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MWFV Ch.55 Part 1 – Daddy Qin’s Warning (I)

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Qin Group, the chairman’s office.

Chen De was giving a report to Mr. Qin.

“Sir, the matter you asked to investigate before has basically been determined to be at Star Entertainment. Here are some of the things we have found so far.” Chen De put the documents in his hand on Mr. Qin’s desk.

Star Entertainment was one of Song Group’s subsidiary. On the surface, it was a company that mainly nurtured and managed entertainment talents, and also took care of some of the Song Group’s public image. In fact, however, Star Entertainment was laundering Song Group’s dirty income.

The information in their hands now, although still wasn’t enough to completely destroy Song Group, would be enough to make Song Yancheng suffer significant damage.

Qin Shao glanced over the documents, his eyes were cold. “Keep on the investigation. There should be more than just this.”

Chen De: “Yes, Sir.”

After talking about the Song Group, Chen De remembered that yesterday his boss asked young Chairman Lin the phone number of a network security expert called [Q].

“Sir, did you get in touch with [Q] yesterday?” Chen De asked.

Hearing this question, Mr. Qin’s expression changed slightly, and he answered in a dark tone: “I did.”

Not only that, he even received a huge ‘surprise.’

Chen Qin did not notice his boss’ strange expression, and asked further: “What did [Q] say? Is it possible to ask them to help upgrade our company’s security system?”

The investigation process of the Song Group reminded Chen De of a fact: The security for a company’s information system was indeed vital.

Mr. Qin’s face turned gloomy. He glanced at Chen De and brashly said: “No time.”

Chen De: “?”

Qin Shao: That girl still had an upcoming sports festival, a competition, and even wasting time doing work for the NST project. She had no spare time to do other things.

Ignoring Chen De’s confusion, Mr. Qin recalled another thing and asked the assistant: “Do you know about the ‘Red Hacker Master Challenge’?”

Chen De was taken aback: “Sir, are you talking about the red hacker competition currently being held online?”

Mr. Qin nodded.

Chen De: “I know a bit, but not too detail.”

Qin Shao: “Check which company organizing it.”

“No need, sir. This one I know.” Chen De smiled: “It’s Atom Technology.”

“It is a company jointly founded by several young people. It was established not too long ago. The scale is not too large, but still pretty good, and in recent years has been going on smoothly.” Chen De recognized this company because they once came to seek Qin Group’s investment at the early stage.

Chen De was curious: Did Mr. Qin became interested in the company itself or the hacker competition they held?

Neither——Mr. Qin simply paid attention to the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ because of his daughter.

Qin Shao nodded and instructed Chen De: “Go and contact them.”

Chen De: “Yes.”

“Has Lin Shaochi arrived?”

Chen De: “Yes, Sir. He is waiting in the reception room.”

Qin Shao: “Let him in.”

“Yes.” Chen De responded. Did he see things wrong? Why did he feel that today Mr. Qin looked unhappy when mentioning young Chairman Lin?  …

Not long after, Lin Shaochi was invited into Mr. Qin’s office.

“NST is planning to open a trial service first. I want to limit the number of users during the trial period up to ten. This is the detail. Mr. Qin, please check it out.” Lin Shaochi handed some documents to Qin Shao.

Qin Shao took the documents from Lin Shaochi. Without changing his expression, he said: “Too many, five are enough.”

Lin Shaochi: “Yes.”

He also preferred five users. NST’s technical team still hasn’t been completely formed, and he didn’t want to put too much pressure on [Q].

Thinking of [Q], a smile flashed through Lin Shaochi’s eyes. He took the initiative to ask Qin Shao: “Mr. Qin, how about the expert I recommended to you yesterday?”

“Very good.” Mr. Qin answered briefly. His pair of eyes were staring at Lin Shaochi unimpeded, as if wanting to see through the young man’s mind.

Qin Shao: “Young chairman Lin, how did you know [Q]?”

“Via the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,'” Lin Shaochi truthfully told Mr. Qin: “Our company was looking for an expert with technical ability in this area, and [Q] was performing extraordinarily well in that competition.” Indeed, [Q] has not only achieved their expectation, but she even exceeded it.

When talking about [Q], a flash of emotion unconsciously passed through Lin Shaochi eyes. It was so brief and wasn’t easily detectable by others, but Qin Shao saw it clearly. Although Mr. Qin himself wasn’t sensitive on romantical matters and spent most of his youth surrounded by the intrigues of the business world, it didn’t mean that he was completely clueless. As a man, how could Mr. Qin not see the emotion in Lin Shaochi’s eyes whenever he mentioned [Q] ‘s name? This kid surnamed Lin looked exactly like any man who admired a woman.

Lin Shaochi was 20 years old. It was normal for him to have this kind of thought and feeling. The only problem, however, was that his ‘admiration’ was placed on the wrong person.

Mr. Qin’s face instantly turned dark——At this moment, his heart was so stifled with an urge to punch a certain young man.


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