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MWFV Ch.64 Part 1 – 1/16 Finals (I)

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After drinking a large cup of ice cream milk tea, Su Bei felt refreshed for a while, but suddenly, her stomach began to cramp. At first, Su Bei thought it was a normal stomachache, but later realizing that she was actually getting her first period!

In that parallel world, Su Bei lived until she was eighteen years old and had some experience in this area. But her physical condition at that time wasn’t very good. Her first period came when she was almost eighteen. So, after returning to this body, Su Bei never considered this problem before.

Unexpectedly, her period came today.

Su Bei curled on the bed in pain. She inwardly thought: is it because her living and eating condition is now so good, so her ‘relative’ come earlier?

Meanwhile, Su Xiaobao was doing an olympic-level problem set in his room when Su Bei suddenly called his phone. The boy was stunned: Su Bei is in the next room; why is she calling him on the phone?

Su Xiaobao answered the call. Su Bei’s voice immediately came from the receiver: “Xiaobao…”

The girl’s voice didn’t seem right. Su Xiaobao was surprised and asked: “What’s happen?”

Su Bei: “Come here quickly.”

The next second, Su Bei yelled across the wall: “Su Xiaobao!”

“I’m coming.” He still has to wear his slippers first.

Su Xiaobao went into Su Bei’s room, only to find her curling on the corner of the bed, stiff and motionless. Su Bei’s complexion was terrible, and her face was distorted in pain. Seeing her condition, Su Xiaobao was panicked.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you sick? Does your stomach ache?”

Su Bei nodded, then shook her head.

Su Xiaobao: “I’ll call a doctor.”

“Don’t!” Su Bei stopped Su Xiaobao: “I’m not sick.”

Su Xiaobao frowned deeply: “You obviously look sick.”

“No, this is normal. It’s just…” Su Bei was tangled.

“I don’t understand.”

Su Bei suddenly took Su Xiaobao’s hand and looked at the boy with a pitiful face: “Su Xiaobao, can you help me buy something?”

Su Bei then used a lot of explanation to make Su Xiaobao understand what she needed.

“Okay, I’ll go. Wait here.” There was no way, Su Bei was still in pain, he couldn’t let her go by herself.

Su Bei: “Wait, do you know what kind of product to buy?”

Su Xiaobao: “Didn’t you tell me just now?”

“Wait a moment, I will draw a picture.” If she didn’t give him exact instructions, Su Xiaobao might be driven crazy by the frightening number of different products on the store shelves.

Su Bei took out a pen and paper, then drew the type of sanitary napkin she needed.

Su Xiaobao: “Epsilon x 3?”

Su Bei: “What epsilon?”

“Didn’t you draw it yourself? This.” Su Xiaobao pointed at the reversed ‘3’ on the drawing. His face was completely serious.

“That’s not epsilon! That’s a pair of small wings!”

“What kind of wing is this?” Su Xiaobao complained.

“Well, don’t say anymore.” Su Bei clutched her stomach and said: “Go quickly. If you can’t find it, just give the picture to a female shop assistant.”


Su Xiaobao took Su Bei’s ‘abstract drawing’ and stood in front of several large shelves, completely in lost. Even with his IQ, he couldn’t find the one Su Bei asked after a long time. The shop assistant on the side couldn’t stand it anymore and came to help.

“Handsome little guy, do you want to find the product on this paper?” The shop assistant took the paper from Su Xiaobao’s hand. At the same time, a message came from Su Bei to Su Xiaobao’s phone. Attached to it were two pictures, which were the screenshots she took from a certain online store. In the end, before Su Xiaobao could show the screenshots, the shop assistant already understood the picture drew by Su Bei.

“So, you need the winged ones, ah. Let me see. These two should be correct.” The shop assistant quickly took the products Su Bei wanted from the display shelf and handed them to Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao: How could he know!

Su Xiaobao took the item, mumbled ‘Thank you’ heavily, lowered his head, and walked quickly to the cashier.

After Su Xiaobao left, another shop assistant came over with a gossiping face: “That little boy is so handsome. Could it be that he bought it for his girlfriend?”


“His ears are completely red, and he looks so shy. Hehe, how cute.” Her colleague laughed with a low voice. “That handsome little guy seemed to be pretty young, but already have a girlfriend. So what should old single dogs like us do, ah?”

“Enough, let’s go back to work.”


When Su Xiaobao returned to Jingyuan, he happened to meet Mr. Qin, who just came home from work. Seeing Su Xiaobao hurrying back from outside holding something, Mr. Qin frowned: “What did you buy?”

“Nothing.” Su Xiaobao didn’t want to say much.

Qin Shao: “What’s in your clothes?”

Su Xiaobao: “I said, nothing.”

Qin Shao: “Is it a milk tea again?”

Last time when Su Xiaobao secretly ran at night to buy milk tea for Su Bei, he used the card given by Mr. Qin. Seeing the notification for purchase at ‘XX Milk Tea Shop.’

Mr. Qin definitely knew Su Xiaobao’s small action. But since it was okay for the children to occasionally indulge, Mr. Qin said nothing. This time, the boy didn’t use the card, but his action of hiding something under his clothes was exactly the same.

Su Xiaobao and Mr. Qin were in a stalemate for a long time. Two pairs of big and small eyes stared at each other.

Until Su Bei sent another message: “Su Xiaobao, where are you?”

“I said, it’s not milk tea. Whatever, up to you to believe or not.” Su Xiaobao threw the sentence to Qin Shao and hurriedly ran upstairs.

When Su Xiaobao rushed forward, Mr. Qin accidentally saw the thing the boy hid. This time, it was his turn to be stunned.


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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    Lmao a funny chapter worth reading lol, btw in the title what is 1/16 ,we have 16 parts in the finals chapter?

    i like how he descibes it as “abstract art” and the shopkeeper still could understand it

    1. No, the first part of the finals of ‘red hacker challenge’ is 1/16 finals…. Sorry for the confusion (at first, me too. And even novel updates bot lol) but the title from the raw is exactly that

  2. Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs

    We’re just gonna ignore that comment about her originally not having a period until she was 18???? And 14 isn’t early, it’s late. What kind of environment was she in that stalled her period until she was 18?! Wouldn’t she have to have been starving to death for that to happen???

  3. Haha 😂😂 when I first got mine in the 5th grade I was very embarrassed having to go buy pads. But as I got older I realized there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s very normal 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I stop caring.

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