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MWFV Ch. 71 Part 1 – Mr. Qin’s Counterattack (I)

The information Qin Shao took out was nothing more than the evidence of all the criminal things Song Yancheng did over the years. Thanks to Su Mei’s information, Mr. Qin was able to gather these evidences.

The person Su Mei said to have a secret conversation with Song Yancheng that year was Zhou Dahu, a malignant tumor in B city’s underground society. He was a man with many crimes in his hands.

Song Yancheng’s contact with the other party began more than ten years ago: Song Yancheng provided Zhou Dahu with money and protection, who in exchange mobilized underground people to do some unspeakable things for Song Yancheng.

Including several attacks on Qin Shao.

In fact, Song Yancheng actually planned with Zhou Dahu to kidnap Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. If Song Yancheng hadn’t targeted his children, Mr. Qin wouldn’t be so angry that he spared no effort to attack Song Group.

The evidence written was so clear that Chen Xueyan had no choice but to believe it. Her face turned ashen, and she slumped down on the sofa, looking at her son with unbelievable eyes: “Yancheng, is this true? Did you really do all these things?”

Not only did he want Qin Shao’s life, but her son also didn’t even let two young children go! As a mother, Chen Xueyan has always been reluctant to think that her child could go astray. Therefore, she always regarded the conflict between Song Yancheng and Qin Shao as a clash in personality and ordinary contradiction. Chen Xueyan couldn’t believe that her grown up son did so many terrible things. Song Yancheng’s deeds made Chen Xueyan felt cold all over her body.

Faced with his mother’s questioning, Song Yancheng was silent. He didn’t expect that Qin Shao’s ability was so great that he could find out even these things, so what about other matters…

Chen Xueyan was desperate: “Yancheng, how can you be like this…”

Qin Jinguo was equally shocked. Before, when Qin Shao said, “Song Yancheng wants my life,” Qin Jinguo believed that to some extent, and let his men investigate, who found some clues. But he never expected that Song Yancheng has targeted Qin Shao’s life multiple times. From more than ten years ago to the present, more than twenty times! If Qin Shao wasn’t careful enough, or his luck was a slight bit worse, he would have died many times over.

Qin Shao has been injured several times before. But Qin Jinguo thought that his son’s fierce action in the business field made him many enemies and causing disasters, but Qin Jinguo never expected that Song Yancheng was behind the majority of it.

The stepson whom he treated sincerely and raised with his heart, actually wanted his son’s life all this time!

Qin Jinguo was bitter, and at the same time, felt angry.

“It’s not all. Read until the end.” Qin Shao reminded calmly.

The information in the front was just the things that Song Yancheng didn’t clean up properly and the attempted murders towards Qin Shao over the years. The pages after, however, were the real murders he committed: Two Jinhua International’s senior shareholders, one high-level executive, one Qin Shao’s important business partner…all were the people who hindered Song Yancheng, and were killed by various means.

“Song Yancheng! Why are you so vicious?! After your mother and I get married, didn’t I let Qin Shao yield to you in everything? If you want Jihua, I will give it to you. Why did you do this?! These are human lives!” Qin Jinguo roared.

Even if Song Yancheng did a clean job and did not directly attack those people, it did not change the fact that they were killed by him. And several of them were Qin Jinguo’s old friends with whom he had been worked hard together since the company started.

At this point, Song Yancheng no longer put on pretense in front of the two elders. He smiled sarcastically and glared at Qin Jinguo: “Yielded to me? Then you ask him what on earth did he ever yielded to me!”

“And you, old man. You keep saying that you are good to me. But you only good for trivial things. When it comes to something important, didn’t you always put your son first? If you are sincere to me, then why didn’t you directly give me the company?”

Qin Jinguo: “I thought you weren’t interested in business.” After Song Yancheng turned seventeen or eighteen, he became rebellious, and all his thoughts were poured on acting. How could Qin Jinguo dare to give the company to him?

“Hah, then why do you think I was like that? In your eyes, even everyone else, I am just rubbish that is inferior to Qin Shao!”

Hiding behind Qin Shao’s back, Su Bei listened to Song Yancheng’s outburst and rolled her eyes exaggeratedly. In the novel, the male lead disguised his persona, pretending to become a wastrel to use the strategy of ‘taking a long turn to save the country.’ In the early stage, he laid dormant. Later, the male lead broke out of his cocoon and walked step by step to the same height as the villain, and finally won with a triumph. Reading this process was indeed made people feel very cool. But thinking more carefully, Song Yancheng’s so-called keeping a low profile was merely to hide his ambition to win.

A very talented young boy, when he was growing up, met the same age stepbrother who was better than himself in everything. Song Yancheng’s jealousy of Qin Shao and his unwillingness to be worse prompted him to do all kinds of things to defeat his rival, including pretending to be rebellious and entering the entertainment industry. In fact, he was only eager to find a place where Qin Shao didn’t exist and couldn’t steal his limelight.


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Let’s give an eyeroll to Qin Jinguo! Even if the old man refused to believe Qin Shao in the past, after checking by himself and know that Song Yancheng indeed wanted to kill Qin Shao, he still has the gut to mediate the two people? Honestly, the fact that he concealed it from his wife and didn’t report the police already bad enough. Bankruptcy in retaliate of murder attempt has more than enough justification, no matter how I see it.

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  1. Regarding you T/N, at first, I doubted it since I read the MTL version, saying Qin Jinguo knew about the murder attempts done by Song Yancheng over Qin Shao after investigating it but it seems like it’s true.

    How could he, as a father, didn’t do anything and wait until Qin Shao gave him the other evidence? He was a failure as a father, no wonder Daddy Qin was not someone who sought familial warmth until he met his children

  2. I know! Qin Jinguo is so annoying. Someone tries to kill your son and you do nothing. Shows how much he doesn’t care about Qin Shao.

  3. People say when there is step mother there will be a step father (i forgot where i read this). This Qin Jinguo is the living example of it

  4. T/n reply:
    Nah, he love his own son. But he love his wife more. My guess he just didn’t want lose his wife bc of ‘those’ things, so he hid it, supress it and choose not to meddle. In short a coward.

  5. What to do when you have a psychopath serial killer in your family .. just be glad you’re not related by blood

  6. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    no wonder he hates his dad , i mean who even leaves the killing attempt as it happened only once?its not like u need more…
    actually am glad his mom seems more like a normal person rather than all ‘my blood therefore innocent’type

    also tl next chap button missing on chap 65 part two, i just binged till here as i thought no updates till now

  7. Finally, the old couples eyes are opened. But seriously, argh, especially to the old man. He already knew or had an inkling that his stepson wanted to kill his son, yet he was still willing to seemingly favor said stepson even when he found some clues about his deviant acts, to say the least.

    As for the old woman, well, he is her son for starters. So, I get her side more but yeah.

    I wonder if the FL knew if not had a hand in any of crimes? Will see.

    And yeah, this Song guy is absolute trash. Blaming everything to others for others being better than him, among other things.

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