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MWFV Ch. 74 Part 2 – Pig Breeder Goes Online (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.74 Part 1.

Su Bei calmly accepted the envy and jealousy in the forum, then turned around to pat Dong Wenqi’s shoulder and said triumphantly: “I can understand your envy.”

Su Bei: “However, my family’s Xiaobao is one of a kind. There is no second one, haha.”

Dong Wenqi: “Su Xiaobei, from now on, I’m stopping to be your deskmate.”

Su Bei: “Okay, okay. Where is Uncle Dong? He also comes together with us, right?”

“Yes. He is probably resting in one of the pavilions below.”

Dong Wenqi initially wanted to rely on her father to bring her up the mountain. As a result, her father was actually worse than her. At this moment, Mr. Dong probably was still dragging his round body halfway up the mountain and moved forward very slowly.

When Dong Wenqi thought of this, she got angry. She had told her dad many times to start losing weight. But every time she said that, her dad would touch his round belly and argued: this is the symbol of a successful person with economic strength.

Bah! If that’s so, then why Uncle Qin didn’t have a round belly?

Dong Wenqi glanced at Mr. Qin, feeling sour again.

Su Bei: “Should we wait for your dad here?”

Dong Wenqi: “No need. He eventually will use the cable car anyway. Let’s go up first. Chen Zian and the others have arrived a long time ago.”

The three walked towards the assembly place. On the way, Dong Wenqi continued to browse the forum, and suddenly pulled out an old thread from last year, which was about Song Xinyi.

Song Group went bankrupt overnight, and the previously high above goddess has become synonymous with green tea bitch after the ‘pen throwing’ incident. Now, whenever someone mentioned Song Xinyi, their attitude was quite mixed.

“Hey, Su Bei, I want to ask.” Dong Wenqi tugged Su Bei’s wrist and asked curiously: “Did Song Xinyi’s father really commit a heavy crime?”

Su Bei nodded. Thinking about it carefully, the original novel actually provided several clues about Song Yancheng’s dirty deeds. In the novel, so many words were used to narrate the male lead’s rise. However, it was actually impossible for Song Yancheng, a mere fledgling actor, to rise so quickly and become the chairman of a big enterprise within a few years——unless he took many shortcuts.

However, the novel never dug deeper. After all, it was a romance novel about the male lead and the female lead. Therefore, the unspeakable methods that Song Yancheng used were never mentioned clearly and mostly was just in passing.

If Mr. Qin’s people didn’t find evidence of Song Yancheng’s criminal acts, Su Bei actually planned to secretly hack into the computers used by Song Yancheng and his collaborators. But she never expected that the male lead’s crimes were actually so horrible.

However, Dong Wenqi’s concern was obviously not on Song Yancheng. Seeing Su Bei nodded, she exclaimed: “Oh my god,” and moved the topic to Song Xinyi: “Let me tell you. Without Song Group’s backing, Song Xinyi’s situation right now isn’t very good. Before, thanks to Song Entertainment’s suppression, although there was quite a bit of negative publicity, her situation more or less is still okay. Now, after Song Group went bankrupt, many of her jobs are canceled. Several variety shows that she signed terminated her contract, and there is one music competition that directly crossed out Song Xinyi’s name from the list of participants.”

Su Bei raised an eyebrow: “Where did you hear about this?”

Dong Wenqi: “Hehe. Didn’t I tell you before that I want to take a look at her fan group? I make a fake account and get in.”

At this moment, there were no longer fans who blew rainbow farts for Song Xinyi in the group. Everyone was busy discussing her gossip.

Dong Wenqi: “I heard that Song Xinyi is filming in some remote mountain and still doesn’t know about her family’s situation. Hey, do you think she can make a comeback with this work? Is she going to be an actress?”

Su Bei: “It’s hard to say.”

In the novel, dream, and reality, the director named ‘Ou Chi’ was a perfect hypocrite and a pervert in disguise. Before, because he wanted to rely on Song Group’s support, Song Xinyi was his boss and god. But now that Song Group has gone, it’s hard to say how Ou Chi would treat Song Xinyi.

The two girls talked all the way to the campsite on the top of the mountain. After everyone assembled, they listened to the teacher in charge explaining the rules and precautions of this excursion, and then began to take the supplies. Except for personal items, basic supplies such as tents, cooking utensils, and food were distributed by the school, one set per family.

After receiving the supplies, Su Bei saw that Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao had rolled up their sleeves, ready to set up the tent.

“Dad, wait.” Su Bei stopped Mr. Qin.

Qin Shao stopped and looked at Su Bei: “What?”

Su Bei: “Don’t you think this tent is a bit dirty?”

The tents were part of the school inventory and were last used during last year’s outdoor excursion, so it was naturally full of dust.

“Just a bit of dust. It won’t harm anyone. After setting it up, we can clean it later.” Mr. Qin explained patiently.

“I know. But Dad, your clothes will get dirty.”

Unexpectedly, what his daughter worried about was that his clothes might get dirtied. Mr. Qin was surprised, but couldn’t help but smile. He was about to say, “It’s okay, I can change clothes later,” when Su Bei said again: “I think it’s better if you changed into clothes that are harder to get dirty, Dad.”

After that, Su Bei rummaged her luggage and took out a t-shirt. “Dad, this t-shirt is cheap and dirt-resistant. Why don’t you change into this first.”

This was [Pig Breeder] t-shirt that Su Bei has prepared for this event. Before, she was hesitant to take it out, for fear that Mr. Qin would dislike her choice. But now, Su Bei finally found an opportunity.

She really wanted Mr. Qin to wear a matching parent-children outfit with them, even if just once. Because she was afraid the style wouldn’t match Mr. Qin, when Su Bei ordered the t-shirts, she specifically asked the store to remove any fancy pictures and only printed the words [Pig Breeder] in a low-key manner on the right chest area and on the back just below the collar. Even so, it was not difficult to see that this t-shirt was from the same series as her and Su Xiaobao’s.

Mr. Qin’s gaze fell on the t-shirt in Su Bei’s hand, and the corners of his mouth were curled into an imperceptible smile: “Okay.”


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  1. i feel bad for song xiyi. she may not be a good person but she’s just 14. basically a kid, a spoiled one at that. it’s very unfair for her to end up paying for her father’s crimes.

  2. i think it’s the other way around for Daddy Qin–he would want the shirt he’s wearing to be dirty but not what his Su bei bought 😆

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