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MWFV Ch. 60 Part 2- Dad! (II)

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 The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.60 Part 1.

Su Bei chatted for a while in the class group, then switched to a smaller group that consisted of her, Su Xiaobao, Dong Wenqi, Xie Minxuan, and his buddies.

[Su Bei: Do you know if we can see the surveillance video of the sports field today?]

[Liu Kai: Su Bei, what happens?]

[Xu Yangyang: Is there something wrong with your fall today?]

[Su Bei: Yeah. In my last sprint, I think I stepped on something.]

And that ‘something’ was not small. It definitely wasn’t a small pebble or such. The sports field was usually cleaned up before each competition, especially around the finish line. It was impossible for the cleaners to not find that thing beforehand.

[Dong Wenqi: My God! Could it be someone…]

[Su Bei: I’m just guessing. I still have to look at the surveillance video.]

Xie Minxuan went online.

[Xie Minxuan: There is only one surveillance camera on the top of the podium and another one at the east entrance, but they are both quite far from the track field.]

[Xie Minxuan: This afternoon, I’ve checked both cameras’ recordings. However, there were too many people surrounding the finish line at the time.]

When seeing Su Bei’s injuries, Xie Minxuan felt something was amiss. Usually, when people accidentally fell due to the loss of balance, they would instinctively protect their head; thus, the injured areas were generally palms, elbows, and knees. However, Su Bei’s injuries were more serious, even damaging her achilles tendon and wounding her face.

Unless it was not an accident.

[Chen Zi’an: If we couldn’t find anything from the surveillance, then Su Bei was injured for nothing?]

[Dong Wenqi: Hateful! We know it might not be an accident, yet cannot check it out, really make me mad!]

[Xie Minxuan: Don’t worry. At that time, many people were taking photos and recording, and student reporters were also there. I will go and ask around.]

[Su Xiaobao: Me too.]

That night, Mr. Qin changed Su Bei’s dressing. He let Su Bei sit on the bed, then squatted to hold an ice pack on her swollen foot for a while before spraying it with medicine. Afterward, he applied new ointment on the bruises and wounds on Su Bei’s hands, knees and face.

These kinds of skin injuries were originally just minor scratch on Mr. Qin’s eyes. If it was himself or that boy who suffered such injuries, it wouldn’t be a problem. But seeing these injuries on his daughter made Mr. Qin very distressed.

“It will be healed soon.” After putting away the spray and ointment, Mr. Qin got up and stroked Su Bei’s head to comfort her.

Su Bei nodded obediently.

Su Bei: “Dad.”

Qin Shao: “Mm?”

“There is something I need to tell you…” Su Bei told Qin Shao that she fell because she stepped on something and also about her suspicion.

“Dad, can you check this for me?” Su Bei took Qin Shao’s hand and asked.

“Okay,” After a pause, Qin Shao added: “Leave this matter to me. You don’t have to worry.”

How could Mr. Qin not notice the abnormality that Xie Minxuan saw? But at that time, he was nervous about Su Bei’s injury and rushed to bring his daughter to the hospital. In fact, when Su Bei was getting treatment, Qin Shao contacted Weiming Middle School principal and asked the school to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Qin Shao: “Sleep well. When you wake up, these injuries will get much better.”

Su Bei: “…”

Su Bei actually wants to tell Mr. Qin that she was already fourteen years old, no longer a child. Not to mention that her mental age was even bigger. This kind of ‘deceiving a child to coax them’ was no longer suitable for her.

However, Su Bei found that Mr. Qin’s gentle voice was surprisingly useful.

After Mr. Qin left, Su Bei was lying on the bed without sleeping, her eyes wide open. Her brain was full of today’s incident. She tried to remember every detail about when she stepped on that something and fell down. For a while, she also wondered when her injuries would heal…

Su Xiaobao sneaked into her room.

“As I thought. You still not sleeping yet.” Su Xiaobao whispered at Su Bei, whose eyes were wide open. He walked towards the bed and took out a paper bag hidden inside his school uniform.

“Here, this is for you.”

“What?” Su Bei sat up on the bed curiously and took the paper bag from Su Xiaobao’s hand. Looking inside, it was actually a cup of milk tea! Moreover, it was her favorite matcha with ice cream and Oreo!

Su Bei looked at Su Xiaobao with gleaming eyes: “When did you buy it?”

Su Xiaobao: “Just now.”

Su Bei: “There is no milk tea shop nearby, and it’s already late…”

Su Xiaobao: ……

Su Xiaobao: “Don’t ask too much. Hurry up and drink it, I still have to throw out the cup.”

Usually Mr. Qin didn’t allow them to drink this kind of unhealthy beverage. But Su Bei liked it. Su Xiaobao thought she was in a bad mood today, so he sneaked out and bought her a cup. It was really not easy for Su Xiaobao to sneak out under Mr. Qin’s eyes and go to the shopping center to buy the milk tea for Su Bei without being caught.

Su Bei happily put on the straw and took a sip.

Then she frowned.

“How much ice did you add?” Su Bei shook the cup, and there was a sound of ice cubes rattling. Even the taste of matcha was diluted.

“The shop is quite far. I’m afraid that the ice cream on the top will melt, so I asked the shop to add more ice cubes.” After a pause, Su Xiaobao said: “If it’s not tasty, don’t drink. There are some parts that still not melted, you can eat that.”

Su Bei: “Who said not, it’s delicious!”

After she finished the milk tea, Su Bei leaned on Su Xiaobao in a daze, her eyes were drifting. But Su Xiaobao could see that Su Bei was still in a bad mood.

Su Xiaobao: “If you want to cry, just cry. I won’t laugh at you.”

Su Bei retorted instinctively: “Who said I want to cry?”

But her voice was a bit cracked.

“Xiaobao, my face won’t be disfigured, right?” Su Bei’s face hit the ground when she fell, so now she has a bruise on her right cheek near her eyes. At first, it only bled a little, but after being scabbed, the abrasion became darker.

Su Bei has seen the wound on her phone camera. It was truly ugly. No girl didn’t care about her look, and so did Su Bei. As long as she thought about the wound on her cheek, Su Bei couldn’t calm down.

Hearing her whisper, Su Xiaobao momentarily stunned. A dark current flashed across his eyes. He turned to examine Su Bei’s face for a while, then earnestly said: “Not ugly.”


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