this competition is very important to me.”

Not only for the 300,000 yuan prize, but also for her team. Since she had promised Xu family’s two brothers that they would go to the finals together, Su Bei didn’t want to break it.

“Only 10 days. Counting the weekend, I only need to take one week absent from school. It won’t delay my study, I promise.”

Seeing Su Bei’s stubborn face that was mixed with obvious expectation, Mr. Qin couldn’t bear to refuse and thus once again made a compromise.

“Alright. You may go if you want.”

Su Bei was overjoyed: “Really? Dad, do you give me permission to go?”

Mr. Qin nodded.

Su Bei: “Thank you, Dad!”

Qin Shao: “…”

Looking at the two children again, Mr. Qin said: “You should go to bed now.”

“Go up and bring down her shoes.” He said to Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao: “So, what’s the actual problem here?”

Su Xiaobao squatted down in front of Su Bei: “Come, I will carry you up.”

Before Mr. Qin stopped them, Su Bei had jumped onto Su Xiaobao’s back.

Su Bei: “Run faster, or I won’t pay.”

Su Xiaobao: “Then you should hold firmly.”

Watching the two children went back playfully, Mr. Qin’s face darkened, and his temple twitched hard. He secretly thought: Children in the rebellious period are indeed capable of angering people to death.

Su Xiaobao carried Su Bei back to her room and put her down on the bed. He then stared at Su Bei with an ‘I’m unhappy’ expression.

Su Bei: “What’s wrong? Who offends you?”

After a few seconds of silence, Su Xiaobao finally spoke, “I never know.”

How and when Su Bei learned those skills, he didn’t know at all. This feeling made Su Xiaobao very uncomfortable.

Su Bei was taken aback by Su Xiaobao’s words, but she quickly realized what his meaning.

“Sit here. I will tell you.”

“On the day I was bullied by Zhou Hongmei, didn’t I have a fever? I felt that I slept for a long time, and then I had a long, long dream, in which I went to another world…”

Su Bei told Su Xiaobao honestly about how her consciousness went to another world and the four years she experienced there. But things like transmigration was hard to explain, so Su Bei described them as a dream.

Su Bei talked for a long time. Listening to her story, Su Xiaobao felt like his heart was being crushed.

Su Xiaobao: “I’m sorry.” Because he didn’t protect her well, Su Bei was bullied by those girls and had such a dream.

Su Bei shook her head: “It’s not too bad. At least I learned a lot in that dream, didn’t I?”

Su Bei rubbed her head on Su Xiaobao, whispering: “But I was alone in that dream. No matter how hard I search, I couldn’t find you.”

Su Xiaobao held Su Bei’s hand tightly and muttered: “I have always been by your side.”

Meanwhile, after the two children left, Mr. Qin sat on the sofa for a long time. He was stunned by the fact that the children actually have been so capable in the places he never knew. What else did he not know about them?

Mr. Qin couldn’t help but sigh: As a father, he still seems to know very little about his own children.


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  1. I’m crying over her telling him how much she tried to look for him and his sweet response. If only real siblings were like this 😭
    Seriously tho I love their relationship

    1. I mean me and my siblings have a relationship like this too it’s not that nobody has such relationships with their siblings p😭😅

    1. honestly i really adore how the author wrote the siblings relationship. like its usually either concerningly close or its straight up abusive (tbh the xu bros relationship toe that line but anyway)

      like they genuinely care for each other and its nice to see that for once

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