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MWFV Ch. 70 Part 2 – Fight (II)

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“Since we are all the same family, just say everything here. Sit down.” After that, Qin Jinguo said to his wife: “Xueyan, you call mother Zhang here and take Xiaobao, Xiaobei to another room. Let them have something to eat.”

“Dad.” Su Bei shook Mr. Qin’s hand lightly, expressing that she wasn’t hungry.

Mr. Qin obviously understood Qin Jinguo’s intention, and a sneer appeared on his face. “No. They will stay here.”

Qin Jinguo glared: “How can this be allowed. They are still children…”

Qin Shao made a strong ‘I allow it, so what?’ posture and said: “What if they are children? It’s time for them to know more, so they can keep their eyes open and learn how to tell right from wrong.”

Although Su Bei knew it was inappropriate, when she heard Mr. Qin’s ironic tone and saw the others’ speechless look, she couldn’t help but want to laugh secretly.

Qin Shao took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to the seats and let a servant pour two glasses of milk for them.

“Let’s start.”

Qin Jinguo was still stunned, so Chen Xueyan next to him spoke first: “Jinguo and I have been married for so many years. We know your personalities are incompatible and never get along with each other. We don’t force you to be good brothers or to help each other, but there is no need to be enemies, right?”

“We call you today, is to sit down and have a proper talk. If you have any grievances or dissatisfaction, just speak frankly….” It was better rather than having the two sons fighting in secret.

Today was not the first time Song Yancheng has come here. During this period, Song Yancheng and Lin You had come seven or eight times. At first, Chen Xueyan and Qin Jinguo had discussed it and no longer willing to handle the conflicts between their children. In this dispute, they chose to neither help or favored either side. However, seeing that Song Group was on the verge of bankruptcy under Qin Group’s relentless attack, they could no longer watch from the side.

Qin Shao: “Dad, what about your opinion?”

Qin Jinguo: “The same as your mother. Today, you two should put your grievances on the table to make it clear. As for how you two want to solve it later, we don’t care, and we cannot control it.”

Lin You also chimed in: “Brother, since Dad and Mom have said it, I won’t hide anything. You and Yancheng’s relationship is bad. Song and Qin also have many overlapping businesses. Competition is inevitable. We can accept if you suppress our Song Group, but you don’t have to rush in to kill us, right?”

Song Yancheng also stared at Qin Shao with a gloomy face: “Do you want to drive Song Group to bankruptcy?”

Qin Shao: “Yes.”

“Stop suppressing Song Group. I can give any promise you want.” Song Yancheng gritted his teeth and endured his anger. Song Group was his painstaking effort, and he couldn’t let it be destroyed like this.

Song Yancheng’s expression was ugly, and his face was haggard. His cold eyes were bloodshot, and even Lin You also looked pretty bad. Obviously, during this period, the husband and wife had been tired down by Song Group’s crisis.

Qin Shao glanced at Song Yancheng and sneered contemptuously: “After so many years, you haven’t made any progress. Anytime something happens, you always come to the two elders to complain.”

“Unfortunately, it’s useless this time.” Mr. Qin’s eyes glinted dangerously. With an icy voice, he said: “I’ll bankrupt Song Group.”

“You!” Mr. Qin’s words completely enraged Song Yancheng.

“Qin Shao! You son of a b*tch!” Song Yancheng roared and jumped out to attack Qin Shao.

Su Xiaobao was sitting on Mr. Qin’s left side. Seeing Song Yancheng rushing over, the boy stood up without even thinking and blocked Mr. Qin behind him, as if going to fight with Song Yancheng. Fortunately, Mr. Qin quickly dragged Su Xiaobao to the side and shouted: “What are you doing! Stay back!”

“I—” Su Xiaobao was dumbfounded by Qin Shao’s shout. He took his steps back and obediently stood on the side, murmuring unwillingly: “What? It’s not that I cannot win.”

Su Xiaobao: Tsk, just now, it was an unconditional reflex. Definitely not to protect this guy.

Qin Shao immediately blocked Song Yancheng fist, protecting his two children behind him. When Song Yancheng came once again, Qin Shao gave him a severe kick. The two men fought fiercely, and the place soon lost control. However, Song Yancheng wasn’t Qin Shao’s opponent and was quickly knocked to the ground.

Mr. Qin stopped his fist, because he didn’t want to give his children a wrong example. Taking advantage of this gap, the old couple and Lin You hurriedly stepped forward and pulled the two away.

Qin Shao looked at Song Yancheng coldly: “Have you ever beat me? I tolerate you jumping around for so long, and you took it for granted.”

“You——!” Song Yancheng wanted to fight back, but Chen Xueyan blocked him with her body.

Chen Xueyan: “Stop! Haven’t you make enough trouble? Do you really want to see Jinguo and me being angered to death?”

“And you, Qin Shao! Even if you don’t recognize him as your brother or me as a stepmother, but after so many years, Aunt Chen never treated you worse than Yancheng, right? So why do you have to do this far?”

“Aunt Chen begs you, okay? Please let Yancheng go this time.”

Qin Shao: “Sorry, but I cannot.”

Chen Xueyan: “Qin Shao, how can you…”

Although Qin Shao brought the twins to ‘learn through real-world experience,’ he still used his hand to cover Su Bei’s eyes, preventing her from seeing the unsightly scene.

“Let him go? Then just ask him whether he is willing to let me and my children go.” Qin Shao took out some information printout and threw it in front of Chen Xueyan and Qin Jinguo.


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  2. What a cliffhanger…kmt I think the parents are beyond redemption at this point, especially the dad. Qin Shao already told him about Song Yanchen attempt to KILL HIM but he still wants to pretend it’s just a little scuffle or sibling rivalry between them? How does that even make sense?

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