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MWFV Ch.68 Part 2 – Gossip (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.66 Part 1.

[It seems that Q’s background is strong enough to make the organizer change the system.]

[This is unscientific. How can Q’s ugly face catch a sugar daddy.]

[Stupid. With god Q’s strength, does she still have to rely on her face? During the competition, the number of companies throwing olive branches to her must be enough to burst her mailbox, and there must be many powerful companies among them.]

[Anyway, I don’t want to meet god Q. Not only because of her strength, but also for my eyes, haha.]

[On the contrary, I’m curious whether god Q is really ugly.]

Xu Shiwei was also browsing the forum. Soon, he sent a message to Su Bei.

[vvvv]: Mother**cker, those idiots actually said that you are ugly! Are they blind?

[Q]: They never see me.

[vvvv]: Still idiots.

[vvvv]: Baby, send your photos. Big brother will help you slapping their face.

[Q]: No need.

Su Bei still didn’t want to reveal her identity too quickly. Especially to her boss Lin Shaochi.

[Q]: Anyway, they will see me in the grand final.

[vvvv]: Haha, okay.

After a few seconds, Xu Shiwei sent another message: Don’t worry about that paYam. I guess she is simply jealous of you.

paYam was one of the few females in the hacker circle whose ability was good. In many ways, she could be said to be very popular. But now, seeing a girl who was better than her, she naturally felt a sense of crisis. In addition, her team was lost, and all of them were abused thoroughly by Su Bei before losing.

After paYam’s post that clearly insulted baby Q came out, Xu Shiwei actually wanted to gather supporters to ban her and give her a warning. However, before he could make his move, paYam had taken the initiative to delete the post and upload a letter of apology.

Also, according to the information he got, paYam’s results in this competition was likely to be canceled, and some companies that have contacted her before began to withdraw their offers. Xu Shiwei guessed that these should be Q’s father, Mr. Qin’s doing.

[vvvv]: I really want to hurry to the grand final, so we can slap those idiots in their faces.

How dare they said his baby Q is ugly!

Su Bei: Don’t care.

The scar on her face hasn’t healed yet, so Su Bei really felt that she was a little ugly. Su Bei subconsciously raised her hand and poked the scabbed scar under her eye. Suddenly, the small lump of hard scab that had accompanied her for many days fell off.

“Eh?” She swore that she never pulled it off. The scab came off by itself.

Su Bei ran to the mirror and took a look excitedly: Sure enough, the ugly scab on her face has mostly fallen off now, and only a small and hard to see blood clot was still left on her face. But the scar no longer had much effect on her appearance.

Mr. Qin was downstairs to pick up a call, then was about to go back upstairs when he saw Su Bei running away hurriedly in the slippers towards his direction.

“Slow down.” Mr. Qin reminded. Right after his words fell, Su Bei already arrived in front of him. Her face was bright with a smile.

“Dad, look.” Su Bei excitedly pointed at the corner of her eye where the scar was previously there.

Mr. Qin raised his eyebrows, then frowned slightly: “Did you pull it out?”

Su Bei: “No, it dropped by itself, really.”

Mr. Qin examined the location of Su Bei’s scar. The scabbed part has fallen off, and new, soft skin underneath has been grown, but the area still looked a little reddish. Mr. Qin raised his hand and touched the new skin with his finger.

“Does it hurt?”

“No,” Su Bei shook her head and said, “But a bit itchy.”

Qin Shao: “Don’t scratch. Also, remember to continue applying medicine.”

“Okay.” Su Bei was also afraid of leaving a scar, so she has never been sloppy about applying medicine.

“Dad…” Looking at Qin Shao, Su Bei suddenly hesitated.

“Do you have something to say?” Qin Shao saw his daughter’s hesitation.

Su Bei: “Yeah. I haven’t finished what I said before.”

Qin Shao: “You can say it now.”

Su Bei hesitated for a few seconds, and finally said, “I don’t want a mother.”

Others might not know the past, but Su Bei has read the novel. She knew why Su Mei gave birth to them and why the woman didn’t want them afterward. Su Bei knew that her attitude wasn’t praiseworthy, but she was indeed reluctant to accept such a biological mother.

However, regardless of that, Su Bei’s words undoubtedly were delightful to Mr. Qin’s ears. Concealing the smile in his eyes, Mr. Qin replied solemnly: “Okay. If you don’t want, then you don’t need to.”

This was also his wish.



“I don’t want a stepmother either.” Su Bei whispered with a small, almost inaudible voice.

But Mr. Qin heard it. Seeing the girl wringing her fingers with a tangled look and her head down, Mr. Qin sighed secretly: Su Bei’s thought wasn’t because of selfish mind, but out of insecurity.

Qin Shao reached out his hand, took Su Bei into his arms, and gently stroked her hair: “Okay.”

After a while, Su Bei buried her face on Qin Shao’s clothes and said heavily: “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. This is also my intention.” Originally, before the children’s sudden appearance, Qin Shao seldom had the leisure to think about love and marriage. What’s more, now that he had Xiaobei and Xiaobao, he would temporarily put away those matters for their sake.

“Do you have anything else to tell me?” After Su Bei’s mood calmed down, Mr. Qin asked again. This evening, he just received the news from the homeroom teacher via the parents-teacher group: next week, the school would hold an outdoor excursion in Hongfeng Mountain.

Su Bei: “Our school will hold an outdoor excursion where the parents can participate in. Dad, do you have time next week?”

Qin Shao: “Yes .”

Seeing Mr. Qin’s seemed to have known about this beforehand, Su Bei realized he should have been notified long ago. Su Bei suddenly frowned and looked at Mr. Qin: “Dad, I haven’t added your WeChat yet.”

“You can. My WeChat ID is my work phone number. You already have it.” Mr. Qin gave Su Bei a meaningful look.

Su Bei: “…” Right. Last time, Mr. Qin called [Q] via his work phone.

“Then I will add you later, Dad. You have to accept.” Afraid that Mr. Qin would settle accounts about that matter again, Su Bei quickly ran back to her room.


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  1. many thanks for the releases. baby Q is so cute hehe. actually because i was eager to read more about girls in school and her achievements i found a good story, it its “Why Fall in Love if You Can Attend Tsinghua University”. I think maybe you guys will enjoy it too.

    1. I started reading this after your recommendation, that book is pretty new with a nerd transmigrating. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

    2. Thank you for the recommendation! I’m always looking for good new novels to read, especially with smart female leads and it’s almost done translating too!

  2. It’s a bit selfish of her to expect him not to get married/ seek a romantic relationship especially due to circumstances of their birth

    1. Yes that’s true, but the writer acknowledged that already. I’m just glad they didn’t give the mom an out. I seriously thought there would be some convoluted reasoning behind the abandonment.

  3. Feel bad about PaYam but she did unfairly lash out on the Mc. Welp, hope she realize her mistake and do better. I beilieve she can still pull through, given the Qin Group doesn’t continue to mess with her or so. Hopefully not since I think it wasn’t that bad. It was wrong still but yeah.

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