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MWFV Ch.68 Part 1 – Gossip (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.66 Part 1.

Even though he ultimately left the choice to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, Mr. Qin secretly felt nervous, but still decided to respect his children’s opinions. Seeing Su Bei keeping her head down and silently biting her lip, Mr. Qin slightly frowned: He had read a lot of information on the internet that children have an instinctive affection towards their mother. Was it also the case for Su Bei?

Mr. Qin, who hardly ever blink when making a decision upon big projects with values of several billion, now was faltering for the first time when facing his children.

Finally, Mr. Qin asked: “Is it hard to decide?”

“No.” Su Bei shook her head firmly. She was just surprised when Qin Shao told them that Su Mei was still alive, so her mind was distracted by the novel’s plot. As for her choice, Su Bei didn’t even need to think.

Su Bei looked up at Qin Shao, and said firmly: “As you said, Dad. Mrs. Su already has her own family, and we also have our own home. There is no need for Su Xiaobao and me to disturb her life anymore.”

Both in the novel and in the dream, they never had any intersection with Su Mei. Since that was the case, then there was no need to meet in real life.

“It’s enough that we have a father.” Su Bei smiled brightly at Qin Shao.

Hearing this, Mr. Qin also smiled. “Want to meet her?” He asked.

Su Bei shook her head: “No. Mrs. Su probably doesn’t want to see us either.”

For fourteen years, that woman has never appeared in their life. Even if they met, they were just strangers. Better to avoid any meeting lest it became awkward.

“What about you?” Mr. Qin looked at Su Xiaobao.

“Don’t want.” Su Xiaobao’s words were short and direct, with a bit of arrogance typical of a teenager. The woman named Su Mei obviously didn’t want him and Xiaobei. Why should he still look for her? Besides, adapting to having one father has made him tired enough. He didn’t have spare times to adapt to another person.

“However…” Su Xiaobao looked at Mr. Qin again with doubtful eyes. “How did you be so careless before? Even that Song Yancheng can scheme against you. Is there perhaps any other accident that you still don’t know?” Su Xiaobao directly voiced his doubt. After a pause, he muttered in a low voice: “Don’t you suddenly bring us a few brothers and sisters….”

Qin Shao: “…”

One day he might be angered to death by this brat. Even if the word ‘keeping one’s body clean and untouched’ couldn’t be applied to Mr. Qin, he was too busy to care about that kind of matter. The only time he got caught off guard was when having these two children.

Back to her room, Su Bei logged into the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ official website. The first round of the finals, the 1/16 finals, were done in four sessions during two days of the weekend on four separate venues. This afternoon, the organizer has published the result of the 1/16 finals: out of 32 teams, 16 won.

And the forum right now was busy with discussions about this result. Among them, the most discussed topic was undoubtedly about [Q], [vvvv], and a certain leg pendant player.

[I looked at Black Mud team’s game record. They actually getting KO-ed in less than 15 minutes.]

[Black Mud’s team isn’t weak. Looking at pre-finals analysis before, I thought they should be able to reach the quarter-finals or higher.]

[Their team’s overall strength is indeed good, but their luck is too bad. They meet god Q and god V in the first game.]

In the circle, there was a special nickname dedicated to [Q] and [vvvv]: Cold-Blooded City Slaughterer.

From this, it was evident how terrifying was the duo’s combined combat power.

[Indeed bad luck. A team like ours, who initially ranked in the middle and below, can smoothly pass a few more matches if we are lucky and have a stable result. But if the luck is bad and meet a real expert, we can only go home honestly.]

[Black Mud team also made many preparations, but all were useless.]

[The team seems to have fallen out because of the defeat.]

When hearing juicy gossip, everyone’s topic gradually started to diverge.

[No, not because of the defeat. It seems that their team’s paYam was dissing out god Q and god V on the personal homepage after the game. Black Mud cannot bear it, so they fall out.]

[F*ck, even dared to diss out the great gods? About what?]

[So there are still people who don’t know!]


[I won’t talk about the badmouthing content, but apparently, god Q is a girl.]

[F*ck!!! Is that true?]

[That ferocious Q is a girl?!]

[Of course it’s real. Isn’t paYam also a female.]


[There is another gossip, do you want to know?]


It wasn’t that men never gossiped, but merely that the topics didn’t poke their interest.

[I heard that the system of the finals was changed because of Q. Before, the plan was for the finals to be held openly, but because of Q, it was changed into the current semi-open format.]

[So this is the reason. I always thought that open venues are the best way to maximize profits, so I wonder why they changed it to semi-open…but why?]

[Is it because Q’s identity is so special that she cannot show her face to the public?]

[I have a bold guess, but is it perhaps Q’s face is too ugly?]

[Haha, I feel that the more seemingly impossible reason has a higher chance to get closer to the truth.]

[I agree! If she isn’t ugly, a beautiful and talented girl has long been famous doing a live stream. How can she is still unknown until now.]

The main reason was that these people didn’t believe that a beautiful girl could also be so talented.

[Brother upstairs, be confident and delete the words ‘is it possible?’]

[Yeah. Before paYam deleted the post on her homepage, it seems that she mentioned the word ‘ugly.’]


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