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MWFV Ch. 72 Part 2 – This Director (II)

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Under Qin Group’s high suppression, Song Group was quickly losing ground of their businesses. After a series of black material exposure, its stock price instantly plummeted.

Two days later, Song Group had to declare bankruptcy. On the same day, Song Yancheng was taken away by the public security office and was prosecuted for multiple murder cases under conclusive evidence.

Combined together, Song Group’s bankruptcy and Song Yancheng’s arrest caused an uproar. Every time Su Bei checked the news on her mobile phone in the past two days, almost all were about Song Group.

[Song Group declared bankruptcy!]

[Ten reasons for Song Group bankruptcy analyzed from the economic perspective.]

[What impact will Song Group’s bankruptcy have on the market?]

[Song Group’s bankruptcy, are you a victim?]

[Chairman Song was arrested!]

[Breaking news, the chairman of Song Group was arrested. Do you know the inside story?]

In addition to news, there were also comment areas, forums, weibo…almost all were discussing Sing Group’s bankruptcy and Song Yancheng’s arrest.

[It’s incredible that a company as big as Song Group would go bankrupt.]

[I’m not surprised. Just think about it. Nowadays, how many big companies don’t owe huge loans and have more debt than assets? This should also be the case for Song Group.]

[Fortunately, my idol had terminated his contract with Song Entertainment. Otherwise, this might affect his career.]

[I purchased the annual parking ticket at the building owned by Song Group. What should I do? Where can I ask for a refund?]

[What shocked me most is the news that Chairman Song was arrested. Is it true?]

[It’s true.]

[Why was Chairman Song arrested? Tax evasion? Or some illegal business?]

[I don’t know, it hasn’t been announced yet.]

[I have an insider friend. According to him, Chairman Song’s crime seems to be serious. Apparently, it involves lives.]

[F*ck! So scary!]

Su Bei was initially worried that Song Group’s news might involve their Qin family. However, after following the news for a while, Su Bei didn’t find anyone who mentioned the Qins, despite many people discussing the Song Group.

This must be Mr. Qin’s arrangement.

In the beginning, Su Bei was just like other melon-eating passersby: staring at the online news all the time. But after two days, she lost interest. Anyway, there was still at least half a month before Song Yancheng’s trial. It would make no difference whether she followed the news or not.

So, Su Bei quickly put the matter aside. Regardless of the heated discussion on the internet about Song Yancheng’s arrest, Su Bei has changed her focus to the upcoming outdoor excursion.

Right now, Su Bei was at home, preparing her luggage for the excursion. Dong Wenqi sent her advice via WeChat: There were a large number of mosquitoes in Hongfeng Mountain, and autumn mosquitoes were especially fierce, so she should remember packing some anti-mosquito spray and a very strong mosquito bite spray.

[Dong Wenqi]: ​​You also have to bring sunscreen. I’ve bought an spf 50. I don’t know if it will be enough or not.

[Dong Wenqi]: ​​There are also so many other luggages. I have made a list, you check it. If there is anything I missed, tell me immediately.

[Su Bei]: OK~ I’ll take a look.

Su Bei saw that Dong Wenqi’s list was pretty good, so she also made her own list based on this one. However, there was one difference. While Dong Wenqi’s list was for one person, Su Bei had to double it: one for her own use, the other was for Su Xiaobao.

For each item, Su Bei also added some notes in the bracket. For example, the slippers. Su Bei needed size 36, Su Xiaobao 41. For sunscreen, she wanted a lightly scented one, while Su Xiaobao only used a non-scented….In addition, there were also camping and hiking gears.

Originally, Su Bei was going to order them online like Dong Wenqi did. However, Uncle Fu saw her preparing the list, took it from Su Bei’s hand, and said: “Be assured. Uncle Fu will arrange people to prepare all of it.”

So, when Mr. Qin came back from the company today, he saw Uncle Fu arranging the servant to bring some of the excursion supplies inside and calling people to prepare other items that had not yet been delivered.

“What is this?” Qin Shao asked the housekeeper.

“Sir, welcome home. These are the supplies Xiaobei needs for the outdoor excursion.” After that, Uncle Fu added: “Sir, this is the list Xiaobei made.”

Uncle Fu originally wanted to boast about Su Bei’s meticulousness in preparing things, and the list she made was so detailed and practical.

Instead, Qin Shao’s expression sunken after reading the list: “Only these, and nothing else?”

Uncle Fu: “Yes, there are only these. Although Xiaobei didn’t list many things, they are all very practical and detailed.”

Qin Shao:”……”

Su Bei’s list was indeed detailed. Not only did she list the items she needed, but she also carefully divided between Su Xiaobao’s things and her own, as well as the things they could use together.

It’s just…did the children plan to go to the excursion by themselves?


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Mr. Qin : My daughter is so caring.

Two days later.

Mr. Qin : My daughter forgetting me…..

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