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MWFV Ch. 61 Part 1- It was Her! (I)

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The next day, although Su Bei’s foot was a little swollen, she had no problem walking on a short distance. So Su Bei still went to school. But the injury on her cheek was pretty noticeable and instantly became a hot topic amongst students.

At this time, many people were gossiping about Su Bei’s injuries on the various forum threads and small chat groups.

[Gosh! Yesterday Su Bei fell and hurt her face!]

[Today, I saw Su Bei was helped to walk into the school by Su Xiaobao. And her cheek is indeed wounded.]

[How pity. Such a pretty face was wounded.]

[Hey, what happened yesterday? Why did she fall?]

[Seeing my thermos little sister injured, I felt so distressed.]

[If it’s me, I will cry to death.]

At this moment, Su Bei, who was the main topic of the gossips, wasn’t crying. She was in her classroom, sitting with Xie Minxuan and the others to discuss the follow up for yesterday’s incident.

Chen Zi’an: “I asked people who were watching the race yesterday. They only saw when Su Bei fell and didn’t notice anything else.”

“I also didn’t get much information.” Xu Yangyang gloomily added.

“Su Bei, this is for you.” Xu Yangyang handed Su Bei a paper bag.

Su Bei: “What is this?”

“My brother heard that my classmate was injured, so he especially found these and asked me to bring it to you, saying that he had a buddy in taekwondo club who gave him all kinds of super-effective ointment or such.” Xu Yangyang explained.

Regarding Xu Shiwei’s sudden errand, Xu Yangyang recalled the events last night. After hearing Su Bei’s suspicion in the group chat, Xu Yangyang wanted to do something to help. However, he wasn’t Xie Minxuan, who could see the school’s surveillance at will, so he wondered if he could hack into the security system to hijack the surveillance videos and use his keen 24k eyes to find any clue.

As a result, Xu Yangyang’s abilities weren’t enough to get in, so he had no choice but to ask his big bro next door. Initially, Xu Yangyang didn’t have much hope. After all, people would naturally be wary of doing this kind of illegal intrusion.

Who knows, he just said two or three words, and after his big bro heard that a classmate named Su Bei was injured, he immediately helped Xu Yangyang to get the videos without saying a word. Afterward, Xu Shiwei even helped Xu Yangyang to carefully check the video until late at night.

Earlier this morning, Xu Shiwei suddenly came with a large paper bag and told Xu Yangyang to give it to his injured classmate.

In fact, Xu Yangyang was quite surprised: Is his big bro such a warm and kind-hearted person? Why has he never notice it before?

After hearing Xu Yangyang’s explanation, Su Bei was also taken aback: Xu Yangyang’s brother, isn’t it Xu Shiwei?

No wonder when she chatted with big brother Xu last night, she felt that the other party was a bit off. He told her not to eat soy sauce or ginger…before Su Bei even had time to reply, Xu Shiwei told her to sleep earlier and closed the chat.

“Right.” Du Yiming suddenly remembered: “Su Bei, didn’t you say that you stepped on something yesterday?”

“Do you have an idea?” Everyone looked at Du Yiming.

Du Yiming nodded: “I have a buddy in class 8-3 who is an assistant scorer. Yesterday after everyone left, a girl brought a pen to him and asked whether it was his, saying that she found it on the field’s sideways.”

Pens were naturally very common at school, but during the sports festival, not many students would walk along bringing one. However, the scorekeepers for each competition regularly took notes on the contestants’ ranking to avoid mistakes. So when people found a pen on the field, it wasn’t strange that they brought it to the scorekeeper.

If Su Bei didn’t tell them the cause of her fall, no one would care about such a small matter.

“Then Su Bei probably stepped on that pen before she fell!” Dong Wenqi’s eyes widened: “Why a pen suddenly fell on a track field during a race? Moreover, it just happened to be on Su Bei’s direction right before she reached the finish. Someone must have thrown it deliberately! Who is so vicious!”

Liu Kai also frowned, “There were too many people at the finish line at that time. It will be hard to find.”

Dong Wenqi: “What should we do? Let the culprit get away with it?”

Xu Yangyang: “Seeing the surveillance video, Su Bei certainly fell after stepping on something on the track field. However, the video was taken from afar, and the resolution is also too shitty, we cannot see any details at all.”

Xie Minxuan nodded in agreement: “The surveillance camera is practically useless. I’ve made inquiries at the reporting club. Yesterday, they indeed arranged a reporter on the finish line, but they still have to check who it is.”

Dong Wenqi: “Really? That’s good. But we still don’t know whether the reporter has the recording we need.”

Xie Minxuan: “We can only wait and ask.”


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