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MWFV Ch.55 Part 2 – Daddy Qin’s Warning (II)

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Pushing back his anger, Qin Shao asked Lin Shaochi sternly: “Have you ever met this [Q]?”

Lin Shaochi: “No.”

Qin Shao: You better not.

Qin Shao: “So, you don’t even know the other party’s real identity. Maybe she is an 80-something old lady or a teenage girl?”

Lin Shaochi was slightly taken aback before smiling: “It’s impossible.”

Qin Shao’s eyes dimmed: Why not, this is true!

Lin Shaochi continued: “However, this is indeed my negligence. Regarding [Q] ‘s identity, I will…”

Qin Shao interrupted Lin Shaochi’s words: “No need. Since [Q] is just providing technical support, no need to know too much about her.”

“Furthermore,” after a pause, Mr. Qin added: “You should keep a proper distance with your employee.”

It was an implicit warning from Mr. Qin.

Lin Shaochi talked with Mr. Qin about a few more things before taking his left. When Chen De came into the office again, he found that his boss’s face was so dark and frightening.

Chen De’s work efficiency was high. Not long after young Chairman Lin left, he had contacted ‘Atom Technology’ and scheduled a meeting that afternoon. At the appointed time, the chairman of Atom Technology brought a group of high-level company veterans to the Qin Group’s main office.

After some talks, Qin Group didn’t take over the organizing authority of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ but simply became the competition’s biggest investor. Having the chance to meet the legendary Mr. Qin in person, the people from Atom Technology were very excited. They nodded without hesitation to almost all of the requests from their new ‘gold patron.’

Weiming Middle School.

After being notified by the class leader, Su Bei came into one of the school’s smaller halls to began rehearsing the entry parade formation for the sports festival.

Sports committee: “Su Bei, today’s agenda is mainly to practice the parade steps and familiarize with the whole process.”

Su Bei nodded before asked: “Have the people who will hold the class nameplate and flag decided? I should practice with them, right?”

“Yeah. Why those two people still haven’t come? Don’t tell me you still haven’t make a decision?” The sports committee looked at the art committee.

Art committee: “I also don’t know. The class leader said she was going to find the people. Let me WeChat her.” But before the message was sent, two people entered the hall.

“F*ck, why are male god Xie and young master Su here!”

Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan walked in the front, with their class leader followed from behind like a small underling.

Su Xiaobao: “Let’s begin.”

Xie Minxuan: “Where is the class nameplate?”

Everyone: Damn, they really come to practice!

“Today, we are only going to learn the parade process and practice the steps. For now, we don’t need to use the nameplate and flag.” The sports committee explained.

Su Xiaobao nodded.

Xie Minxuan lazily said: “Then let’s begin.”

On the side, after confirming that Xie Minxuan and Su Xiaobao didn’t pay attention to them, the art committee secretly tugged the class leader’s arm: “Class leader, ah! You are so cunning. Talk, how did you manage to bring those male gods here?!”

Su Xiaobao shouldn’t be that difficult. After all, they could use his relationship with Su Bei. But it was incredible for Xie Minxuan to agree. At the sports festival last year, male god Xie refused to participate in the entry parade under one phrase, “Too boring.”

Class leader: “Let me tell you the truth, but I have nothing to do with it. They are the ones who took the initiative and asked to do it.” She originally has chosen two other classmates. Unexpectedly, Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan came one after another to ask for a role in the entry parade.

“My God, this lineup is too powerful.” Looking at the three people who were practicing on the other side, the art committee exclaimed in awe.

These people are the top three rankers in the exam! And still with such high-quality appearance.

The class leader seconded: “I need to give myself a thumbs up. So what if a certain class has the school grass and Song Xinyi? Our class has the school flower, young master Su, and male god Xie!”

“I’m not bragging. Those three people, if only they don’t have to wear school uniform, will definitely win simply by their appearance!”

Su Bei and the two boys went through the movements as directed by the sports committee. The rehearsal went without any hitch. Right after they finished, the art committee came over and said: “So far, there is no problem. Now, after the parade arrived in front of the podium, we will have a dance performance. The three of you will do it together.”

Su Xiaobao: Dance…

Su Bei looked at the art committee suspiciously: Why she hasn’t been told about this before? Did they just add it now?

Indeed, the dance was an idea suddenly proposed by the art committee and class leader on an impulse just now. They finally had a god-level killer combo of Su Bei, Su Xiaobao, and Xie Minxuan to lead their parade formation. If they didn’t add any ‘special movement’ to attract everyone’s attention, it would be blasphemy!

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao hadn’t spoken yet. Instead, it was Xie Minxuan who asked first: “What kind of dance?”

Xie Minxuan’s tone was as sloppy as usual, but there was unprecedented seriousness in his attitude.

“Su Bei will take the lead, and you guys will be the assists. Anyway, it’s already this hour. Let’s finish this first and begin the dance practice tomorrow.” The art committee said. Actually, she still didn’t have the choreography yet.

That evening, Su Bei logged into the official website of ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ and immediately saw an important notice regarding the finals stage popped up on the homepage. She quickly skimmed through the notice, which was mainly about two things: First, after careful consideration, the organizer decided to change the venue for the finals from the originally planned S city to B city.

Second, following a rigorous analysis from various aspects, the schedule was also changed from ten consecutive days into two days each weekend for several weeks. Several matches were going to be held simultaneously.

It was so unexpected, and Su Bei couldn’t help but sigh: This change…is too convenient, isn’t it?

Of course, not everyone had the same opinion as Su Bei, such as Xu Yangyang. Immediately after, several messages popped up one after another in their group chat, all from him.

[Handsome Yang]: Aah! How can they made changes so arbitrarily! I still want to go to S city to play!

[Handsome Yang]: Now I cannot go to S city, and my dream of ten days off school is also broken.

Xu Shiwei opened a private message to Xu Yangyang.

[4v]: Fool. Even if the organizer didn’t change the system, do you think our parents will let you go to S city?

[Handsome Yang]: Huh? No, why didn’t you tell me before?

[4v]: You are just a leg pendant. Whether you go or not will not affect me and baby Q’s victory.

In other words, from the beginning, if their parents didn’t agree to let his silly brother skipped school so long for the final, Xu Shiwei had the full intention to simply ditched his brother away.

Xu Yangyang: I felt like I was hit by 10,000 damage points.


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