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MWFV Ch.66 Part 1 – Do You Want a Mother? (I)

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After two teams were seated, the match officially began. The rules for the finals were similar to the previous round, except for the time available for preparation, which now was reduced to just five minutes.

Fortunately, Su Bei, Xu Shiwei, and Xu Yangyang have a good cooperation. After the game began, the three quickly established a security wall according to the plan.

Xu Shiwei: “It’s almost done. Baby Q, go. Leave the rest to me and try to knock out the opponents within 15 minutes.”

Su Bei: “Okay, I will try my best.”

Su Bei quickly tapped her keyboard, and soon found the opponent team’s system entrance.

Xu Yangyang saw Su Bei’s swift operation and was dumbfounded. He finally truly believed the fact that Su Bei was his god Q.

“Xu Yangyang, what are you doing! Watch out properly!” Big brother Xu yelled angrily——this kid didn’t even have the consciousness as a leg pendant!

“Yes.” Xu Yangyang replied fearfully and began to watch out for sneak attacks.

On the other side, Su Bei quickly identified the opponent’s security wall from the data’s output stream. After a few secret operations, she began her attack.

[paYam] and [Black Mud] were the team’s main defenses. However, their security system was breached before they even knew who was attacking them. Although they have studied the data of [Q]’s previous performance, her attacking speed was far beyond their expectations.

“F*ck, too scary. This isn’t attacking a security wall, but slaughtering the whole city!” Seeing multiple alerts from their security system popped up on the monitor at once, [paYam] wanted to cry.

On the next seat, [Black Mud] was also sweating profusely: [Q]’s attack power was far beyond his expectation. Even if it was a 2 vs. 1, their side was at a disadvantage.

On the other side, the remaining team members who came to attack Xu Shiwei’s defense also had the same face. They were unable to find a hole to breach. Now that their base was in danger, they were panicked and simply withdrew all attackers to maintain the security wall.

“Fuck, god Q is 1 vs. 4! Su Bei, I’ll help you!” Xu Yangyang who was cheering on the side hurriedly rushed to help Su Bei.

Before he could even run, Xu Shiwei yelled: “What can you do there?! Stay here and don’t make trouble.”

Xu Yangyang: “But…”

“Even if there are four of them, weak chickens are still weak chickens. Baby Q can handle them alone. Just watch.”

After all attackers retreated, Xu Shiwei and Xu Yangyang were completely idle. The brothers simply acted as melon-eating audiences and watched Su Bei ‘slaughtered the city.’

As Xu Shiwei said: Just four weak chickens.

Over there, the few attacks from Su Bei were enough to put four people in a predicament. While her opponents were busy, she already invaded their main system and began to tamper with the data.

At this moment, Qin Shao and Su Xiaobao were watching Su Bei’s performance from below the stage. Seeing the data stream on the live screen, Su Xiaobao said: “Xiao Bei is about to win.”

The boy glanced at Mr. Qin with a hint of pride. Putting out a reluctant expression, he gave a brief explanation to the ‘amateur’ next to him: “Do you see that red data? They represent the data under Xiao Bei’s team. This means that she has successfully invaded the opponents’ system.”

Because of Su Bei, Su Xiaobao spent some time studying about network security.

Qin Shao only glanced at the proud kid next to him without comment. Although he didn’t understand the professional knowledge of network security, Qin Shao knew how to analyze people. Merely seeing the two teams’ current state, he could judge that the rhythm of this match was entirely under Su Bei’s control, with her four opponents driven into the corner.

Looking at Su Bei on the stage, Mr. Qin’s eyes slightly moved, and a new kind of surprise flashed in his eyes. Mr. Qin had seen many different parts of Su Bei: well-behaved, cute, stubborn, sly…However, it was his first time seeing the current her, who looked very calm yet with a hint of sharpness and murderous aura. Such Su Bei was actually very similar to himself.

Thinking of this, the corner of Mr. Qin’s mouth curled up unconsciously. There was a hint of indescribable pride in his heart: his daughter was far stronger and outstanding than he thought.

On the stage, under Su Bei’s ferocious attack, the security wall maintained by the four people quickly broke. When the prompt [Game End] popped up on display, Su Bei’s team won perfectly.

“We won, haha!” Xu Yangyang jumped up excitedly. He wanted to use the usual way he and brother Xuan celebrate their basketball victories to make a passionate impact. However, looking at Su Bei’s small and soft body, Su Xiaobao’s cold glare from below, and his own brother’s disgusted face, Xu Yangyang chose to give up and ran over the four opponents to exchange handshakes enthusiastically.

During this moment, Su Bei walked off the stage towards Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao: “I said, you will win.”

“Of course.” Su Bei raised her voice and turned to look at Mr. Qin. Her expression screamed: praise me, praise me.

“Excellent.” Mr. Qin gave Su Bei a positive evaluation.

Although short, the praise still put Su Bei into a high spirit.


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    1. Will there be an arc where the dad and Xiabao get close or something.. he look like a background drop for me

  1. I don’t have any idea how to hack security systems. The way author described the scenario makes it seem like a game.
    However, with all the verbs used by this author I just imagine them sitting in front of a computer tying codes.
    When they say “attack ” or “defend” I just think of then sending viruses to the enemy.

    1. It’s a came called Capture the flag. It’s hacking technically, but a different type. There are even global competitions and teams make big money from it.

  2. The button from the last chapter didn’t work. I used the link from NU to go here.

    I lile it a lot when Bai is like: praise me, praise me! She is so cute. If I have a kid in the future, i would like someone like her.

  3. So adorable!
    Also, poor other team, XD. Kinda wish I knew more of what was up but also not really since not really looking forward to jumping into a hot pot willingly, so to speak.

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