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MWFV Ch. 73 Part 1 – Siblings Pair T-Shirt (I)

Because of Su Bei’s neglectfulness, Mr. Qin secretly felt gloomy. But he never mentioned it again, and this incident was over. However, within two days, he found another thing that made him even angrier.

That Saturday, there was no ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ Taking advantage of this free time, Su Bei went to Su Xiaobao’s room to take his laundry. To be exact, she was going to wash his worn underwear and socks.

Jingyuan didn’t have a live-in domestic helper. Their clothes usually were cleaned by people arranged by Uncle Fu. However, for things like underwear and socks, Su Bei was still more used to wash it herself.

It wasn’t easy to collect Su Xiaobao’s laundry. Boys and girls were different. Girls usually were used to keeping things neat and tidy, while boys had no qualms about throwing their clothes all over the place. Fortunately, Su Bei knew Su Xiaobao very well and found all the clothes Su Xiaobao’s threw at every corner of his room.

“How about these? Clean or dirty? Wash or not wash?” Su Bei pulled out a pair of crumpled pants from Su Xiaobao’s closet and asked uncertainly.

Su Xiaobao was playing a game. When he heard Su Bei’s question, he raised his head to glance at the pants in Su Bei’s hand.

“Clean, no need to wash.”

Young man, how do you tell it is clean? Su Bei secretly mused in curiosity. However, she calmly folded the pants neatly and put it back into the closet.

Su Bei: “And this. I only found one of these socks. Where is the other one?”

Su Xiaobao stared at the sock in Su Bei’s hand for a while. His expression was confused, as if the sock wasn’t his and he didn’t remember ever saw it before.

Su Bei: “…”

She has long accustomed to this situation. Forget it. If he didn’t remember, then just wash it. The other one would appear when they no longer searching for it.

After Su Xiaobao finished one round of the game, Su Bei remembered her conversation with Xu Yangyang and asked Su Xiaobao: “Is it true that you guys will form a team to participate in a tournament?”

Su Bei didn’t know much about gaming. But according to Xu Yangyang, it seemed to be a pretty big event.

Su Xiaobao: “Who said that?”

Su Bei: “Xu Yangyang.”

“Not true.” Su Xiaobao replied immediately.

“Eh?” Su Bei raised her brows: “Why not? Don’t you have a good time playing together?”

Su Xiaobao’s face instantly darkened, and he answered with an annoyed tone: “Too many idiots. Who wants to bring them?”

Among them, Xie Minxuan was still okay, but the others were totally out. Especially Xu Yangyang. He was simply a genius in pitting his teammates! Like this match just now, their team originally took the lead. However, Xu Yangyang, whose HP was at a dire, flew to the forefront and got slaughtered.

Su Xiaobao looked calm on the outside, but he fiercely scolded the idiot in his heart.

At this time, the others have begun a tirade against Xu Yangyang.

[Chen Zian]: Xu Yangyang, are you brain-dead? Why did you run around?

[Liu Kai]: Yeah. Did you play with your toes today?

[Xu Yangyang]: It’s been a long time since the last time I played. My hand slipped, hehe.

[Xu Yangyang]: And you can’t just blame me alone, ah. Du Yiming is a jungler. If he did his job well, did I still need to come forward?

[Du Yiming]: I did well. You are obviously the one who didn’t do your job properly.

[Xu Yangyang]: @Su Xiaobao, Brother Bao, tell me, who is the fault here?

[Su Xiaobao]: All of you.

He even missed Xie Minxuan a little. Xie family was preparing for their company’s annual gathering, and Xie Minxuan has become busy recently. Especially on weekends, Xie Minxuan basically has no time to play games online. Therefore, Su Xiaobao refused to bring those four pig teammates to a tournament.

Seeing the WeChat group messages, Su Bei had to hold back her laughter.

“Actually, they are good enough.”

Xu Yangyang and the others were actually pretty good. If they didn’t meet a master team, their winning rate should be quite high. Besides, there was still Xie Minxuan.

“You should go and participate.” Su Bei looked at Su Xiaobao with bright eyes.

This time, the tournament was scheduled during winter vacation. There should be no problem for them to participate. Moreover, Xu Yangyang said that it was a high-level event, so Su Bei was actually very curious about it.

“Su Xiaobao, you should get along with your classmates and actively participate in extracurricular activities, understand?” Seeing Su Xiaobao’s ‘I don’t want to be a teammate with those idiots’ face, Su Bei said seriously.

Su Xiaobao: Aren’t you just curious and want to watch?

Su Xiaobao guessed Su Bei’s mind correctly.

“Considering their ability, they may not even be able to pass the regional level.” Su Xiaobao said truthfully. Without passing the preliminary levels, they couldn’t compete in the open stage.

“It’s okay. The main point is to participate. Anyway, there is no disadvantage.”

“Maybe I can even be your team’s manager?” This was actually what Su Bei wanted to say.

Seeing Su Bei’s enthusiasm, Su Xiaobao finally agreed in reluctance.

“Whether I can be the manager and watch your team leisurely is up to your performance, young man. Come on, I will cheer behind.” Su Bei smiled and patted Su Xiaobao’s shoulder.

At this moment, Su Bei’s sharp eyes saw a crumpled white ball under Su Xiaobao’s pillow. “Found it!” Su Bei took out the ‘lost’ sock triumphantly. Before she left, she didn’t forget to pull off the socks from Su Xiaobao’s feet.


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  1. Thank you for your translations. I really love the twins interactions, so wholesome. I wonder what Daddy’s reaction will be when he finds out his princess is washing clothes. Lol

  2. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
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    but yea things i am curious about but don’t wanna do myself i force on my little brother XD

    was the paper a love letter?

    and ROLF the other sock was still on his leg wth

  3. Boys and girls were different. Girls usually were used to keeping things neat and tidy, while boys had no qualms about throwing their clothes all over the place.
    Not if you raise them them w the same expectations you force on your daughters 👀

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