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MWFV Ch. 74 Part 1 – Pig Breeder Goes Online (I)

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Su Bei never expected that her first school excursion would directly begin with climbing mountain.

“Starting from here, parents and students will walk to the campsite at the top of the mountain. Do not crowd and pushing…” The teacher in charge gave out instructions.

Instantly, there were loud noises around. Some were cheering, and some were wailing. The bulkiest luggage was transported by cable car, so the students only needed to bring their backpack up to the mountain. This kind of hiking was relatively lightweight.

At first, Su Bei walked very fast. Until they reached halfway up the mountain, she began to feel tired and gradually slowed down.

“Oh my god, we are still halfway!”

“I can’t walk anymore.”

Su Bei heard two girls talking not far away and secretly thought: Me too.

The school bag and water bottle that initially were carried by Su Bei was now on Su Xiaobao’s body. The twins continued climbing up the mountain. Su Xiaobao walked steadily in the front while Su Bei followed behind, holding the hem of Su Xiaobao’s shirt with both hands, and was dragged forward by the boy.

“I can piggyback you.” Su Xiaobao paused and turned at Su Bei.

For two seconds, Su Bei was tempted. However: “Oh, forget it. You will have to climb the mountain with me on your back. It’s too tiring.”

“Having to drag you like this is even more tiring.”

Being dragged from behind by Su Bei was really not easy. Didn’t she see that his t-shirt was stretched out? Although Su Xiaobao didn’t comment, he still liked their pair t-shirts.

Su Bei hesitated, then turned to glance behind. Earlier, as soon as Mr. Qin arrived at the assembly place at the foot of the mountain, he was immediately surrounded by many ‘enthusiastic’ parents who grouped around him to discuss business chances. At this moment, Mr. Qin was quite far behind them, around 50 to 60 meters. Su Bei secretly thought: With this distance, Mr. Qin shouldn’t notice their actions here.

“Hey, I truly regressed.” Although Su Bei never particularly strong physically before, she didn’t expect that after coming to Mr. Qin’s house, she couldn’t ‘conquer’ even a small mountain path. Su Bei sighed while shaking her head, then jumped on Su Xiaobao’s back merrily.

“Go, go, you can do it, young man!”

Su Bei thought that Mr. Qin wouldn’t notice them from his position. However, although Mr. Qin was talking with a few parents, Su Bei didn’t know that his attention has always been on his children.

Seeing Su Bei jumped on Su Xiaobao’s back, Mr. Qin immediately stopped talking and stared at them nervously, fearing that the two children couldn’t walk steadily and fell. But after seeing that Su Xiaobao still walked easily, Mr. Qin didn’t say anything in the end.

On the way, Su Bei reached out to take the water bottle hanging on Su Xiaobao’s neck. She opened the lid and let Su Xiaobao take a sip before drinking it herself.

Getting piggybacked was also tiring.

Su Bei: “Su Xiaobao, are you tired?”

Su Xiaobao: “No.”

Hearing Su Xiaobao’s answer and seeing his slightly sweating but still relaxed posture, a smile flashed through Su Bei’s eyes. In the novel, Su Xiaobao got an accident while working as a cargo unloader in the logistics park. Because of this, his feet became lame. Although he could still barely walk, he would never be able to move like a normal person, let alone climbing the mountain as easily as he was now.

This incident has always been a thorn in Su Bei’s heart. Fortunately, no misfortune had happened to them until now. Su Xiaobao was fine, and everything was also fine.


After they reached the top, Su Xiaobao put Su Bei down. Su Bei walked to Dong Wenqi, who arrived before them. Dong Wenqi stared at Su Bei hatefully. When Su Bei approached, her gaze became more resentful.

Su Bei: “What’s wrong with you?”

Dong Wenqi: “Eating sour lemon.”

“What kind of lemon?” Su Bei blinked in confusion.

“What else? Your lemon.” Dong Wenqi glanced in Su Xiaobao’s direction and said: “Why do you have a twin brother, but I don’t? How envious.”

“Huh?” About what?

Su Bei still didn’t get it.

“You still dare to pretend to be stupid. I saw the forum.” Dong Wenqi took out her mobile phone and handed it to Su Bei: “This, look by yourself. Someone took a photo of you and Su Xiaobao just now and posted it on the forum.”

Su Bei’s eyes fell on Dong Wenqi’s phone and saw the photo she mentioned. There was a total of two photos posted on the thread: one was Su Bei walking up the mountain while pulling Su Xiaobao’s clothes and another one was the photo of Su Xiaobao piggybacking Su Bei. The student who took the photos not only took it beautifully, but they also edited it with filters, so the two looked very eyecatching.

“Look at the comments below.” Dong Wenqi slid the page. She was not the only one who felt sour. At this moment, the entire forum was submerged in lemon juice.

[Woo-hoo, young master Su is too handsome!]

[This picture is so loving!]

[As a weak woman who has to climb halfway, but now is lying on the mountainside with trembling legs to wait for the cable car to run, these photos really make me jealous.]

[Young master Su really loves his younger sister!]

[Why I don’t have a brother, ah!]

[Strongly condemning this kind of show off.]

[As Su Bei’s future ‘elder sister-in-law,’ I am a little jealous of my ‘younger sister-in-law.’]


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