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MWFV Ch.7 Part 1 Call Him Dad (I)

Chen De was Qin Shao’s assistant. He already worked with Mr. Qin since before Qin Group establishment. He handles many things on Qin Shao’s behalf. However, Chen De did not expect that one day he would actually receive a phone call to Mr. Qin from the police station. Moreover, to bring back two children who claimed to be Mr. Qin’s own flesh and blood.


Qin Group, reception room on the top floor.

Looking at the two children sitting quietly on the sofa, Chen De expression became weird. He has followed Mr. Qin for no less than seventeen or eighteen years. Putting aside the time before that, during these seventeen years, Mr. Qin never had a woman near him.

Where did these children come from?

“Mr. Qin still in a meeting, a bit later he would take some time to meet you.”
Concealing the suspicion in his eyes, Chen De spoke to the siblings.

Su Bei nodded politely.

“You guys…”

Although he still have a million doubts about the identity of these two children and how they came, but Chen De’s heart also softened a bit when he looked at their clever look.

“Do you want to drink water?” Chen De took two bottles of mineral water and placed it on the coffee table in front of Su Bei and Su Xiaobao.

Su Bei didn’t take the bottle. With low voice she answered : “Thank you, we don’t need it.”

Then, Chen De saw Su Bei pull out a thermos from her schoolbag printed with the words ‘Yang XX 80th birthday’. She took a sip, and then poured some water on the lid and passed it to the boy sitting next to her.

“Just drink it yourself, I’m not thirsty.” Su Xiaobao whispered.

“I know. I just think you are too nervous. Drink some water and relax a bit.”

“Who said I am nervous …” He just did not like this strange environment.

Su Xiaobao retorted in a low voice, but still took the thermos lid from Su Bei.

Chen De was amused by the interaction between the twins.

“You are called Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, right?” This is the information Chen De got from the police at police station.

Su Bei nodded.

“Is ‘Su’ your mother’s surname?”

Su Bei nodded again.

“What about your mother?”

“We don’t know.” Su Bei answered honestly.

They have never seen Su Mei. The novel only had a very short description of the female side character: After giving birth to her children, Su Mei impatiently went to find Song Yangcheng. But when she learned the truth from his mouth, her whole body was frozen. With dazed eyes, she run away from Song Yancheng and Lin You wedding hall.

Therefore, no one knows whether the woman went insane or met another tragic ending.

Probably unwilling to face the pair of ‘dark past’ she gave birth to, Su Mei never returned to the village where she gave birth to the twins.


After listening to Su Bei’s answers, Chen De gaze slightly turned heavier. The suspicion in his heart actually deepened. Their guardian passed away, they also didn’t know who their mother was, nor where she is now. There is no more news about her. Moreover, according to the police, the two children also didn’t have household registration. Just he still didn’t know whether they really were unregistered or deliberately hid their original identity to confuse Mr. Qin.

Seeing Chen De’s not-so-friendly look, Su Bei slightly furrowed her brow, but quickly returned her calm face.

“Is he our father?” Su Bei suddenly turned her head and pointed to a publication on the table.

On the publication cover was a photo of a man. Taken from sideways, the man in the photo was making a speech in front of a row of microphones. Because it ’s a long-distance photo, the facial features of the man in the photo weren’t too clear. Su Bei asked, simply because she also saw the huge [Qin Shao : Qin Group isn’t a garbace recycle] words printed on it.

Chen De moved his eyes to the direction pointed by Su Bei. After seeing clearly what she mentioned, he nodded slightly: “The man in the cover was indeed Mr. Qin.”


Chen De suddenly realized that something was wrong: When Su Bei asked him this question, there was no false closeness and familiarity in her eyes. Instead it was filled with undisguised unfamiliarity and curiosity, as if she really didn’t know the man in the photo, so she simply asked casually.

“You don’t know Mr. Qin’s face?”

The children he suspected to be ‘touching porcelain'(1), could tell the detailed information of Mr. Qin, but didn’t know his face. It didn’t make sense.

Su Bei shook her head. All she knew about Qin Shao came from that novel.

Chen De suddenly sneered : “When I went to pick you up, why didn’t you mistaken me as your father?”

After all, although the police station contacted Mr. Qin, but it was him who picked them up. Chen De still remembered, when he went to pick them, Su Bei’s first words were: “Hello, are you the man our dad sent to pick us up?” Her tone was polite and vigilant.

Chen De sneered inward, in his mind, this prove that Su Bei was lying.

But at this time, he heard Su Bei sincerely said : “My dad is very powerful.”

Chen De: “…”

How do he feel that he was being contempted, and this also comes from a little girl.

How could he wasn’t be mistaken because he wasn’t look powerful enough?

Su Bei’s words were actually very objective. Although the person in front of her also looked smarter and calmer than average person, he still far from the villain’s description in the novel.

In the first three quarters of the novel, Qin Shao was a man that could easily hold the male lead on the ground. When he sneezing, the whole business community would shake. Exactly like the aura of the man pictured on the cover. Even if it just a printed page, she could feel a strength that couldn’t be hidden from the man.

Completely different with the one who picked them up.

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(1) Touching porcelain : a scam where people pretend fall upon slightest touch to blackmail for compensation.

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  3. DNA testing. Also poor Chen, not powerful enough aura, it does not exist for him, is not powerful enough. I wonder what the reaction is going to be, scared. “How could he wasn’t be mistaken because he wasn’t look powerful enough?” is a little broke.

  4. The moms a piece of shit, she better not get any redemption, I don’t see how the author could twist things into everything being a misunderstanding for her and she was actually good all along like with the twins.

    1. Emerald Hawthorne

      I wonder if if she was really bad or it was twisted. Remember when Su Bei had a dream that her brother wanted to buy a piano and the actress lied on him? Then when she went to the Director they lied and said she was an escort. Their mom was probably pitted.

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