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MWFV Ch.6 Part 1 My Dad is Qin Shao (I)

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For Su Bei, the incident has come to the end, but on the school side it still not over. In the school conference room, the principal and several teachers were arguing over Su Bei’s matter.

“It’s almost time for school inspection. Whether Su Bei’s rumor on internet was true or false, the impact would still very bad and may directly affect our school comprehensive score this time.”

“So Teacher Li, your suggestion is? ”

“My suggestion is to temporarily suspend Su Bei from school. If she was absent, on one hand, will avoid the possibility of further conflict with other students, and on the other hand, if education bureau asked us about this matter we can tell them that it was a prank done by some students, and that our school has severely dealt with the students involved by making them reflect at home.”

Teacher Li’s suggestion made the head teacher frowned: “I disagree. This kind of treatment wouldn’t cure the symptoms, and also very unfair to Su Bei.”

“This is not the time to discuss fairness. What we should consider now is how to deal with the inspection from education bureau. ”

“Mr. Li is right. Temporarily suspend the student from school also for her own sake. After experiencing that kind of incident, it is just right to let her properly rest at home, so she can adjust her mental state.”

“But from how I see her, Su Bei is in good condition, and her grade also especially good. This kind of student also has a role in enhancing school’s comprehensive score.”

“But Su Bei just one student, a single student grade isn’t going to greatly affect the scoring value.” The teacher paused. “Moreover, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao household registration also has a problem?”

Of course, this kind of problem left over from the past wouldn’t be able to be solved in short time.

“How about Su Bei’s studies?”

“She could take supplemental lesson, and we don’t have any intention to let her quit school or be suspended for a long time. Just let her temporarily stay at home, having the time for some adjustment, then after school inspection over, she could come back to clas….”


When the teachers busily discussed whether to temporarily suspend Su Bei, she and Su Xiaobao already said goodbye to the old house they lived in for fourteen years. Carrying their luggage, the twins departed on their journey to B city.

First they ride a minibus from the village for an hour, then after arrived in the county seat, they transferred bus twice to the train station. Until they got on the train, although there were some twist and turns along the way, their journey relatively smooth.

On the way, there was a small episode. Sitting in the seat next to Su Bei was a man in his early forties. He dressed poshly and has been staring at Su Bei since they entered the train. The way that man look at Su Bei displeased Su Xiaobao. A nameless fire was burning in his chest.

If they were at school and there was an ignorant boy who dare to look at Su Bei like this, Su Xiaobao would already beat the crap out of the other party. However, he recalled Su Bei’s strict warnings before they departed, so Su Xiaobao could only clenched his fists and finally held back his anger.

“Su Bei, you sit inside.” Su Xiaobao got up and changed seats with Su Bei.

“Okay. Su Xiaobao, you too sit inside.” Su Bei pulled Su Xiaobao and moved to the seat inside: “Turn your head, don’t look over there.”

Although he understood her intention, Su Xiaobao still felt a bit odd: “I’m a boy. Don’t be afraid.”

“You don’t understand.”

These days, not only girls are vulnerable to danger, but also boys. Seeing the siblings precaution, the man sitting on the side didn’t seem to care. Instead, he licked the corner of his mouth and smiled ‘amicably’ to Su Bei.

In Su Bei’s eyes, his smile only looked wretched.

“You get in more.” A little further away from that wretched man.

Su Bei pulled Su Xiaobao back to her side. Fortunately, the man did not get off at the same station as them. When they train stopped at the north of B city, the man got off. On his way, he stopped near Su Bei’s seat.

“Are you still a minor?” The man asked, raising his eyebrow at the girl.

“A little couple running away from home?”

Su Bei: “…”

Su Xiaobao: “…” He really want to beat this wretched man to death!

Seeing the two kids lowered their heads and ignored him, the man didn’t feel embarassed. Still smiling, he took a businesscard out of the wallet and put it on the schoolbag Su Bei held on her lap.

“Introducing, my surname is Ou. You can contact me if you have any difficulties. Of course, you can also contact me for something else.” The man left his business card and walk away, still with the vulgar smile that he thought charming.

Looking down, Su Bei glanced at the word ‘director’ on the business card. Because of that dream, Su Bei extremely disgusted with the words ‘director’. Moreover, if the man is really a well-known, big director, then he should travel with an airplane or a business class in high-speed rail car. How could he ride this kind of common train with green leather seat? She was almost certain that the man was a scammer, and specalized in deceiving young girls.

As if looking at something disgusting, Su Bei stretched out two fingers, picked up the corner of the business card, and without any care immediately threw it into the trash bag in front of her seat. Seeing Su Bei’s disgusted look, Su Xiaobao snorted lightly : “Earlier, why did you hold me back?”

If Su Bei hadn’t been pulling the elastic band on his pants so he couldn’t stand up, he would have rushed to beat the man.

“If I didn’t do that wouldn’t you already rush over? What if your fight attracted the train crew?”

The train ticket they used was bought by Su Bei at a high price from a scalper. Needless to say, if a train crew came to check their ticket, it would be them who got into trouble. Listening to Su Bei’s words, Su Xiaobao pursed his lips and lowered his head.

“That man is really in B city?” As he looked at the tall building flashing through the windows, Su Xiaobao dazedly asked.

‘That man’ refers to the man who provided two little tadpoles for their birth. He didn’t understand why Su Bei suddenly wanted to find that person, but since Su Bei wanted to go, he shouldn’t hinder her, so he could only go with her.

“Yes.” Su Bei’s aswered affirmly.

“How do you know?”

“I saw him in my dream.”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Why did he feel like he was going to be sold by Su Bei?

“Okay, don’t think too much, I won’t lie to you, just hold on and we will be there in 20 minutes.” Su Bei patted Su Xiaobao’s head.

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T/N : Almost time for daddy’s appearance…. almost XD

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  2. Thank you for the update!

    So glad they’ve finally left that school, but also worried for Su Bei 😥 That man was so gross 🤢

  3. Ahahaha the school is going to be so panicked when they realise she ran off with her brother. She probably did raise their average grade level by a lot. Plus people will assume she ran away BECAUSE of the bullying incident lol. And ahh hopefully they can escape train from that pedo, or maybe one of their father’s people will somehow save them by coincidence…

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  5. I like the Head Teacher. He/they seem really nice out of the bunch. And, if they do suspend her, that they won’t mark it on her record, which is probably pristine. The synopsis has me scared and worried. Adele- Someone Like You is playing lol. Anyways, they not in the school district anyways hopefully they get out of the streets and cared for by their Father, at least sponsored I could say. Cough, paying a child child care, which is technically how it is, but with it being direct instead of through a parent hahahalol. Ha,

  6. beef_wellington

    Our xiaobao (note: xiao can translate to small, bao can translate to treasure) is so sweet, if she really did want to sell him he’d probably help her count the money!

    1. (I know this is an old comment but for future reference)
      In China, travel is more restricted. I believe you need some sort of government ID to even purchase train tickets. The twins don’t have this because their family situation is not normal – there’s not exactly a household registration and such that would allow them to apply for the necessary ID. Even their names are kinda baby nicknames, not real names. I’m guessing that buying the tickets from a scalper means that their tickets are under someone else’s ID number and thus they aren’t legally allowed to be on the train.

  7. I literally just caught up to a book before this and it was kinda similar plot as this, was really good so far, but the dad’s name there was “Gu Shao”, I just thought it was funny that the dad’s name here is “Qin Shao” loll

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