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MWFV Ch. 72 Part 1 – This Director (I)

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In the novel, ‘Su Bei’ met her end at a banquet attended by the male lead. She was forcibly taken away by a perverted director and eventually tortured to death. This ending was the same as the ending Su Bei saw in her dream. Not much description of the director was written in the novel, and when Su Bei had that dream, she didn’t see the director’s face.

However, she clearly remembered his name: Ou Chi!

And now, the news she currently read about the launching of ‘Black and White Dream Girl’ clearly stated the director’s name: Ou Chi.

Could it possible that Ou Chi is Ou Yibin? Su Bei secretly thought.

Su Bei didn’t guess wrong. Ou Chi and Ou Yibin were indeed the same people. Before he got famous, Ou Yibin made a lot of trashy movies. Now that his career was on the rise, those movies became his black history. Ou Yibin really valued his current project, and, in order to prevent this movie from being affected by his previous works, he decided to change his name to Ou Chi.

The Ou Chi that Su Bei read in the novel was precisely Ou Yibin who changed his name after became famous.

In the novel, the movie titled ‘Black and White Dream’ was originally supposed to start shooting 3 years later. Probably because of Song Xinyi, it was now shot ahead of schedule, and the title was also different. Now, the movie was called ‘Black and White Dream Girl.’

But judging from the synopsis of the two movies, it was still the same script.

Whether it was the novel or the ending of that dream, Su Bei has not actually experienced it for real, but the name ‘Ou Chi’ has become a terror for her. Looking at the photo of the perverted man who seemed to be a good person but in reality was a beast in human clothing, Su Bei felt cold all over.

Mr. Qin noticed his daughter’s abnormality. “What’s wrong? Are you cold?”

Su Bei shook her head, but she moved closer to Mr. Qin.

Seeing her reaction, Qin Shao naturally thought that she was feeling cold. Qin Shao closed the car window that he opened and instructed the driver to turn on the car heater.

Su Bei was still wrapped in Mr. Qin’s coat. She didn’t feel cold at all, but momentarily scared. After leaning on Mr. Qin for a while, Su Bei finally calmed down. She then pulled Qin Shao’s sleeve. Now the reality was totally different from the plot. ‘Su Bei’ and ‘Su Xiaobao’ in the novel didn’t have a father, but they have Mr. Qin. There was no way the plot in the novel to happen. Mr. Qin would never let Su Xiaobao to get jailed, or let her being taken away by Ou Chi.

“Dad, I was reading this just now.” Su Bei handed the phone to Qin Shao. She pointed to Ou Chi in the photo and said: “Xiaobao and I met this director on the train when we came to find you. He isn’t a good person.”

Fate was unpredictable, so Su Bei gave Mr. Qin a remainder for assurance, so her father would remember this pervert. If one day an unexpected situation happened and she was caught by this pervert, Mr. Qin would have a clue to find her.

“Indeed doesn’t look like a good person.” Mr. Qin glanced at the photo and commented: “If you encounter such a person in the future, stay away.”

Of course, it was impossible for Qin Shao to let his daughter come into contact with such a person. The entertainment circle was so muddy that it was hard to guarantee that there would never be a few garbage. This was also one of the reasons why Qin Shao looked down on Song Yancheng. It wasn’t like they couldn’t afford it. So Qin Shao really couldn’t figure out why Song Yancheng was so eager to send his daughter to entertainment circle at such a young age, just to gain some so-called public recognition?

“Xiaobei, what do you want to do in the future?” Mr. Qin suddenly thought of something and asked Su Bei. Mr. Qin was really worried that his daughter would say: “I want to be a star.” Except for this, he would support anything she wanted to do.

Hearing this sudden question, Su Bei was taken aback. So far, her only wish was to grow up with Su Xiaobao safely and not to end up as cannon fodder. As for future career and plan, Su Bei never thought about it.

Qin Shao: “Pianist?”

Su Bei shook her head.

Qin Shao: “Network security master?”

Su Bei: “Probably. But I’m already a master, right?”

Su Bei has inquired Chen De and Lin Shaochi about Mr. Qin’s purpose of contacting [Q] that day. It was to upgrade Qin Group’s security system. Originally, Su Bei wanted to go to the company on weekends or after school to help with this matter. It’s a pity that Mr. Qin disagreed, and said sternly: wait until winter vacation.

Su Bei thought for a while, her eyes moved slightly. She looked at Qin Shao and said: “Dad, how about I become a big boss who can play piano and do programming?”

Qin Shao was stunned. After a while, he chuckled. “You can.”

As for the boy… Qin Shao glanced at Su Xiaobao, who was sleeping on the window seat. This kid was still not mature enough. It’s useless to ask now.

After they arrived home, Su Bei went to Mr. Qin’s room using the pretext of returning the coat. On the way home, Su Bei could feel that Mr. Qin’s mood wasn’t good. Sure enough, after she knocked on the door and entered the bedroom, Su Bei saw Mr. Qin hasn’t asleep yet. He was sitting in front of a coffee table on the balcony, seemingly deep in thinking.

Su Bei’s arrival interrupted Mr. Qin’s thought. He looked at his daughter: “Why are you still wake up?”

Su Bei: “I’m returning Dad’s coat.”

Qin Shao: “Put it over there.”


After hanging the coat, Su Bei still didn’t leave.

“Something else?”

“Yeah.” Su Bei nodded. “Just want to say something.”

“What? Saying good night?” Qin Shao smiled at Su Bei.

“No! What I want to say is today, I don’t think Dad did a wrong thing.” Therefore, there was no need to feel a psychological burden.

After speaking, Su Bei ran out.

Qin Shao was left behind. He was surprised, but his lips couldn’t help but raise, and his heart was warm. He has always known that his daughter was very keen. But Su Bei seemed to be even more sensitive and caring.


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8 thoughts on “MWFV Ch. 72 Part 1 – This Director (I)”

  1. Xinyi doesn’t deserve such an ending, I hope nothing too bad happens to her.

    And I’m still a little miffed no one is really a villain aside from the so called leads lol,

    1. i also think so, she might be terribly spoiled and a jealous brat, but she’s still just a kid. death by torture isn’t divine justice, it’s just cruel.

      1. I also agree. Unfortunately, a lot of these revenge series feature the villain getting tortured/assaulted as a form of “justice” ☹️ Particularly bc the villain in this case is still a child. Combined w the ubiquity of seggsual azault in these novels….i am super super uncomfortable.

  2. i kinda hope that at some point she opens up to…someone about what happened to her. like even if she frames it as a dream, just…like she’s really pretty young and she’s holding in all her trauma and it concerns me so much

  3. I kind a feel bad for Song Yinyin was it? The daughter. She’s a rotten egg but I don’t think she deserves to get entagled with that pervert.
    Well, will see how it goes. Hopefully that pervert director gets his just deserts soon enough, from the og timeline and current.

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