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MWFV Ch.62 Part 2 – The Truth is Exposed (II)

“Upload it!” Su Bei slammed the table. Anyway, Mr. Qin has said, he would take care of any consequences.

In the novel, the female lead Lin You was a famous movie empress, while the male lead Song Yancheng was an actor who fascinated countless fans before transforming into the brilliant Chairman Song. As the daughter of the couple, Song Xinyi also became the popular ‘national girl.’ This family worked so hard to built their reputation. Su Bei wanted to tear the mask from Song Xinyi’s face and see how the parents-daughter would turn things around and justify her action.

Su Bei’s brashness surprised the others.

Chen Zi’an: “Really? You don’t want to consider it more?”

Dong Wenqi: “No more planning?”

“I think this method is good.” Xie Minxuan suddenly said. “I’ll make the post. No need to wait for you guys.”

Without waiting for their reaction, Xie Minxuan took out his mobile phone and logged into the school forum. He created a new hot thread and uploaded the video Su Bei previously shared on their chat group.

Similarly, Su Xiaobao also made a separate thread to upload the video. Two new threads were posted one after another. Seeing his thread was 18 seconds later than Xie Minxuan, Su Xiaobao’s face darkened unhappily.

Xie Minxuan: [The truth is here, click in to see.]

Su Xiaobao: [Want to see the truth? It’s here.]

Seeing the two titles, Liu Kai could not help criticizing: “Brother Xuan, brother Bao, your sense isn’t good, ah. There is no thrill at all.”

“You wait, I’ll make it correct!”

Liu Kai made a thread with a title: [Shocking! Weiming’s biggest scandal! Is the goddess you adore is truly pure-hearted?! Come and take a look at Song Xinyi’s glorious deed!]

The title Liu Kai made was indeed more eye-catching and more click-baiting than Su Xiaobao’s or Xie Minxuan’s. However, the number of clicks he got couldn’t even keep up with the fraction of these two people.

Two male gods made their first thread on the school forum in succession, and even with similar titles. The threads naturally attracted countless die-hard fans, casual fans, and passersby.

Some people even secretly guessed that the two male gods were joining hands to publish the threads simultaneously.

For those who knew the truth, they could only laugh drily. Or what? Tell everyone that those two were just good brothers, and let some rotten girls give up their fantasy? Otherwise, should they expose the truth, telling that the relationship was actually not good at all, and more like dead rivals?

Anyway, back to the topic. After clicking the thread and watching the video, everyone was shocked: It turned out that they were talking about Song Xinyi!

And the reason? Of course about the thing in the video. There, they saw Song Xinyi, who secretly moved from the first runner area to the finish line. Even so, other runners were also crowding the finish line to watch the results, so Song Xinyi stood inconspicuously.

However, what she did afterward was too obvious. Although the video only showed half of Song Xinyi’s body, squeezed in the crowd, the screen still clearly showed when her hand threw a pen at the runway towards Su Bei’s path.

Right after the video came out, the forum instantly exploded.

[F*ck! No way, this is clearly the scandal of the year!]

[I thought Su Bei fell down accidentally, but it was actually Song…]

[My God! Song Xinyi actually did such a thing! Too frightening!]

[Su Bei is too pitiful!]

[That’s right. Su Bei simply won the school flower contest and then took a higher score at the exam, but she retaliated like this? Song Xinyi is too cruel.]

[Unbelievable! Really unbelievable!]

[Song Xinyi usually acts so innocent and cute, but it’s all fake.]

[I always like Song Xinyi. When my classmate told me about this video, I didn’t believe it at first. But after watching it myself, there is nothing I can say on her defense. Her action is obviously deliberate.]

[Sorry, I have never been Song Xinyi’s fan. I always think she is a b*tch, look, it turned out that I’m right.]

[Song Xinyi isn’t a normal b*tch, but a poisonous one!]

[F*ck, I’m so angry. I’m going to beat Song Xinyi for our thermos little sister!]

[Go, if you need bailout money, we will crowdfund you.]

The forum was lively with all kinds of comments. But without exception, they all scolded Song Xinyi.

As for Song Xinyi’s iron fans and supporters, they were probably busy with slapping their faces in the dark.

Song Xinyi had created several fan groups before, and each one was full of members. But after the ‘pen throwing’ incident broke out, people left those fan groups en masse. Even if some stayed, most of them were waiting for their goddess’ follow-up explanation.

Because of Song Xinyi’s high popularity, the ‘pen throwing’ incident immediately became the school’s ‘scandal of the year.’ The video soon was not only circulating on the school forum but also started to appear on Weibo. Although the faces have been blurred with mosaic, people with keen eyes could see that the pen thrower was Song Xinyi.

After all, Song Xinyi also posted an update ‘going to run in a race’ on her Weibo feed that same day, along with a selfie.

[The ‘Pen Throwing’ incident by Song Group’s young miss.]

[The vicious side of the ‘National girl’]

[Song family’s daughter has been so vicious at such a young age.]

[Song Group has not responded to the ‘Pen Throwing’ incident.]

[Affected by the ‘pen throwing’ incident, the shares of the Song Group plummeted.]

The ‘pen throwing’ incident and the video exposure inevitably affected Weiming Middle School. In the past few days, the phone at the external relation administrative office almost blew up due to the stream of incoming calls. Fending off reporters who wanted to conduct interviews was also a headaching matter. Moreover, the school also received some pressure from public opinion.

When the video first came out, as Dong Wenqi guessed, the school did contact Qin Shao and Song Yancheng, wanted the parents of both parties to negotiate and resolve the matter privately, and removed the video for the time being.

Mr. Qin blocked the principal: “I don’t think my daughter did something wrong.”

However, Mr. Qin still showed some kindness and did not involve the school. Using some method, the public opinion was controlled, having the name ‘Weiming Middle School’ deleted from the media and letting the public completely focus on Song family and Song Group. Many condemned Song Xinyi and her parents, and some even brought forth the enmity between Song Group and Qin Group. However, people no longer mentioned the school anymore.


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I always confused whenever a private scandal in C-novel affecting a big company stock price. Especially this one. Although Song Xinyi is the chairman’s daughter, but she is only an underage girl who isn’t even related to the company’s management. Her scandal might affect her family reputation, but stock price? Why??

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15 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.62 Part 2 – The Truth is Exposed (II)”

  1. dear translator see how they spoke in the story themselves, the girl Song appears publicly and the parents also have a mask of good people. When someone or company has a reputation for good and something directly related to them shows a morally bad side, customers, fans and viewers feel betrayed. imagine for example if BTS boys do something morally offensive or if someone directly related to them does it .. fans will not like it. and popularity or stocks will be devalued. on the other hand, a villain or someone known for being unscrupulous does something bad does not affect anything, although if they did something good they may doubt their intentions.

  2. Another example, a while ago a top Google executive was accused of harassing an employee or something … the company was criticized even for taking legal action. Their reputation and reputation for a good work environment was doubtful. The Song girl showed signs of being “eccentric” falsely accuses, offends and pretends to be a white lotus, so young and already malicious.

  3. Wouldn’t it be because of the importance Chinese people put into family?
    A bad child means a bad parents and vice versa

  4. The reason why the stock price would be affected might be cause of die hard fans (consumers) boycotting the company. While it sounds ridiculous for a child’s mistake to affect a prosperous company, i guess it’s part of the writing to exaggerate.

    1. I think the stock price for the company went down thanks to Qin Shao’s meddling mostly. But it’s also because Song XinYi is considered a public figure (since she appeared in variety shows, piano competitions and is talked about acting in a movie) and also because the behaviour of the child reflects the environment and education offered by the parents. In other words, if the daughter became so vicious to want to destroy someone’s body just because she can’t be as good as her, could her parents be anything but worse than her? What kind of actions would they take if any company bests them in their field? How would they treat their associates? When dealing with their products, would they even care about their customers?
      People dealing with stocks are sensitive to these things and they always look into matters when planning investments, considering deals or other related issues. And it makes sense. The leader of the company and their family (especially since the family is made up of public figures) represent the company, they’re the face of the group. If your face is cunning, poisonous, treacherous, evil etc, who would dare to trust you with their money/ideas?

  5. In China reputation is everything and people’s opinions control everything too including the stock price cuz public won’t buy their stuff anymore therefore not many would like to buy their stocks and so on their stock price fall .
    And btw thanks for the chapter 💜

  6. T/N, I came to make the same comment. How can a little prank by a teenager drop a company’s stock price? Unless it was a serious incident or the company itself was involved, it’s not possible.

  7. I don’t think it has something to do with Song Xinyi’s actions, though that might have contributed to some loss in revenues but not enough to make their company’s stock crash down. It has more to do with President Qin making the Song company’s stock lose some value. 😅

    1. The first thing I thought after this became public is what will the grandparents think after seeing their one if their grandchildren send another to the hospital over something so petty? Shameful

  8. If the company of the Songs was built on the popularity of father and mother Song as they used to be Film Gods, and they also pushed their daughter into the public eye early, so I can see how reputation can affect stocks. Like for instance Martha Steward when she was jailed for tax evasion and her company took a hit, but that was a white collar crime not malicious. Ms Song caused intentional harm over something so petty like schoolyard envy

  9. eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    Wow he is considerate ,unlike typical villian image.
    Some of u commenting that the stocks and song group reputation is absurd ,ya but u missed one point

    Qin shao was already pissed at the previous bullying and publicly trashed that girl’s dad. Now ever since he discovered this (by the daughter of the same guy who tried to kill him) he has been shown not make a move at all so far…..get the hint?

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