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MWFV Ch.63 Part 1 – Cannot Wait to See (I)

Song family’s villa.

Song Xinyi hasn’t left the house for a whole week. Now, not only the students at school, but almost everyone on the internet was scolding her, calling her vicious, fake white lotus, green tea bitch, and other kinds of insult. As soon as she came out, reporters and even some of her former fans would be blocking her doors and surrounding her car. The most extreme ones even threatened to retaliate against her after the ‘pen throwing’ incident was exposed. Song Xinyi didn’t dare to go out, and not even dare to read the comments on the internet.

“Mom, what should I do? I’m so scared…” Song Xinyi cried in Lin You’s arms.

Throwing out the pen was entirely an unplanned impulse. After finishing her run that day, Song Xinyi just wanted to follow everyone else to watch the finish line. However, when she saw Su Bei sprinting towards the finish line, the dissatisfaction and hatred towards Su Bei that has been accumulated for so long, broke out all of a sudden, along with burning jealousy that couldn’t be ignored.

Song Xinyi secretly stole the pen from an assistant scorer next to her, and when no one noticed, quietly threw the pen to the runway. At the time, except for a strong impulse to prevent Su Bei from taking the first place, Song Xinyi didn’t have much thought.

The pen was not hers. So many people were also there at the time. Song Xinyi thought that she wouldn’t be discovered. But unexpectedly, someone took a video! Song Xinyi didn’t regret her action. But she regretted her carelessness at that time, plus the hatred towards the person who took the video.

Lin You was a woman who once embarked on the road of movie queen. She had experienced enough winds and waves. At this moment, she calmly consoled her daughter. “Yiyi, don’t be afraid. For now, you should stay at home and not be panic. After the storm subsides, everything will be fine.”

After a while, public opinion on the internet would no longer be so strong. When the time came, their media company would expose some scandal, and her daughter’s matter would be forgotten entirely. However, it was no longer possible for Song Xinyi to continue her study at Weiming Middle School.

Lin You was thinking of sending her daughter abroad temporarily. A few years later, Song Xinyi could come back and start afresh by participating in some good-rating variety shows or taking a role in an influential tv drama. Soon, she would be able to regain her initial fanbase and developed further.

Song Xinyi was obviously dissatisfied with Lin You’s plan. She frowned in displeasure: “How long will I have to wait. What about my TV series?”

This time, the ‘pen throwing’ incident significantly damaged Song Xinyi’s budding career. Originally, ‘Miss Orange,’ a hot IP that was going to be filmed soon, has basically chosen her as the female lead. But after this scandal, Song Xinyi was not only attacked by her own fans, but also by millions of fans of the male lead’s actor. After considering the negative impact Song Xinyi would bring to the IP’s reputation, the production team has sent a notification to cancel her female lead role.

Not only that, the various variety shows that she appeared in all had her shoot deleted, and those who still haven’t been filmed canceled her contract. Obviously, she already has such high popularity, and it was clear that in no time, she would soar into an even higher standing. But just because of this one ‘pen throwing’ incident, everything was ruined.

Song Xinyi was not reconciled.

“Mom, let Dad help me! Let him delete the video from the internet! And find me water army(1) to whitewash my reputation!” Song Xinyi eagerly pulled Lin You’s hand.

Lin You’s face darkened. “You still dare to say this? Do you know how much your father and our company have been implicated by this scandal?”

Song Group’s stock has been falling for a week, and many projects have also been suspended. Although most of the reason was Qin Shao’s attack against Song Group, it was also true that Song Yancheng has been very busy these days.

Did Song Yancheng never try to let people control the public opinion, and didn’t try to delete the video and whitewash his daughter? He tried, but Qin Shao hindered. Moreover, Qin Group’s suppression of Song Group was so severe that it didn’t give them the slightest chance to breathe.

Song Xinyi still wanted to retort, but Lin You scolded her with a cold face: “Enough. Go back to your room and reflect on your action! Don’t do something stupid again!”

At the same time, Lin You inwardly muttered: If things continue like this, it seems that they inevitably will have to visit Jinxi Garden to ask the two elders to interfere…

Meanwhile, Qin Group’s headquarter.

Mr. Qin was sitting in his office. Before him was Li Honghao, Yuantai Jewelry’s chairman and Li Man’er’s father.

“Mr. Qin, many thanks for giving Yuantai Jewelry this opportunity.” Li Honghao couldn’t hide the excitement on his face. In exchange for handing over the video, Qin Shao promised him a favor. Li Honghao didn’t get greedy either. He only made a request for his company, which was for an opportunity to become Qin Group’s alternative business partner in jewelry.

Li Honghao has just returned to China, and his foundation wasn’t stable. Originally, with Yuantai Jewelry’s current standing, it was impossible to become Qin Group’s business partner, even if it was just an alternative. The opportunity Mr. Qin gave this time undoubtedly gave him a chance to gain a firm foothold in the local market and open up subsequent businesses.

Mr. Qin lightly glanced at Li Honghao. “You don’t need to thank me. This is just an equivalent exchange.”

Li Honghao: “Still, I want to thank Mr. Qin. Please be assured, Yuantai Jewelry will definitely not disappoint you.”


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(1) Water Army: A group of organized internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content, usually to control public opinion on social media and such (source: Wikipedia).

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  1. Eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    Lol i called it last time about her dad.

    tbh i can’t see SX improving anymore,just degenerating more into a third rate vicious rich evil villain.I’d blame her parents for this.This time her actions may have been thoughtless but the bigger issue is how both her parents aren’t least bit worried about that behavior of hers.They should have strictly and clearing got her to understand how bad her actions were.The generic reflect on your own is when the bad thing is small enough that it can be ignored.

    Especially how her mom is so insensitive to not see Su Mei had the same kind of attitude towards her and now her own daughter is going down the same path.

  2. At first, I was about to say that I felt bad for the Song Daughter since it was an inpulse rather than a deliberate action but then she said that she didn’t regret doing it but did regret being careless about it. So, yeah, totally deserved.

    The Mum also defending the daughters bad actions? Yeah, nope. She only stopped her for the time being from doing anything stupid again but never corrected her nor teach her better.

  3. I think the two elders shouldn’t interfere with this problem. It will only make it worse. Plus daddy Qin already gave his warning to grandpa Qin last time. Plus Song Xinyi is only 14 years old and is already this evil who knows what she’ll do in the future but if nothing is done.

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