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MWFV Ch.7 Part 2 – Call Him Dad (II)

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After he finished the meeting, Mr. Qin recalled the phone call from police station before. Because he already sent Chen De in his stead, Mr. Qin went into the reception room.

Just then, from across a door, he heard a girl’s soft and delicate voice, and the phrase “My father is very powerful” directly fell into Qin Shao’s ears.

Qin Shao’s footsteps paused, his expression subtly changed. Of course, Qin Shao was very powerful. As previous head of Jihua Group, and now the founder of Qin Group, any personage in business circle would politely called him ‘Mr. Qin’ everytime they saw him.

He has heard many compliments about himself, but also many negative view towards him. However, such straightforward and calm evaluation without any emotional flavor somehow made Mr. Qin touched a bit, and an unknown emotion slightly grow inside him.


Inside reception room, right after Su Bei spoke, Chen De face suddenly become serious.


When they heard Chen De’s sudden respectful greeting, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao also subconsciously stood up and looked towards the door.

Su Xiaobao: Who is he?

Su Bei: He is Qin Shao?

The one coming in was a man looked young enough to be in his thirties, and definitely would never be older than forty. The other party was wearing a straight-trimmed black shirt. It was simple, but made people feel that he overwhelmed his own clothes.

Once she got a look at him, Su Bei’e eyes lit up.

“Are you Qin Shao?” Su Bei asked.

Despite asking this question, Su Bei actually already got her answer-this person is their villain dad, the Qin Shao from the novel, she can’t be wrong! After all, not everyone would have this strong sense of a big boss.

When she read the novel, one of the narrative was ‘Other people were overwhelmed by Mr. Qin’s aura. Originally, Su Bei didn’t believe it. Until she saw Qin Shao with her own eyes. Without anger or might, probably this is how Qin Shao was like – with no sharpness, yet made people feel scared.

Moreover, Su Bei finally knows who her Su Xiaobao took that he looked so handsome. It turned out not to be inherited from mom, but from dad! Putting aside the older man’s imposing aura, Su Xiaobao’s facial feature was a copy of Mr. Qin’s own face. This feeling also for the first time made Su Bei felt more intimate with this biological father, Qin Shao.


A young girl was looking at him with a little timidity and some plain curiousity. This kind of look made Qin Shao felt a funny novelty. After quietly took a glance at the girl in front of him, Qin Shao retracted his gaze.

“I am Qin Shao.”

After his introduction, Su Bei smiled at the other party: “My name is Su Bei. His name is Su Xiaobao. We are dragon and phoenix fraternal twins.” She introduced herself and then pulled her brother’s arm: “Su Xiaobao, quick, call him!”

“Call him what?” Su Xiaobao gave Su Bei a suspicious look.

“Call ‘Dad’.”

Su Bei’s words made Su Xiaobao’s expression darker. He gave a subconscious glance at the other man. Now he has no doubt about his sister’s words. This man was indeed very likely to be the one who provided themselves with two little tadpoles.

But this does not prevent himself from disliking the man.

There are many reasons for his dislike. For example, this person looks very similar to himself; another one, Su Xiaobao feels uncomfortable that the other party obviously does not care about why they appeared here.

“I don’t want, call him yourself.” Lowering his head, Su Xiaobao whispered.

Just call him.

Su Bei looked at Qin Shao and very loudly called out: “Dad.”

Su Bei calling ‘dad’ made Chen De who stood behind Qin Shao widened his eyes greatly — this girl really has no restrain ah. She dare to call Mr. Qin ‘dad’, did he recognized you siblings?

Qin Shao finally gave Su Bei and Su Xiaobao a proper look. The two kids each had a worn out canvas schoolbag on their back, and there seemed to be a lot of stuff in them. The clothes they wore are advertisement shirt fron who knows where. The advertisement printed on the shirts already washed out and he vaguely could read ‘Legendary SUV’, ‘Fight on, China!’ on them.

Looking at the two dirty children in front of him, Mr. Qin frowned. His eyes flashed with some disgust.

“If you want to find your father, you are at the wrong place.” Qin Shao looked at Su Bei and coldly said. “My child still have not been in this world.”

Su Bei didn’t understand Qin Shao’s words. But Chen De could. Mr. Qin words meant that he was telling the two kids that since they dare to call him dad, then they didn’t need to stay living in this world.

Chen De secretly sweating for the twins. But Su Bei once again opened her lips: “You are our dad.”

For a moment, Su Bei’s eyes met Qin Shao, unyielding.

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T/N : Finally, daddy really appear lol.

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