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MWFV Ch.57 Part 2 – Sports Festival (II)

Su Bei patted Su Xiaobao’s arm and asked: “Su Xiaobao, are you nervous?”

The boy inwardly said: ‘Not at all,’ but he simply replied: “I’m not nervous.”

Xie Minxuan took the chance to barge in. He raised his chin lazily and said: “Just be honest if you are nervous.” Now it still wasn’t too late for him to replace Su Xiaobao.

Xie Minxuan’s gaze was directed at Su Xiaobao, but he was stunned seeing Su Bei, who was standing next to her brother. The costume she wore was also designed based on student uniform of the Republic of China era. It was very different than their usual school sports uniform, which basically had a ‘protection against early love’ design. Su Bei’s current attire was very ‘fitting’ and clearly showed the outline of her slender and graceful figure.

The upper part was a white shirt, and although the collar had traditional buttons, modifications had been made on the neckline, just enough to show part of her collarbone. The black skirt below was also designed cleverly, which emphasized Su Bei’s appearance. To match, she put her hair partially curled up, with the lower part was softly scattered on her shoulder, creating a perfect combination from top to bottom.

The word ‘beautiful’ suddenly popped inside Xie Minxuan’s mind. He suddenly discovered that the girl in front of him right now was very different than the impression he initially had. When Xie Minxuan saw Su Bei for the first time, the girl was indeed a ‘dried bean sprout,’ there was nothing wrong with this comment. However, in an instant, before he even noticed it, Su Bei actually had grown much healthier and no longer so ‘dried.’

“I’m a little nervous.” Su Bei held Su Xiaobao’s arm and said honestly.

“Nothing to be nervous.” Xie Minxuan said again: “That, I mean, if you are nervous, we still have time. Let’s practice again.”

“Alright!” She also wanted to.

Su Bei: “Let’s review the process after entering the venue, then start practicing from the part after we reached the main stage.”

Xie Minxuan: “Okay.” When Su Bei approached, the boy subconsciously held his breath.

Other students were busy taking selfies and making posts on their WeChat Moments, so no one noticed that the legendary male god Xie actually blushed.

Xie Minxuan: “Then, let’s start.”

Around fifteen minutes before the opening ceremony started, all audience and guests had been seated. All students were standing in the waiting area, in line with their respective classes. The order of the entry has been decided beforehand. Ninth grade went first, continued by eighth grade, and finally seventh grade. Su Bei class was the seventh of the eighth grade, so they had plenty of time. They were whispering to each other when a sudden burst of cheer attracted their attention.

Dong Wenqi also pulled Su Bei’s hand excitedly: “They come, they come! Su Bei, look, it’s class 8-2!”

Class 8-2, it was Song Xinyi and Ye Chen’s class. This time, they were one of the strongest contenders for the parade formation ranking. Su Bei looked at the direction of the podium. Sure enough, she saw a gleaming golden light. Song Xinyi was wearing Athena’s long dress, holding the iconic golden scepter in her hand, and with a long, conspicuous purple wig on her head.

Song Xinyi proudly walked at the forefront. On her left and right sides stood Ye Chen and another tall boy from class 8-2, with other classmates following behind. Her appearance was really similar to the goddess Athena’s image.

Without waiting for the queue to finish, the school forum has been lively by the comments about class 8-2 parade formation.

[OMG, Song Xinyi is a true goddess. How divine!]

[All Golden Saints, class 8-2 is too luxurious.]

[Win, win. They definitely will win again this time.]

[I don’t want to watch the rest of the parade, haha. Other classes aren’t their opponents.]

[You say that. Our class already lost our will to compete.]

[The goddess really did not disappoint us.]


After browsing the forum, Dong Wenqi looked at Su Bei sadly: “Su Bei, ah. What should we do? Are we going to lose?”

Su Bei comforted her: “Don’t be pessimistic. You have to be confident in your mother’s design.”

“Right.” The class art committee also chimed in: “They simply looked so blindly flashy. Our class is not only not lost to them but also has a more meaningful theme.”

“Those people who are now flooding the forum must be Song Xinyi’s brain-dead fans. They previously talked in a small thread that they must create early momentum for their goddess…”

“Get ready, it’s almost our turn!” The class leader called. She turned to Su Bei and said: “Su Bei, don’t worry. Just do like you usually did at rehearsal.”

Art committee: “Yes, if you really forget, then just move as you like.”

Anyway, the costume show was only one part; the key was to rely on popularity. In this aspect, Su Bei, young master Su, and male god Xie won’t lose to anyone!

The art committee wasn’t wrong. Right after Su Bei led her class to enter the venue, someone shouted: “They come!”

From the students’ area, there was a burst of cheer that didn’t exist when class 8-2 entered.

“Wow! Su Bei is so beautiful!”

“My ‘husband’ is so handsome!”

“Young master Su is the most handsome!”

“Aaaah! Male god Xie is so handsome!”

“Sister-in-law, cheers!”

“Our thermos little sister is flying high! Follow her!”

Meanwhile, the school forum:

[Class 8-7 doesn’t lose to class 8-2.]

[How is class 8-2 performance? Sorry, I have no impression.]

[Haha, class 8-7 costume is the simplest of all, except class 8-1.]

[You are right, their costume is pretty good!]

[To tell the truth, as a girl, even if my class is 8-2, I prefer class 8-7 costume than ours.]

There was only one Athena. All girls beside Song Xinyi could only wear warrior costume, even though they actually wanted to dress up beautifully.

[You girls in class 8-2 are still okay. I’m a boy from class 8-8, having to cosplay as Chunli is simply a torture.]


Regardless of the cheers in the venue or the loud talk among the audiences, Su Bei’s mind didn’t even register any of it——at this moment, her whole focus was on when to enter, when to stop, their next movements…

Although she was playing solo in front of similar audiences at the previous piano performance, the stage was completely dark at that time, so Su Bei didn’t feel nervous at all. But now, in broad daylight, in a full view of everyone, Su Bei started to be nervous.

Taking a deep breath, Su Bei stopped in front of the podium. After counting her steps, she turned around perfectly. Right after she raised her eyes, a figure fell into Su Bei’s sight.

Su Bei: Mr. Qin? He actually sat in the podium’s front row!

From the moment Su Bei class entered the waiting arena until their parade started to move, Mr. Qin’s attention was always on his two children. Sitting on the podium, looking at his beautiful daughter and handsome son, Mr. Qin’s face was glowing with parental pride.

Su Bei also looked at Qin Shao. Normally in this situation, a child would be nervous seeing their parent so close, but somehow, Su Bei felt calmer instead. Smiling towards the podium, she began their 30-second dance.

After successfully completing the part with Su Xiaobao, Su Bei moved to the final steps with Xie Minxuan. The moment they held hands, Su Bei clearly felt a slight stiffness from the boy’s movement. This has never happened during their practice seasons.

So, male god Xie is actually having stage fright? Su Bei smiled inwardly.

“It’s alright, don’t be nervous.” Like how she comforted Su Xiaobao before, she whispered to Xie Minxuan.

Xie Minxuan: “…”

Will he be nervous because of this small event?!

He just……

“Class 8-7 performance is very good.” The principal nodded in approval. Other teachers and guests on the podium also gave their praises with a smile. During the 30-second dance, the students cooperated nicely, giving out a complete and vivid performance, with teenagers’ unique youthful vitality.

Among all the people who were full of smiles, there was a single person whose expression was terrifyingly dark at this moment——Mr. Qin.


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