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MWFV Ch. 60 Part 1 – Dad! (I)

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With Mr. Qin taking control of the place, the crowd who had been chaotic after seeing the accident immediately became organized. Soon, the medical staff specially arranged by the school to stand by on the sports field came over.

“Don’t let her keep sitting on the ground. Help me to move her on this mat first.” The medical staff said to a student volunteer.

“Let me go through!” When they were about to move Su Bei, Su Xiaobao finally arrived. He pushed through the crowd and was going to take his sister from the medical staff.

“What are you doing?” Mr. Qin said coldly: “Stand by the side, don’t make trouble.” After speaking, he carefully hugged Su Bei and moved her on the mat. Mr. Qin was an adult man; he obviously was stronger than the female medical staff, the student volunteer, or Su Xiaobao.

Mr. Qin picked up Su Bei very steadily, put her down carefully on the mat next to them, and then signaled the medical staff to check on Su Bei’s injury.

Su Bei tripped and fell when she was in a full sprint, so the fall wasn’t light: Her arms and knees were bruised all over. Although weren’t severe, it looked frightening.

The medical staff first put on disinfectant before wrapping Su Bei’s wounds, then asked: “Where else do you feel pain?”

Su Bei: “My foot.” But she couldn’t tell exactly where the pain was.

“Is it the knee?” The medical staff gently pressed Su Bei’s knee joint.

Su Bei shook her head: “No, it doesn’t hurt.”

“How about here?”


“How about here?”

When the medical staff pressed Su Bei’s ankle, although the strength was very light, a piercing pain instantly struck Su Bei, and she gasped in pain.

“It must be the ankle.” The medical staff said.

Mr. Qin frowned: “What is the specific injury?”

“This…” The medical staff paused. After hesitating for a moment, she said: “Her achilles tendon is probably strained, but there is also a possibility of more serious damage. I cannot tell for certain for now.”

“We can only do an emergency treatment here. But to check whether her bone is fractured or not, we should bring her to the hospital for an examination.”

Under Mr. Qin’s low air pressure and icy glare, the medical staff broke on a cold sweat. She didn’t dare to directly look at Mr. Qin and lowered her head deeply. Biting the bullet, she suggested: “We can move her to the school infirmary first and observe the situation, then send her to a hospital for a detailed examination.”

Hearing the advice, Mr. Qin’s frown deepened. He lowered his gaze to look at Su Bei. The girl’s face was pale with pain, and her forehead was still sweating profusely.

Seeing his daughter was clearly in pain, yet biting her lower lip and enduring in silence, Mr. Qin was proud of her preservance and strength, but at the same time felt even more distressed.

What kind of treatment a school infirmary and random hospital can do?!

“I will send her to the hospital.” Qin Shao called his assistant and let him arranged for the hospital owned by Qin Group to stand by, then called the driver. After a few phone calls, all arrangements were very thoroughly made.

The medical staff was originally the school’s infirmary staff. She listened to Mr. Qin’s phone calls in awe and suddenly felt that her suggestion was superfluous. After Mr. Qin hung up the phone, she asked nervously, “There are wheelchairs and stretchers in the school infirmary. Should I let someone bring it over?”

Mr. Qin only gave her a glance: “No.”

“Is your hand okay?” Afterward, Mr. Qin asked Su Bei.

Su Bei tried to move her hand. She then nodded and said: “Yes.”

Although the bruises on her hands were a bit painful and bleeding a bit, they weren’t serious.

“Come here and hold on tight. Try not to move your feet.” Mr. Qin put Su Bei on his back, stood up, and walked out of the sports field. Inevitably, they gathered others’ attention all along the way. Still, Su Bei felt that it was much better than using a wheelchair of stretchers, which would be pretty exaggerating. Moreover, Mr. Qin’s back made her felt very safe.

Su Bei was still frightened and shocked after her fall. Moreover, it happened in front of so many people, so she was also a bit embarrassed. But at this moment, leaning on Qin Shao’s back, Su Bei didn’t seem to feel scared or embarrassed at all.

——Because her father was here, she didn’t have to worry about anything.

“Dad.” Su Bei whispered. Vaguely, she felt that something inside her heart was changing. Her calling Mr. Qin “Dad” this time was slightly different than the other “Dad” in the past. The emotional feeling mixed in it wasn’t the same.

“Mm?” Mr. Qin responded.

Su Bei didn’t respond, but called again: “Dad.”

“Mm? What’s the matter? What do you want to say?”

“Nothing.” Su Bei shook her head and grinned.

“Just——wanting to call you.” Su Bei whispered. She buried her head on Mr. Qin’s shoulder and rubbed lightly. Because she just had been running, Su Bei’s cheeks and hair were still sticky with a thin layer of sweat.

When his daughter rubbed her face, Mr. Qin could feel her sweat on his body, but he didn’t dislike it. Mr. Qin clearly sensed Su Bei’s sudden intimacy and dependence. The corners of his lips subconsciously raised.

Mr. Qin turned his head slightly. Looking at Su Bei’s face buried on his shoulder, Mr. Qin’s smile deepened: “Are you feeling embarrassed?”

Qin Shao thought that Su Bei was embarrassed after fell down in front of so many people.

“Yeah.” Su Bei nodded. She seemed to know the difference in her current feeling towards Mr. Qin…

Knowing and accepting were completely different. Before, although Su Bei knew that Mr. Qin was her and Su Xiaobao’s father, it was just that. In her cognition, Qin Shao was still just ‘Mr. Qin’, the powerful villain described in the novel.

But now, Qin Shao was truly her father, their closest family member. He was a father who would protect them when they grew up and shelter them from wind and rain.



“Hehe, nothing.”

In the hospital, Su Bei received a comprehensive examination and got her wounds re-dressed. Remembering her worrying classmates over the WeChat, Su Bei took out her mobile phone and sent a message in the class group.

[Su Bei: I just came home from the hospital. I’m fine, sorry for making you worry.]

[Class Leader: Su Bei, you finally reply! You almost scared me to death. How about your injury, is it serious?]

[Su Bei: No, it’s alright.]

The result of the examination was, in addition to the bruises on her body, a slight tear on her right achilles tendon. Although she had to be careful for a while, fortunately it was not as major as a fractured or broken bone.

After knowing about the hospital diagnosis, her classmates were relieved.

[Thank’s god it’s nothing major.]

[I am about to bring a fruit basket to visit you at the hospital, but fortunately you are fine. No need for any hospital visit.]

[Since you injured your tendon, you should take a good rest and be careful to not strain your leg.]

[Su Bei: I will, thank you.]

[Su Bei: Everyone, I’m sorry. Originally our class could get the first place.]

[What are you saying. You were injured when competing for our class. Your injuries can be considered our collective responsibility.]

[Haha, that’s right. The most important thing is that you are okay, don’t care about the ranking.]


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