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MWFV Ch.56 Part 2 – Thank You, Boss! (II)

“Dad, there is also this thing…”

Qin Shao: “What?”

“About the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ the organizer changed the system for the final, so I no longer have to go to S city or ask for school leave…” Su Bei told Mr. Qin about the announcement she received today. Unknown to her, her father had known these things even before her, and actually was the one who demanded these changes.

However, Mr. Qin nodded cooperatively and said: “That’s good.”

“I also think the organizer is very considerate.” Su Bei smiled: “Dad, if you have time on the weekend, you can come to see my competition.”

But before Qin Shao nodded, she quickly said again: “Ah, forget it.”

Qin Shao: “You don’t want me to go?”

Su Bei: “No…”

She remembered her talk with big brother Xu on the school parent meeting: “Your dad seems to know me.” Since big brother Xu seemed to be frightened by Mr. Qin, Su Bei was worried that his performance might get affected if Mr. Qin came to the venue to watch her competition.

“Dad, you are so busy. Wait until my grand final match before you come to watch.” Su Bei’s eyes were full of confidence, as if she didn’t have the slightest doubt that she would make it to the grand final.

The look on the girl’s face was so beautiful. Sure enough, his family’s child should have such confidence and boldness. The corners of Mr. Qin’s mouth raised slightly, and there was a touch of pride in his eyes.


“Now, go to bed.”

Su Bei: “Yeah. Good night, dad.”

“Dad, your coat?”

Qin Shao: “Put it on the second shelf in my room.”

Su Bei: “Okay. ”

After his daughter left, Mr. Qin stayed on the first floor with his mobile phone. Suddenly, Su Bei poked her head from the second floor’s railing: “Dad.”

Why she hasn’t slept yet?

Before the words reached Mr. Qin’s lips, Su Bei has spoken again: “This is the last.”

Qin Shao: “Say.”

“At our school sports festival next week, I’ll lead my class parade formation, and Xiaobao will hold the class flag. Dad, would you like to come and see?” Su Bei asked. She didn’t even aware of how her eyes were twinkling with expectation.

This afternoon, she had talked about this matter with Su Xiaobao on their way home. Su Bei clearly remembered her brother’s reaction at that time. When she said that she wanted to invite Qin Shao to their sports festival, Su Xiaobao said: “He isn’t going to compete, what is the use of inviting him to the sports festival.” After a pause, he whispered: “Moreover, that guy is so busy…”

Su Xiaobao looked tangled and annoyed, as if he would be unhappy if Mr. Qin really came to watch them. However, Su Bei knew her brother well: Despite all he said, this boy actually wanted their father to attend their school events. After all, these were things they always wanted but never be able to have, until now.

Of course, Su Bei also shared the same wish.

“I see.” Mr. Qin was not surprised. In fact, he was now reading the messages sent by the children’s homeroom teacher.

[Homeroom Teacher]: Hello, Mr. Qin. I’m Qin Yu and Qin Yue’s homeroom teacher. Our school will hold an autumn sports festival next Wednesday. The event is open to the parents, and we wish all parents to came and watch their children’s activities.

[Homeroom Teacher]: I’m here to relay the principal’s message. If you have time, our school wants to invite Mr. Qin to give a brief speech on that day as a parent representative.

In the school annual sports festival, in addition to faculty and student athlete representatives, some parents were also invited to give short speeches. Last year’s parent representative was the chairman of the Song Group, Song Xinyi’s father. This year, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao transferred to their school. In terms of social influences, Mr. Qin was the most suitable to represent the parents.

After looking at Su Bei again, Mr. Qin replied to the homeroom teacher: Alright.

Mr. Qin was going to give his best. After knowing that the parent representative last year was Song Yancheng, he took it even more seriously.

The next day at school, the candidates for parent representatives and student athlete representatives still have not been announced. Some people were busy discussing this matter in the forum, but the hottest topic was indeed the class parade formation.

[How are the Chunlis of class 8-8? How pretty will they be? Ahaha, I’m almost died of laughing.]

[It seems that the weight of the teacher scoring for the parade formation’s evaluation this year will be raised by 10%. I have a feeling that class 8-1 won’t be the rock bottom this time.]

[I am looking forward to the Honor of Kings cosplay.]

Besides the general discussion, the topic most talked about was about the parade formation of class 8-2 and 8-7. It has nothing to do with the formation itself, but mainly because of the team leader of those two classes was too luxurious: Class 8-2 had the combination of the school flower and school grass, while class 8-7 had the new school flower Su Bei and two great male gods. These five people’s popularity in school has initially been high enough, but this news instantly exploded the whole forum.

[I’ll never get sick of Ye Song CP, ah!]

[I never imagine that I will live to see male god Xie and young master Su stand side by side at the same venue! Worth it!]

[Thermos little sister, fight!]

[Although I also like Ye Song CP, I decided to support ‘God Prodigy’ combo this year.]

God Prodigy——This was the newly-named combination of Su Bei, Su Xiaobao, and Xie Minxuan, granted by the students of Weiming Middle School. It meant: God-level school prodigies.

Someone uploaded several photos taken secretly during the rehearsal of class 8-2 and 8-7. A new vote was soon added on the forum: [For this year’s entry parade formation, who do you think more spectacular? Class 8-2 or class 8-7?]

[I support my ‘husband’ and sister-in-law.]

[Obviously Ye Song.]

[In terms of numbers, I think class 8-7 won.]

[Young master Ye and goddess Song are in love, what does Su Bei have?]

[What do you mean by that? You think only love between boyfriend and girlfriend exists? Su Bei and young master Su also have sibling love, alright?]

[*Quietly whispering* I think male god Xie and young master Su are also very loving *secretly ran away*]

At this time, Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan, the two boys who were gossiped to be ‘very loving,’ were staring at each other inside a small hall their class used for rehearsal. The cause of this matter started from the dance choreography proposed by their class’ art committee member.

Most of the dance was performed by Su Bei alone. However, there were short parts where Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan would assist her: Once when Su Xiaobao support Su Bei to make a jump, and the other when Xie Minxuan led Su Bei in a rotating dance step.

Su Xiaobao was okay with his role; Su Bei wasn’t heavy anyway. But when it was Xie Minxuan’s turn, Su Xiaobao’s face instantly darkened: Let Xie Minxuan led Su Bei? In his dream!


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