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MWFV Ch. 73 Part 2 – Siblings Pair T-Shirt (II)

Mr. Qin has just returned from the company. When he passed by the children’s rooms, he saw this scene: Su Bei, with a load of laundry in her hands, including the socks she had just pulled off Su Xiaobao’s feet.

Seeing Mr. Qin coming back so early today, Su Bei called him in surprise: “Dad.”

“What are these?” Mr. Qin stared at the piles of underwear and socks inside the laundry basket in Su Bei’s hand. From the color alone, it was easy to tell whose laundry it was.

“Dirty laundry. I’m going to take them to wash.” Su Bei answered.

Qin Shao: “…” Of course he knew. But whose laundry it was and who would wash it?!

“Doesn’t he know how to wash his own things? Why are you doing it for him?” Mr. Qin’s expression darkened, and he glared at Su Xiaobao inside.

“Whoever washes it will be the same. Why should you care?” Su Xiaobao muttered in annoyance.

Su Bei was also taken aback by Mr. Qin’s sudden harsh tone. If not for Mr. Qin’s words, Su Bei wouldn’t realize anything wrong. She and Su Xiaobao grew up together. They never paid much attention to personal belongings since they were young. All their things were put together and washed together. Sometimes she would wash them, and when she felt lazy, Su Xiaobao would do it. This was how it has been for so many years.

Looking at the two siblings, one took it for granted, and the other was looking at him with puzzled eyes, Mr. Qin suddenly had a headache, and at the same time deeply felt the difficulty of raising children.

It was normal for twins to have a close relationship. If they were of the same gender, Mr. Qin wouldn’t say anything. But his children were a boy and a girl. They had a different gender, and they were no longer young children. What must be separated has to be separated.

It seemed that he needed to give the children a lesson in physiology. However, before he prepared the lesson, Mr. Qin could only use his authority as a father.

“Put down the basket.” Qin Shao said to Su Bei, then turned at Su Xiaobao: “Wash your own things.”

In the evening, a small washing machine was delivered to the house and was put inside Su Xiaobao’s bathroom.

Time soon flew to the day of school’s outdoor excursion. Su Bei has finished packing their luggage a few days ago. However, the twins still got up early in excitement.

The things Su Bei prepared has been streamlined several times. Compared with the four large suitcases that Dong Wenqi posted in her WeChat moments, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s luggage was not much. Even so, their stuff still filled three travel bags.

After Su Bei finished her last checking, Su Xiaobao picked up the three bulging bags and went downstairs. At this moment, Mr. Qin was reading some documents on the first floor, waiting for the two children to come downstairs.

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao walked down the stairs one after another. The moment Su Bei saw Mr. Qin, her eyes lit up.

Su Bei: “Ah~”

Qin Shao: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Su Bei smiled and shook her head. She just thought that Mr. Qin looked a bit handsome today.

Because they were going to hike and camp in the mountain, Mr. Qin changed into casual clothes today, instead of the suit and shirt he usually wore every day. Compared with his usual serious and business-like appearance, Qin Shao looked younger, and indeed a bit handsome. If Mr. Qin also adjusted his expression and looked a bit more gentle, he might really attract many women outside who would rush to ask for his WeChat account.

Mr. Qin also noticed the clothes his children wore today. Because it was an excursion, they didn’t need to wear a school uniform. Both Su Bei and Su Xiaobao wore casual sportswear that was easy to move around, but the most noticeable was the t-shirt they were wearing.

Su Bei’s t-shirt was light pink, and Su Xiaobao’s was black. But the two t-shirts obviously were from the same series. Both had a cute pig illustration, with some words below it: ‘Pig Boss’ on Su Bei’s t-shirt, and ‘Pig Underling’ on Su Xiaobao’s t-shirt.

Uncle Fu wouldn’t prepare such clothes. Obviously, the twins bought it by themselves. Mr. Qin had to admit that the siblings looked pretty cute wearing a paired t-shirt. However, at the same time, Mr. Qin also felt a trace of an abandoned father he didn’t even notice.

“Dad, I found this t-shirt on the internet. What do you think?” Su Bei suddenly asked Qin Shao. There was a light hidden in her eyes.

“It’s okay.” Mr. Qin gave a ‘neutral’ comment.


Su Bei hesitated, but finally didn’t tell Mr. Qin. In fact, she brought three t-shirts from the same series. Inside her bag, there was another t-shirt with the words ‘Pigs Breeder.’


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After the main lead goes offline, the villains family changed career into pig farm—the end.

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