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My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.69 Part 2 – Truth From the Past (II)

In the past few years, Su Mei has not entirely forgotten about her past and her first two children. The twin was a hurdle in her heart that she couldn’t get past, and at the same time, also a nightmare she didn’t want to face and remember.

“Thank you for finding the children, and also for raising them,” Su Mei said to Mr. Qin: “If possible, I want to bring them to live with me. I’ll fulfill my responsibility as their mother. This also to make up what I owe them.”

The current Su Mei was a lot more mature than before. She had considered this issue carefully: Her family’s condition was good now, and her husband also knew that she had two children previously. It should be no problem for her to pick up Su Bei and Xiaobao to live with her.

Su Mei’s words almost made Mr. Qin laugh out in anger.

“Mrs. Li’s ‘thank you’ is misplaced. Xiaobei and Xiaobei are my children. It is natural for me to raise them, and there is no need for outsiders to thank me.” He agreed to meet Su Mei, only to give the children’s biological mother a chance to explain, not to let her ask for the children’s custody.

“Besides,” Qin Shao looked at Su Mei coldly: “It seems that Mrs. Li still doesn’t quite understand that Xiaobei and Xiaobao are Qin Group’s heirs. With just the shares in their hands, they have more than enough to buy 100 Li family’s industries.”

“So, put away your alms. My children don’t need it.”

If Su Mei found the children and took them to live with her when they still lived badly in the countryside, Mr. Qin has nothing to say. But now, one of the children was Qin family’s princess, and the other was Qin Group’s crown prince. Did they still need to go to Li family to live under someone else’s alms?

Hearing Mr. Qin’s words, Su Mei’s face turned pale: Although the remark was straightforward and impolite, it was right.

With the children’s current status and family background, they didn’t need sympathy or charity from anyone. What’s more, Mr. Qin was a good father. From what she heard via Li Man’er about Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s news at school, Su Mei knew how good the twins’ life was. They obviously didn’t need her to live well and happily.

“I’m sorry. It’s my lack of consideration.” Su Mei whispered.

“Can I meet them?” She tried to ask. If she could take a glance at the children, the knot in her heart would also be resolved.

“No, for their sake, I won’t let you meet them.” And my children don’t want to see you either.

There was a secret triumph in Mr. Qin’s eyes: Xiaobei and Xiaobao obviously much closer to their father than their’ mother.’ When they left the countryside, they came to find him instead of Su Mei.

Qin Shao was about to call an assistant to send the guest off. But Su Mei looked hesitated, and finally told Qin Shao the other thing that she has long buried in her memory: “Song Yancheng has taken human lives before.”

Because Song Yancheng wanted to use Su Mei’s children to threaten Qin Shao, he didn’t drive Su Mei away on his wedding day. He coaxed Su Mei and left her behind in a temporary place. It was there when Su Mei accidentally overheard Song Yancheng’s conversation with another man she didn’t recognize.

Su Mei: “I don’t know who the other person was. But he seemed to be dangerous. They were talking about a plan to create a car accident and kill a Jihua International’s shareholder. Another senior executive was forced to death by creditor. This was also premeditated by them…”

The conversation Su Mei accidentally overheard was more than shocking. Although she had fought with Lin You fiercely and did many underhanded tricks, at most she only bought water army to discredit her rival. Murder, this kind of heavy crime, was completely beyond her cognition.

At that moment, Su Mei finally realized: Song Yancheng, the man she liked, the gentle and warm actor admired by many, was actually a devil in human skin.

This was the biggest reason for Su Mei’s hasty escape.

Su Mei told Qin Shao some of the details she heard at that time: “I don’t know if this info is useful to you or not. Song Yancheng should also be targeting you. If possible, I hope you don’t let him go. ”

Qin Shao looked at Su Mei lightly. For a moment, he didn’t say anything.

Although Su Mei gave him the information to ensure her own safety, there was no doubt that her statement was useful. When the shareholder and senior executive had an accident, their death greatly affected Jihua International. Qin Shao also suspected that the so-called accidents were actually by human design. Unfortunately, the clues he found were limited, plus Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan’s intentional interception, he could only leave the matter behind.

Now, by following the clues provided by Su Mei, it would be enough for him to send Song Yancheng to prison.

Very good.

Qin Shao: “As before, Qin Group will exchange the info you give with one favor.”

Of course, Su Mei knew that the ‘before’ Mr. Qin said referred to the video that her husband handed over. It was precisely because of Qin Group’s favor that their company’s jewelry business was able to gain a foothold in the local market so quickly.

Su Mei did not dare to ask for anything: “Previously, Mr. Qin helped our family a lot. This time I don’t need it. I just want to tell you what I know.”

“I have my principles, you can mention any favor. Of course, except for my children’s custody.”


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I really dislike this Su Mei. Remember the novel plot: when the children need help the most, she didn’t do anything. Now that they are perfectly well, she wants to take them away, and just for the reason of easing her consience.

Moreover, it actually isn’t hard for Su Mei to help the novel!twins either. They can live by themselves. A bit financial help is all they need, and it can be done anonymously. As for the reason of fearing Song Yancheng? That’s happen decade ago, does she truly believed that Song Yancheng still searching for her or her children?

If she truly traumatized by Song Yancheng, she won’t return to the same city at Song family or enroll her daughter to the same school as Song Xinyi. If she is really afraid, she will at least try to find information about Song family prior to her return, so she can avoid them.

I cannot help but think that the real reason she wants to ‘make it up’ to the twins is because they are now Qin’s heirs. Even if she isn’t eyeing Qin family’s power, she is probably afraid of revenge. If a mother abandoned her children, forming a new family, and lives happily, it won’t be strange for the abandoned chilren to resent her. Is she afraid that the twins will do something to Li family or Li Man’er? Or is it just like the narrative says, that Su Mei only want to ease her guilt? Who knows.


So sorry for the delay T_T. I have scheduled this post correctly, but for some reason, it wasn’t posted in time. And I also didn’t check the site yesterday so only noticed now….. this week really a bad week for productivity. I’m going to fix THDP now, including the supposed-to-be-released-in-Tuesday chapter, but GNU will be delayed. And donation button is temporarily closed, I’ll probably open it back again in 1-2 weeks. See you later!

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My Whole Family are Villains
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