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MWFV Ch.67 Part 2 – There is no Stepmother (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.66 Part 1.

In the evening, Mr. Qin called the twins to his study. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao sat side by side. Su Bei secretly guessed the reason why Mr. Qin called them, and unconsciously scratched the scar on her face with her fingertips.

At this time, Su Bei’s scar has scabbed, and sometimes was itchy. Su Bei would occasionally scratch it unconsciously, and when looking in the mirror, would also try to pull the scab off.

A pair of large hands stopped Su Bei’s movement.

Qin Shao: “Don’t scratch it.”

“Oh.” Su Bei replied weakly, and obediently put her hand away.

After examining the scar on his daughter’s face, Mr. Qin straightened his posture and began to say: “I have to tell you something.”

“What?” Su Xiaobao interrupted Mr. Qin’s words. The boy looked at his father coldly and said: “You want to find us a stepmother?”

Qin Shao was taken aback.

Qin Shao: What stepmother?

Seeing Mr. Qin’s gaze turned to her, Su Bei lowered her head. She indeed told Su Xiaobao about this matter before. At that time, she tactfully said to her brother: “Mr. Qin has the right to pursue his own happiness, and probably also has the need to get married.” However, Su Bei did not expect that Su Xiaobao could accurately guess her meaning from those two sentences.

When Mr. Qin saw Su Bei’s lowered head and her gloomy face despite her effort to look calm, he quickly guessed that this girl had misunderstood his words that night.

Mr. Qin was helpless, but also a little amused. He asked back: “You think I’m looking for a woman to marry back and be your stepmother?”

Su Bei nodded.

Su Xiaobao glared at Qin Shao with a look of ‘If you dare to say it’s true, I will immediately cut off our relations with you and take Su Bei away.’

Su Bei: “Isn’t it?”

“No,” Mr. Qin immediately replied: “I’m not going to talk about stepmother, and there is no such person either.”

After a pause, Qin Shao looked at them straightly and said: “What I want to talk to you today is about your biological mother.”

The twins instantly stupefied.

Su Xiaobao: “What did you say?”

Su Bei: “!!!”

The misunderstanding already big enough, but Mr. Qin actually wants to talk about their biological mother? Is he talking about Su Mei, the side character from the novel who has gone offline for years?!

Su Bei: “She’s not dead?”

Su Bei’s reaction was understandable. In the novel, the female side character Su Mei has completely gone offline after the wedding scene of the main couple. After that, the novel never mentioned ‘Su Mei’ even once again. So, the novel’s reader naturally thought that Su Mei already received her lunchbox(1).

Su Bei also reached the same conjecture: She and Su Xiaobao’s biological mother should have met some accident, or were ‘taken care’ of by the main couple. Su Bei never expected that she would hear the word ‘biological mother’ in this lifetime, not to mention from their father.

Mr. Qin thought his children’s reaction was reasonable. However, seeing Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s attitude toward their ‘biological mother,’ Mr. Qin felt somewhat satisfied.

“Not dead. She is back.” Mr. Qin told them the truth.

“You have seen Song Yancheng. More than ten years ago, because of one of his schemes, I had a physical relationship with your biological mother, and you two were born.” Qin Shao didn’t conceal the truth just because he wanted to save face or other similar reasons. Although Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s birth was an accident, it didn’t change the fact that they were his treasures.

Qin Shao briefly told the children almost everything he found out about Su Mei, including what she did after giving birth to them, where she went, her remarriage, and her new family. Except for the inappropriate things Su Mei did to compete with Lin You and that she gave birth to them to force Song Yancheng to marry her, Mr. Qin didn’t hide anything. He simply didn’t want them to have a bad feeling about their own birth.

“So, Dad, when you ask me whether I want a mother before, you are talking about Su—our biological mother?”

“Yes, you have grown up. Both of you already have a basic perception and judgment of matters. I tell you this because you have the right to know. As for how to deal with this matter, you two also have the right to decide by yourself.”


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(1) Receiving lunchbox: Refer to when an actor/actress finished their part of filming and leave the set. Similar to the word ‘going offline,’ in novels, it is a slang for when a character stopped appear permanently.

Author’s Note.

The author has something to say:

Mr. Qin: Although the children were born accidentally, they are my treasures.

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  1. “You have seen Song Yancheng. Ten years ago, because of one of his schemes, I had a physical relationship with your biological mother, and then you two were born.”

    Aren’t the twins older than that?

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