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MWFV Ch.57 Part 1 – Sports Festival (I)

On the day of the sports festival, Uncle Fu instructed the kitchen staff to come early to prepare a table full of nutritious breakfast for Su Bei and Su Xiaobao.

“Xiaobao, Xiaobei, you two should eat more. You will have to work hard after this and need more energy.” Uncle Fu smiled while adding one boiled egg each for their bowl.

“Thank you, Uncle Fu.” Su Bei took the egg and explained: “But we did not have any competition in the morning.”

The schedule for the first day of Weiming Middle School sports festival was an opening ceremony in the morning, and the sports competition itself would only begin after lunchtime. Moreover, Su Bei also didn’t sign up for many events, only women 400m middle-distance. On the contrary, Su Xiaobao was going to participate in seven to eight competitions, almost all of this sports festival’s major categories.

As for the reason…

Su Bei felt that their class’ sports committee simply didn’t have the guts to bludgeon Su Xiaobao to death. This guy signed up for so many events because of a boy’s typical competitive spirit: because this time, Xie Minxuan also signed up for almost all major categories.

Hearing Su Bei’s explanation, Uncle Fu nodded: “Then I will let the kitchen prepare two lunch. The food in the school cafeteria is definitely less delicious and nutritious than our home.” Right after his words fell, Uncle Fu was stunned for a moment. He lightly hit his own head: “Look at my memory, I almost forgot that Sir will also go with you.” Since Mr. Qin would also come to school, Xiao Chen would take care of their lunch, so he didn’t need to worry about it.

Hearing Uncle Fu’s words, Su Xiaobao stopped his chopsticks and looked at Qin Shao in surprise: “You are also going?”

Qin Shao: …

Su Bei: …

If Mr. Qin and Uncle Fu weren’t here, and not for her who was still willing to preserve her brother’s face, Su Bei really wanted to flick this boy’s forehead and said: “My brother, you are so stupid.” Mr. Qin has always been so busy. If he wasn’t going to the school sports festival with them, how could he have time to take breakfast together like now.

“What? You aren’t happy?” Qin Shao raised his eyebrows at Su Xiaobao.

“Whatever. It all the same for me.” Su Xiaobao shifted his gaze and said in a low voice: “Just go if you want to.” Su Bei was the one who invited him anyway.

On the side, Su Bei pretended to not see the expectation and happiness hidden below her brother’s seemingly annoyed expression, and continued to keep her eyes down to peel the boiled egg in her hand. Afterward, she handed the peeled egg to Qin Shao with a smile, “Dad, I’ve peeled it for you.”

Mr. Qin: My daughter is indeed the most sensible.

Mr. Qin glanced at his stinky son with disgust.

Uncle Fu: Miss Xiaobei is more and more caring for Mr. Qin.

Su Xiaobao: Haha.

So what? He knew the reason: Su Bei didn’t like hard-boiled eggs, but also didn’t want to reject Uncle Fu’s good intention.

Uncle Fu looked at the siblings again, then spoke with some worry: “In sports, friendship is the first and competition is second. The ranking is just one aspect. So, you must be careful and pay attention to not get injured, alright?”

Immediately after, Mr. Qin glanced at Su Xiaobao lightly: “Don’t show others your embarrassing performance.”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Suddenly he didn’t want this guy to go.

Not long after, Chen De arrived at Jingyuan. After sending Mr. Qin and the two children to school, he went back to deal with the company’s work. Mr. Qin has been very busy recently, and as a hardworking assistant, Chen De also couldn’t be idle. Especially because Mr. Qin took three ‘days off’ for Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s sports festival.

Today, there were a lot of people at school. Su Bei didn’t care about others’ curious gazes and directly took Mr. Qin to the sports ground. “Dad, here.” Su Bei tugged Mr. Qin’s cuffs and pointed to an area not far away: “That is the parent’s seating area.”

Qin Shao glanced at the direction pointed by Su Bei and nodded: “Alright, I know. You can go now.”

Su Bei: “Dad, you are going by yourself?”

Qin Shao: “Mm.” He then smiled and looked at Su Bei again: “What? Are you afraid I cannot find a seat by myself?”

Su Bei’s face instantly burned: She almost forgot, this is Qin Shao.

Su Bei: “Then I’ll go back to my classroom to prepare. Our class is 8-7. Dad, don’t forget.”

Mr. Qin nodded and waited until his children were far before turning at the headteacher who stood in the distance.

Headteacher Liu has been waiting for Mr. Qin: “Mr. Qin, follow me, please.”

Mr. Qin followed the headteacher to the guest seats, while Su Bei, Su Xiaobao, and their classmates were changing into their costumes in the preparation area.

The costumes they were going to use this time were all designed by a team from the studio owned by Dong Wenqi’s mother. Although they were based on students’ attire from various eras and periods, many unique design elements had been added to the basic style, and thus, all the costumes looked from the same series. Each has its own characteristics without losing the sense of integrity.

The boys had finished changing and waited outside. A few minutes later, the girls also came out. Seeing the most dazzling Su Bei among the crowd, Su Xiaobao’s eyes lit up, and he felt a sense of ‘big brother pride.’

“How is it?” Su Bei ran to Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao: “Not bad.”

Su Bei: “Just not bad?”

“Is it important? You are obviously the most beautiful.” In Su Xiaobao’s eyes, his Su Bei was the most beautiful, no rebuttal was accepted.

Hearing this, Su Bei smiled back: “My Xiaobao is also the most handsome.”

The clothes that Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan wore were personally designed by Dong Wenqi’s mother. The style was similar to student half-tunic uniforms from the Republic of China era. With a lot of modern and fashionable touches, the two boys looked very handsome in it. They had both the rigor of gentlemen and the sunny cheerfulness of teenagers.

Although Xie Minxuan merely standing on the side without making any comment, he couldn’t help but murmur secretly: Why is Su Xiaobao the most handsome? Is he not exist?!


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  1. Eternal perspective

    Lmao why do i get the feeling a really embarrassing doting parent speech will be given by Mr. Qin? 😂😂

    1. How to embarass your teen children:
      1. Brag about them on social media.
      2. Read the essay they wrote about you.
      3. Give speech in front of their whole school and other parents.
      Daddy Qin scored them all.

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