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MWFV Ch.65 Part 1 – God Q (I)

When Xu Yangyang heard from the staff that god [Q] was testing the equipment on the contestant area, he rushed excitedly with the face of a fan who was going to see an idol.

However, when Xu Yangyang arrived, he didn’t see his god Q, nor did he see other people. Instead, he saw someone he had never expected.

“Su, Su Bei!” Looking at the girl, Xu Yangyang rubbed his eyes repeatedly to confirm that he didn’t see the wrong person.

“W-why are you here?” Here wasn’t the school nor library. Why did Su Bei appear in the area for the contestants of a hacker competition?

Su Bei raised her head to look at Xu Yangyang. She held back her smile and was about to tell him that she also came to participate as a contestant. However, Xu Yangyang suddenly had an ‘I understand’ expression on his face and said to Su Bei: “You are here to watch the match, right?”

Previously, he heard that Qin Group was the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ biggest sponsor. As the golden patron’s daughter, it was easy for Su Bei to enter the off-limit area. Yesterday, Su Bei must have read his message on the group that he would compete in the final today, and especially came to cheer on him.

That’s right, it must be so!

Xu Yangyang had just found the most logical reason he could accept when Su Bei said: “I’m here to participate as a contestant.”

Xu Yangyang: “What? You? The contestant? For what?”

“Su Bei, did you make a mistake? Today, this venue is holding the finals matches of ‘Red Hacker Challenge.'” Xu Yangyang kindly explained to Su Bei. In addition, he also glanced at the set of equipment nearby to confirm that he did not make a mistake.

Su Bei: “…”

At this moment, big brother Xu finally arrived at the room and immediately smacked Xu Yangyang’s head loudly.

With that one smack, Xu Yangyang almost stumbled down.

“Big bro, what are you doing?!”

Xu Shiwei: “You’re too stupid. She’s [Q]. If she’s not here, can we start the match?”

Xu Yangyang: “Wha-wha-what did you say?!”

He seemed to be hallucinating. How could his big bro say that Su Bei is [Q}?!

Xu Shiwei saw his stupid brother’s jaw almost falling to the ground and laughed crazily inward. On the surface however, he kept his expression serious and calm. He looked contemptuously at Xu Yangyang: “I said that you are stupid.” Xu Shiwei then grabbed Xu Yangyang’s head and walked towards Su Bei. “Come on. You should be happier. This is your idol god [Q]. Quickly say hello to her.”

Su Bei took the initiative to smile at Xu Yangyang: “Hello, [Handsome Yang], I am [Q]”

“Impossible!” After a few seconds of trance, Xu Yangyang shouted loudly.

Xu Yangyang: No, no, it’s absolutely impossible.

He would rather believe that brother Bao failed at an exam or brother Xuan liked males rather than believe that Su Bei is [Q].

Seeing that Xu Yangyang still didn’t believe, Su Bei simply logged into the chat group they usually used and sent a selfie on the spot using [Q]’s account.

Xu Yangyang: “…”

Xu Yangyang finally accepted the reality, and at the same time, began to doubt the life: Su Bei, who is so cute and lovely, and his awesome idol god Q, are actually the same person!

This shock was even bigger than the time when Xu Yangyang found out that [vvvv] was his big brother.

“Su—ah no, Q?”

“Yes.” Su Bei responded. Holding up her smile, she asked: “I heard you are bringing gifts for me?”

“Eh, what?”

Xu Yangyang couldn’t wait to find a place to bury himself in——No wonder he thought his brother’s smile was so strange when he prepared gifts for god [Q] yesterday!

Xu Shiwei clearly didn’t have good intentions; he did it on purpose! He deliberately didn’t expose [Q]’s identity, so he could see his own brother making a fool of himself in front of his idol!

Taking a look at Su Bei’s soft and lovely face, then thinking about the gifts he prepared, Xu Yangyang wanted to cry.

“Can I see it?” Su Bei asked curiously.

Xu Yangyang couldn’t utter a single word. In the end, he gritted his teeth before taking out the contents of the two large bags in his hand and also the schoolbag on his back.

——A pair of super limited edition AJ sneaker, a No. 24 jersey, a basketball signed by LeBron James, a collection of Real Madrid jerseys, a Thanos gloves, and finally F1 car model that he took a long time to collect.

Su Bei’s lips twitched slightly. She recalled what big brother Xu said to her on WeChat yesterday: “That kid is a bit retarded. To prevent him from getting over shocked, when he gives you gifts tomorrow, just accept it. Consider you are doing a good deed.”

At this moment, Xu Yangyang was also very embarrassed: “That, uh, I didn’t know that you are a girl. If you don’t like these, just say. No need to give me face.”

“Thank you. They look very cool. I think Su Xiaobao will like it so much.” Su Bei said truthfully.

Hearing her reply, Xu Yangyang’s eyes lit up. “Of course! They are all the treasures I collect for many years. He will definitely like them!”

“Although I especially selected them for our first meeting gifts, I’ll allow brother Bao to have it this time.” Su Xiaobao and Su Bei were twins. Giving things to Su Xiaobao was the same as giving things to Su Bei.

Su Xiaobao, who had just come in, heard Xu Yangyang’s last words. His face darkened, and he complained inwardly: Who asked that!


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  1. hahah thank you, wow, someone say it a chapter behind that she would give the gifts to Xiaobao hehe I hope this firt phase of competition will be full of surprises. and after that how will Yangyang interact with Su Bei?

  2. Tadah! All the treasures of a 14 year old boy :)) frankly would be the treasures of a grown man-boy as well

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