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MWFV Ch.65 Part 2 – God Q (II)

Three teammates have been gathered, the gifts have been sent, small chats have been exchanged, and big brother Xu has also seen enough jokes at his little brother’s expense. Xu Shiwei put back his serious face and began to discuss tactics with Su Bei.

“Have you finished reading the information I sent?” Xu Shiwei took a seat and asked.

Su Bei nodded.

Xu Shiwei: “What is your opinion?”

Su Bei: “Unless we make a big blunder, winning shouldn’t be a problem.”

For this ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ the number of people allowed in one team was 1 to 5 people. Before the finals began, each team could re-arrange their personnel. Many teams chose to fill up their members to the maximum.

Before the finals, some people volunteered to join Su Bei’s team, but all were refused. Using Xu Shiwei’s words: More people didn’t necessarily equate to greater strength. One Xu Yangyang was enough. If there were more, he probably would die of anger before the opponents could get him.

Based on experience, even if it was 3 vs. 4, their opponents’ overall strength was just average, so Su Bei was confident of winning.

Xu Shiwei also agreed.

Xu Shiwei: “According to their past tactics, paYam and Black Mud will maintain their defense. Zhou Tiancai is their primary attacker. Meanwhile, KIKI usually plays random roles according to the situation. paYam isn’t a big deal, but when sneaking in, you have to be careful not to be detected by Black Mud…”

Xu Yangyang didn’t understand his brother’s discussion with Su Bei. Taking advantage of this moment, he opened the WeChat group he joined with Xie Minxuan and the others.

[Xu Yangyang]: I think I am dreaming!

[Liu Kai]: Are you not in the competition venue right now? What dream?

[Du Yiming]: What? Dreaming that you defeat your opponent in three seconds? Or winning the finals?

[Chen Zi’an]: I heard that dreams are projections of the opposite of reality.

[Liu Kai]: Are you dreaming that you win the competition directly?

[Xu Yangyang]: No! Compared with that, what I’m going to say is even more shocking!

[Xu Yangyang]: I meet my god Q. Can you guess who I see?

Xu Yangyang directly took a photo of Su Bei discussing tactics with Xu Shiwei and another one of her conducting the final test on the equipment, and immediately sent it to the group. Although there was a bit backlit and the angle wasn’t perfect, it still clearly been seen that the girl in the photos was Su Bei.

[Liu Kai]: F*ck!

[Du Yiming]: What the h*ll!

[Chen Zi’an]: Is it real?!

[Xie Minxuan]: Su Bei?

Seeing everyone’s surprise, Xu Yangyang put away his phone with satisfaction. He then nudged his elbow against Su Xiaobao: “By the way, brother Bao, are you not surprised?”

Su Xiaobao: “Of what?”

Xu Yangyang: “Su Bei, ah. Su Bei is god Q, are you not surprised?”

“Brother Bao, you are not part of our circle, so you may not know.” After a pause, Xu Yangyang continued: “Let me tell you. Nowadays, god Q’s reputation in China hacker community is very high. She can be considered the top ten, basically the same with NBA’s no.23!”

Su Xiaobao simply glanced at Xu Yangyang: “I’ve long known.”

There was no need for him to be surprised.

Xu Yang Yang: “……”

On the other side, Xu Shiwei was vigorously exchanging analysis about Black Mud’s weakness with Su Bei when he suddenly stuttered. The reason? He saw Mr. Qin entered the contestant’s area. To p it bluntly, the person Xu Shiwei afraid the most lately was not his parents, nor was his teacher at school, but baby Q’s father, Mr. Qin!

Xu Yangyang: “Uncle Qin, hello.”

Qin Shao nodded at Xu Yangyang. Then his gaze moved at Su Bei, and Xu Shiwei next to her. He instantly frowned: Why is that kid sitting so close with his daughter?

Xu Shiwei wiped his sweat silently, then come forward to greet Mr. Qin and introduced himself: “Uncl—Mr. Qin, hello. I’m Xu Yangyang’s brother, Xu Shiwei, and also Su Bei’s teammate.”

Although it was an accident, Xu Shiwei had called Mr. Qin ‘daddy’ on the phone before. Now he could only hope that Mr. Qin didn’t remember this blunder.

Unfortunately for Xu Shiwei, Mr. Qin’s memory was very good. There was no way he had forgotten the kid who once called to harass his daughter late at night. If weren’t for later investigation showed that the Xu family’s eldest son actually had decent conduct, Mr. Qin would have long slaughtered him.

When his big brother was in danger of facing Mr. Qin’s ‘death by thousand cuts’ punishment, Xu Yangyang once again nudged Su Xiaobao: “What about Uncle Qin? Has he long known Su Bei’s awesomeness?”

Su Xiaobao: “Anyway, earlier than you.”

Xu Yangyang was once again hit by 10,000 damage points——he felt that Su Bei’s identity as [Q] has been known by everyone, except for the little pathetic him…..

Before the match began, Su Bei’s received a text message from Lin Shaochi.

[Lin Shaochi]: Relax and just play as usual.

[Q]: Of course.

In order to not affect the contestants’ normal performance, the organizer changed the system for all the matches before 1/4 finals from on-site audiences to a closed one. During each match, only the operating interface of each team would be streamed publicly. In other word, audiences could watch the contestants moves via the live streaming, but couldn’t saw their faces.

As the competition’s biggest sponsor and golden patron, Mr. Qin demanded this change from the organizer. He did this for Su Bei: The wound on her face hasn’t fully healed yet, and she must be reluctant to show her face to the public like this.


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