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MWFV Ch.59 Part 1 – Accident (I)

On the second day of the school sports festival, Mr. Qin once again threw the company’s affairs to Chen De and his subordinates, then went to school with his two children.

Su Bei was surprised, and so was Su Xiaobao. The boy didn’t say anything and even seemed annoyed when he saw Mr. Qin followed them to school. However, the joy in his eyes couldn’t fool anyone.

Su Bei’s competition was scheduled today, a 400-meter middle distance race.

Although 400-meter race didn’t require a quick sprint like the 50-meter nor did it test the endurance like an 800-meter one, but in fact, it was harder than the other two.

Originally other students, including Dong Wenqi, thought that Su Bei only wanted to participate and wasn’t aiming for a win. But to everyone’s surprise, Su Bei actually did excellently on the field and finally took the second place.

Mr. Qin took the back photo of Su Bei when she ran across the finish line and posted it into his WeChat with a short line: My daughter won the second place in race, not bad.

Not surprisingly, this post was instantly barraged with another wave of rainbow farts.

As for Su Xiaobao, who already won 5 first places…

Mr. Qin only said: Just so-so.

After finishing the only event she signed up to and even got the second place, Su Bei was naturally happy. Now she had nothing more to do, she was originally going to relax and watch the rest of the sports festival with Dong Wenqi while occasionally browsing the school forum and Weibo. But to her surprise, her classmate Li Xiaoyan came with their class leader. Their face looked awkward.

“Su Bei.”

“What’s happen?” Su Bei saw Li Xiaoyan’s embarrassed face and asked.

Li Xiaoyan: “Can you run in my place for the next 4 x 100 relay race?”

Li Xiaoyan pulled Su Bei closer and whispered in panic: “You see, my great aunt(1) suddenly come…” She also wanted to be a runner girl, but how could she know that her ‘relative’ would come uninvited today.

(1) Great Aunt: girl’s period.

Su Bei was stunned for a moment before nodding understandingly: “I can run on your behalf. But I never practiced short distance run and may drag our class down instead.” Su Bei then glanced at the class leader hesitantly. Even though she had some coaching for this sports festival, she only trained for the middle distance run.

Class leader: “You did well in 400 meters. 100 meter won’t be a problem.”

All other girls in their class who were relatively good in sports have been participating in more than one competition, except Su Bei. The remaining girls were mostly at Dong Wenqi’s level, who were only suitable for the cheering team. After pondering her options, the class leader thought that Su Bei was the most suitable.

After a pause, she said to Su Bei: “It’s okay. Su Bei, you just have to do your best, no need to be pressured. On this race, our class only focuses on participation and isn’t aiming for a win.”

All thanks to Su Xiaobao’s and Xie Minxuan’s over performance. Because of those two boys, their class already won several first places from a number of individual competitions. Adding up these points, class 8-7’s current total score was far ahead of other classes in their grade. Even if they didn’t get a good rank in this relay race, their current first position wouldn’t be shaken. Moreover, she also had to be honest: Su Bei’s last spurt in the 400-meter race was pretty fast.

The class leader felt that their class wouldn’t lose that easily.

“All right, I will try my best.” Su Bei nodded and promised.

The class leader was overjoyed: “That’s great! We’re counting on you.”

Li Xiaoyan held Su Bei’s hand with a smile on her face: “Thank you, Su Bei. I will send you a cheering message later.”

A moment before the race began, the class sports committee rushed to brief Su Bei about some precautions and tips for the relay race: “It’s okay if you are a bit slow. But when passing on the baton, you must make sure that both you and the next person are steady….”

“Li Xiaoyan was originally the first runner. But you never had any practice before, so I’ll put you in the second run. That way, your burden will be lighter. Even if you are falling behind, no need to panic. Lin Xuefei and Sun Yaoyao will catch up later…”

Su Bei listened attentively and nodded.

The relay race was about to begin. All the runners have been ready in their designated position.

There were also voices cheering for Su Bei from the side:

“Wow, god Su is also in. God Su, fight!” “School flower, I’m cheering you!” “My goddess, I love you~” “Thermos little sister is on stage.” “Sister in law, fight!”

Well, Su Bei had many nicknames.

The number of parents who came to watch today was less than yesterday. The seats near the podium were surrounded by students. Mr. Qin frowned slightly at his daughters many ‘strange nicknames.’ But what annoyed him the most was seeing many boys taking out their mobile phone and snapping Su Bei’s pictures.


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Teen rebellious phase only attributing very small part of Xiaobao’s tsundereness…. most of it is thanks to Mr. Qin’s gene lol.

Edit: don’t know why, but I accidentally disabled comments on today’s posts….. gotta fix them up now, sorry!

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  1. Ah, thank you so much for yesterday and today’s updates. I found it strange even though I couldn’t comment I thought it was my internet. hahaha yes Xiaobao tsuntsun is totally like Dad Qin’s fault.

  2. I forgot to comment too, my imagination is in full swing, what accident could it be? With Xiaobei or Xiaobao? An accident of falling, falling and kissing someone? Or something more serious? Waiting to see what will happen.

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