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My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.69 Part 1 – Truth From the Past (I)

Su Bei returned to her room and dug out the work phone number Mr. Qin used to call her before, and added it to her WeChat friend list. Seeing Mr. Qin agreeing to her friend invitation almost immediately, the corner of Su Bei’s lips raised. The first thing she did afterward: browsing Mr. Qin’s WeChat moments. This was her habit anytime she added a new friend list.

Alright, she actually was curious about the moments’ posts made by a big boss like Mr. Qin.

After clicking on Mr. Qin’s account, Su Bei was surprised. Mr. Qin rarely posted anything to his WeChat moments. With just a few swipes, Su Bei could see the posts from four years ago. However, the number of posts actually increased a lot recently. More than a dozen posts, and all about her and Su Xiaobao: Some about her participation in the school anniversary’s opening performance, some about her and Su Xiaobao’s monthly exam result, some about Su Xiaobao playing basketball, some about their school sports festival…

Seeing these, Su Bei was a little embarrassed, but at the same time, she also couldn’t help but feel happy.

Su Bei didn’t dare to like the posts, but secretly saved screenshots of the photos uploaded by Mr. Qin into her mobile phone, then closed the page and pretended she had never seen anything.

Meanwhile, in another room, Mr. Qin also browsed Su Bei’s WeChat moments. The latest one was two photos taken during the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’. The first photo was Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s photo. Behind them, Su Bei also ‘secretly’ took Mr. Qin into the frame.

The second photo was Su Bei, Xu Shiwei, and Xu Yangyang’s group photo taken on the stage. In the photo: Su Bei stood between the two brothers. She and her two teammates posed a victory sign, and the scar on the corner of Su Bei’s face was hidden with a small heart sticker, courtesy of the photo editing app.

This photo was actually okay. But seeing Xu family’s two brothers getting too close to his daughter, Mr. Qin suddenly felt very annoyed. Especially Xu Shiwei, who actually put his hand on Su Bei’s head!

On the other side, Su Bei was about to sleep when a new notification appeared on the home screen. Her OCD streak forced her to get up again and opened her WeChat app.

Latest comment: [Dad]: Keep a distance with boys.

“…” Su Bei’s mouth twitched slightly.

Mr. Qin finally agreed to meet Su Mei. She was a little surprised when her husband passed on the message, but at the same time, was also very nervous.

At this moment, Su Mei was sitting in Qin Group’s reception room. Facing Mr. Qin, her head bowed in restrain, and her expression was stiff. From her husband Li Honghao, Su Mei already knew Mr. Qin’s identity, but she never expected that the father of her children was actually such a prominent figure.

Mr. Qin also looked at Su Mei. She was dressed like a married woman, but actually looked much younger than Lin You, who supposed to be the same age as her. Su Mei obviously lived well after leaving the two children behind. Xiaobei’s facial features were sixty to seventy percent similar to this woman, but their personality and character were completely different. In these aspects, Mr. Qin felt that Xiaobei was more similar to himself.

Qin Shao suddenly felt more comfortable.

“Mrs. Su, I heard you have something to say to me?” Mr. Qin asked calmly.

Facing Mr. Qin’s indifferent question, Su Mei felt a heavy pressure. After hesitating for a moment, she finally said, “I am the mother of those two children.”

Su Mei’s words made Mr. Qin unhappy. “Correct your words. You only gave birth to Xiaobei and Xiaobao, but you are not their mother.”

Mr. Qin’s words made Su Mei embarrassed, but what the other party said was indeed the truth: she really could not be regarded as the twins’ mother.

Su Mei really liked Song Yancheng. She started to like Song Yancheng even earlier than Lin You. Unfortunately, Song Yancheng didn’t like her, and even because of Lin You, detested her.

At that time, she was too young, and her personality was too fiery. She didn’t want to admit defeat. The more she was at odds with Lin You, the more she wanted to snatch Song Yancheng from that woman.

Seeing that Lin You’s rising career has blocked her own career, and seeing how Song Yancheng’s popularity grew bigger and bigger, Su Mei’s unwillingness only became stronger. In the end, she finally committed the biggest mistake in her life.

——That day, Su Mei used the reason of ‘talking about her conflict with Lin You’ to invite Song Yancheng out. Unexpectedly, he agreed so easily. Su Mei wasn’t suspicious. Instead, she saw Song Yancheng looked happy when coming to their appointment and thought her plan had been half successful.

After that, Su Mei added a drug to the wine they drank. Su Mei thought, if she could pregnant with Song Yancheng’s child that night, she could successfully steal the man from Lin You by using the child’s existence.

Afterward, she indeed got pregnant. Her plan seemed to go smoothly, but she didn’t expect that everything was merely a part of Song Yancheng’s scheme.

At Song Yancheng and Lin You’s wedding, Su Mei almost collapsed when Song Yancheng told her the truth. Avoiding Song Yancheng’s subordinates, she escaped.

When Su Mei ran away, it wasn’t that she had never thought about the two children she left behind in the countryside. However, after knowing that the children’s biological father was not Song Yancheng, their existence changed from hope to a thorn in Su Mei’s heart.

Su Mei didn’t want to face the children. At that time, her mental state wasn’t fit to raise children, and she couldn’t afford to raise them by herself either.

Song Yancheng might still come after her. If the children stayed in the countryside, they might be able to live peacefully. It would only be worse if they followed her.

Under such an excuse, Su Mei left her two children and escaped alone.

Su Mei fled to H city first. After spending six months there, she met Li Honghao. After experiencing many ups and downs, Su Mei no longer had her initial naivety and ambition. Li Honghao was a very good man. After knowing each other for a while, Su Mei accepted Li Honghao’s marriage proposal. After getting married, she followed her husband to J country to develop his business. Later, they had their daughter—Li Man’er.

For Li Man’er, Su Mei was a good mother. For the two children she abandoned, she was not.


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My Whole Family are Villains
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