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MWFV Ch.62 Part 1 – The Truth is Exposed (I)

Li Honghao was the owner of a medium-sized company that mainly engaged in the jewelry business. His company has been developing overseas for more than ten years. Until recently, due to the impact of changes in the international market, Li Honghao turned the focus of his company back to the domestic market.

Although his business was not small, it was nothing in B city, that was full of giants. Therefore, when Li Honghao heard that Qin Group’s chairman, the famous Mr. Qin, wanted to meet him, his first reaction was astonished in disbelief.

Until Li Honghao arrived at a high-level club owned by the Qin Group and sat face to face with Mr. Qin, he still felt some disbelief.

“Hello, Mr. Qin, I am the chairman of Yuantai Jewelry, Li Honghao.” Li Honghao introduced himself first. Facing this real business giant, he felt enormous pressure and subconsciously lowered his head.

“Hello, I am Qin Shao.”

“Today I actually want to meet Mr. Li as a father,” Mr. Qin said straightforwardly.

Li Honghao was taken aback with a puzzled expression.

“My two children are attending the eight grade in Weiming Middle School.” Qin Shao proceeded to briefly explain the incident at the sports festival and the result of his investigation.

“Your daughter Li Man’er supposedly was the reporter in charge of taking the video record on the finish line. She should have a record of the situation that day.”

But Li Man’er seemed to be worry and was unwilling to take out the video.

Directly staring at Li Honghao, Qin Shao said: “Give me that video. In exchange, Mr. Li may mention a condition.” Whether money or other favor from Qin Group, it wasn’t a problem.

Hearing Qin Shao’s words, Li Honghao subconsciously wiped the sweat on his forehead: “Mr. Qin is too kind. If Man’er really has the video that your daughter needs, it’s only proper for her to bring it out.”

“Mr. Qin, please be assured. I will go ask my daughter about the video now.” Li Honghao promised.

Meanwhile, in Li family’s new villa, Li Man’er also told her mother about that video.

Today was the weekend. Li Man’er was practicing piano, but she seemed distracted. Seeing her daughter being absent-minded, Su Mei sat next to Li Man’er. “Man’er, what happens? Tell mother, why do you look upset? Are you unhappy at the new school? Or are you bullied by your classmates?” Su Mei asked her daughter with a worried look.

“No,” Li Man’er shook her head: “Mom, there is a problem, but I don’t know what to do.”

“What’s happen?” Su Mei gently embraced her daughter in her arms and asked.

“During the sports festival…” Li Man’er told her dilemma to her mother. From the moral perspective, Li Man’er should publish the video, but Liu Lili’s warning made her hesitate. Her family couldn’t afford to make the Song Group their enemy, and similarly, she also couldn’t afford to offend Song Xinyi, who had many supporters at school. But to keep it a secret, this incident inevitably would become a thorn piercing Li Man’er’s heart.

“It’s this video. Mom, look, this Song Xinyi is really vicious.” Li Man’er showed the video she saved on her phone to Su Mei and explained: “Look, this is Song Xinyi. She deliberately threw the pen on the track. Su Bei stepped on it and fell.”

Seeing the face of the girl running in the video, Su Mei’s expression suddenly froze, and a strange feeling aroused from her heart.

Su Mei: “This girl is…”

Li Man’er: “She’s Su Bei, a senior in eight grade, and also the school flower.”

“Su Bei’s face was wounded when she fell. It looks very painful.”

“Mom, you tell me, what should I do?” Li Man’er buried herself into Su Mei’s arms, her face was full of dilemma. After a while, Li Man’er saw that Su Mei didn’t answer her question. She looked up and saw her mother was dazing as if in a trance.

“Mom, mom!”

“Huh? Man’er what did you just say?”

“I asked you what I should do, but you kept dazing and ignoring me.” Li Man’er said aggrievedly.

Su Mei: “That Su Bei, do you know her family’s situation?”

Li Man’er: “No, but Liu Lili said that she is Qin Group’s princess.”

Xie Minxuan and his group’s investigation about the ‘mysterious reporter’ still hadn’t made much progress when Su Bei got the video from Mr. Qin.

When Mr. Qin took the video from Li Honghao, he gave the other man a promise: “As I said, you can make one request to me, whether for your company, your family, or for yourself.”

With Qin Group’s power and influence, Qin Shao was confident that no matter what conditions Li Honghao put forward, it was just a small matter for him. He could fulfill any request from Li Honghao, except for one thing.

Remembering the ‘unexpected gain’ from his investigation this time, Mr. Qin’s gaze suddenly darkened, and rare irritability flashed through his normally calm eyes.

After receiving the video, Su Bei impatiently opened the file and watched it. The moment Su Bei saw Song Xinyi throwing the pen, she didn’t feel surprised. If she had to point out the people who might hate her so much, only Song Xinyi and her family would come to her mind: Who told her family to be the villain? In any chance, villains and protagonists were destined to be incompatible.

Su Bei showed the video to her friends, who immediately discussed their next plan.

Du Yiming: “This Song Xinyi is truly a viper, ah. My mom, fortunately, I’m not her fan.”

Xu Yangyang: “I think we should go to the police station with this video and report her for intentional harm. She deserves it.”

Chen Zi’an: “Determining the crime of intentional harm isn’t easy. Moreover, Song Xinyi is still fourteen. Do you think the police will really lock her in prison for throwing a pen?”

“You’re right. Xiaobei, brother Bao, did Uncle Qin say how to deal with this matter?”

Su Bei shook her head. When giving the video to her, Mr. Qin only said one thing: She could do anything she wanted, and any consequence, he would solve it for her.

Xu Yangyang: “Well, I thought Uncle Qin would come to the school to settle the accounts with Song Xinyi.”

“Him?” Su Xiaobao snorted lightly. That man probably was settling accounts with Song Xinyi’s father now.

Liu Kai: “My suggestion is to just publish this video online so everyone can see Song Xinyi’s real face.”

Dong Wenqi: “If we do that, the school probably wouldn’t be happy. Or, should we consult the teacher first?”

Liu Kai: “Don’t be stupid. Do you think the teacher will let us publish this video online?”

Song Group’s influence at Weiming Middle School wasn’t small. If the faculty and management knew about this matter, they would just throw the problem back for both families to settle privately. Although it actually wasn’t a bad idea. Mr. Qin vs. Song Yancheng, Liu Kai still felt that Mr. Qin was far stronger.


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10 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.62 Part 1 – The Truth is Exposed (I)”

  1. Seeing as they are possibly about to meet their mom my guess is that Song Sr threatened either her or her children leaving her no choice but to hide them, that or she was attacked and can’t remember until they meet.

    It would also mean in the Original Timeline the AR charge and meeting the scumbag director was planned in advance.

  2. eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    like i expected she seduced a rich guy and went overseas and is leading a happy life.

    Meanwhile the mc and her bro( in original storyline) lead a tragic life of poverty , suffered and died hopelessly for no fault of theirs

    If this dam btch comes after QS shamelessly or suddenly remembered her two children and wanted to be a mom to them or wants SB and SX ‘s affection for her then she should go die.

  3. Since mom seems to be a good mom with a daughter who isn’t a raging b*tch like the Song chick, I’m going to assume mom is as much a victim in all of this as the kids. Pulling out my handy ‘C-novel Trope’ guide, I’m going to go with:

    “She was schemed against and drugged to sleep with Daddy Qin, then she planned to keep the kids but one of her family members took them at birth and told her they were dead then shipped the kids to the country and mom overseas where she fell in love with a nice, semi-rich man and had another child but always mourned her ‘dead’ kids in her heart”

    Glad they aren’t going the ‘mom and dad get together’ route, though.

  4. Wtf? So the mom just went and got herself a new family and a happy life? She had those kids … They were her responsibility and she just left them to rot, no matter what she’s a piece of shit.

    If the author tries to give her a redemption like she unwillingly left the kids behind and thought they’d died, that caretaker they had was actually stole them or something….

    I really, really, really hope she doesn’t try to go speak to them or whatever, she has a new family now.

  5. Whatever might be this woman’s intentions, i simply don’t care. She does not deserves Qin Shao under any circumstances. Imma throw hands if she disturbs the family of 3.

  6. Huh, so that’s where their Mum went. Well, her past certainly is quite bad but as of now, who knows. As far as i can tell, she seems to be a good mother an wife to her current family.

    Welp, hopefully they can formally settle their issues soon enough, amicably so. I feel bad for the new transfer student and her dad if their family became a mess cause of this, albeit it is messy but yeah.

    Also, ey, new step sister and fam! Actually good ones as far as I can tell, the Mum is still pending but yeah.

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