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MWFV Ch.58 Part 1 – Don’t Do Early Love (I)

Class 8-7 successfully performed their entry parade. Su Bei secretly breathed a sigh of relief and led her classmates to the area designated for their class.

Dong Wenqi promptly moved to Su Bei’s side. Just like the rest of the class, she couldn’t wait to browse the school forum. “Our performance is pretty well-received!” She said excitedly, her eyes were glued to her mobile phone.

In the forum, comments about class 8-7’s ‘Multi-Era Show’ was no worse than class 8-2. Naturally, there were also many discussions about Su Bei and Song Xinyi.

“Look, many people in the forum said that you have become more beautiful.” Dong Wenqi handed the phone to Su Bei.

[Compared to Song Xinyi’s exaggerated cosplay, I suddenly think that Su Bei’s costume looks better.]

[Su Bei’s dance is also excellent.]

[Have you all notice? Compared to when she had just transferred, Su Bei is more beautiful now.]

Below the post, there was a photo of Su Bei holding a thermos. It was the same one being used in the ‘School Flower Vote’ last time.

[Wow! If I don’t see the comparison, I won’t notice. She really looks more beautiful!]

Compared to her skinny and malnourished figure a month ago, the current Su Bei, with healthy fat and reddish cheeks, indeed looked much better. Today she dressed up exquisitely for the parade entry performance, and her beauty was being emphasized even more.

Suddenly, Su Bei’s mobile phone rang. It was a message from Xu Shiwei.

[4v]: Baby Q is so beautiful today!

Below the message, Xu Shiwei sent a photo he took from his seat in the west audience area. It was Su Bei’s photo when she performed the 30-seconds dance. The moment it was taken coincided with the end of the dance when Su Bei landed on the ground after the last jump. Her skirt flickered by the momentum, and the whole picture looked so beautiful.

[Q]: Nice shoot!

[Q]: Big brother Xu, are you coming to see Xu Yangyang’s competition?

Su Bei was a little surprised.

Xu Shiwei: For that idiot? Of course not.

He had no interest in Xu Yangyang’s sports festival and simply came for baby Q. Before, that idiot brother said that his class entry parade would be led by Su Bei, so Xu Shiwei came to see.

[4v]: Are you surprised? Or happily surprised?

Su Bei: Nope.

[4v]: There are a lot of good restaurants near your school. Let’s take lunch together, okay? Big bro will take you to eat delicious food.

[4v]: Bring your twin brother along.

He also would take his idiot brother with him. At that time, hehe… he couldn’t wait to see Xu Yangyang’s expression after knowing his idol ‘God Q’ identity.

[Q]: My dad is here too. Should we go together?

Xu Shiwei:!!!

[4v]: Forget it. Just pretend I didn’t say anything. Let’s hang out another day.

For Xu Shiwei, Mr. Qin was tantamount to a nightmare——thanks to Daddy Q’s ‘greeting’, some of his accounts were still locked.

When Su Bei was busy chatting with Xu Shiwei, a noise suddenly burst among the surrounding crowd.

“Did you see that girl? She is so pretty.”

“From which class?”

“Class 7-5. It seems that someone said that the girl leading their formation is newly transferred.”

“What’s the matter?” Su Bei looked up and asked Dong Wenqi.

“I also didn’t pay attention. I think they are saying that the formation leader of the class just now is very beautiful. And it seems that she is also a transfer student from grade 7.” Dong Wenqi replied to Su Bei and couldn’t help complaining: “Our class position is too behind. Others are blocking our view. I cannot see anything at all.” However, Dong Wenqi actually didn’t care too much about this ‘beautiful new transfer student.’

After the last class finished their entry parade, the principal walked to the podium and began the opening speech. Afterward, it was the parent representative’s turn to give a speech.

Mr. Qin stood up and walked to the podium. “Hello everyone, I’m Qin Yue and Qin Yu’s father, Qin Shao.”

Mr. Qin’s appearance made a sensation in the whole audiences:

“Qin Yue, Qin Yu? Isn’t that the school flower and young master Su? So this year’s parent representative is their father!”

“This school is too powerful. They actually managed to invite Qin Group’s chairman to give a speech. Normally, only the most prestigious forums and events have this honor!”

Dong Wenqi was also equally excited: “Wow, Su Bei, your dad is actually giving the speech. Even if the school didn’t announce it beforehand, why did you hide this from me?”

Su Bei: “…”

She also had no idea. As expected of Mr. Qin, he hid so well.

“No wonder…” Su Bei murmured; no wonder Mr. Qin dressed up so nicely today.

Unlike the principal, Mr. Qin’s speech was brief but not rigid. In the students’ eyes, Mr. Qin’s image was that of a kind and wise father, very different from the frightening businessman that was rumored to make the whole business circle shudder in fright.

Mr. Qin’s closing sentence was: “Junior high is a carefree yet memorable stage of life. I hope you can enjoy your time here, and—” After a pause, he added: “Don’t do early love.”


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