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MWFV Ch. 75 Part 1 – Good Teaching (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.74 Part 1.

Su Bei’s wish to see Mr. Qin in the [Pig Breeder] t-shirt got fulfilled. After getting changed in the restroom, Mr. Qin saw Su Bei standing patiently outside, looking at him with shiny eyes. Mr. Qin pretended to not see the ‘I did it!’ expression in Su Bei’s face and calmly said to his daughter: “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Su Bei’s smile was unabated. She ran to Mr. Qin and very caringly took over the clothes Mr. Qin previously wore.

Father and daughter walked side by side, and Su Bei couldn’t help but glance at Qin Shao.



“I think you are very handsome in this clothes.” Su Bei raised her head and very sincerely made a compliment like a good little bootlicker.

She said this mainly because she was afraid that Mr. Qin would dislike this t-shirt. But it actually looked pretty good on him. The t-shirt’s design was relatively simple and did fit Mr. Qin’s appearance. With the words printed on the right chest, he looked like a bonafide farm worker.

Hearing this, Mr. Qin smiled silently. Although he didn’t say anything, it was not difficult to tell from his look that he was in a good mood.

Back to the camping area, the newly appointed Breeder Qin began to set up a tent with his two ‘little piglets.’

“Do you know how to do it?” Mr. Qin asked Su Xiaobao.

“I don’t know.” Su Xiaobao answered honestly, with a trace of depression in his tone. Their previous school never held outdoor activities, and it was even less likely for the twins to have access to this type of camping equipment. To prepare for this excursion, Su Xiaobao looked at various tent building tutorials on the internet, but he didn’t know whether it would go well or not.

As if perceiving the depression in his son’s tone, Mr. Qin also sighed silently: As a father, there were many things he should have taught them. In the past fourteen years, there were too many missing moments between him and his two children.

But it didn’t matter. He would make it up later.

“Come here, I’ll teach you.” Mr. Qin unfolded the tent and began to set it up, and at the same time, also giving explanation to Su Xiaobao, such as the location and direction of the tent, which parts should be used in which place, which steps should be taken first, how to properly secure the tent….

Su Xiaobao learned very quickly, and it didn’t take long for him to start doing it by himself. As for Su Bei, she helped by handing over the parts. After a while, seeing that there seemed to be nothing left to be handed over, Su Bei took out a tissue from her bag and wiped the sweat on the head and back of Su Xiaobao’s neck.

Her movement was as natural as eating or drinking.

Then Su Bei looked at Mr. Qin again and asked, “Dad, what else do I need to do?”

“There is nothing.” After a pause, Qin Shao said, “Give me a paper.”

Su Bei: “Eh? What kind of paper do you want? Newspaper or foil paper?”

Qin Shao: “…paper tissue.”

“Ah, okay.” Su Bei took another sheet of tissue from her bag and handed it to Mr. Qin.

Regarding the different treatment between him and Su Xiaobao, Mr. Qin no longer wanted to say anything.

“Alright, there is nothing else. You should sit there and take a rest.” Mr. Qin finally sent Su Bei over. He added: “It will finish soon.”

Su Bei sat on the side, watching Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao set up the tent. Su Xiaobao had many fangirls in the school, and for someone like Mr. Qin, participating in this kind of school activity was already eye-catching enough, so this father-son combo quickly attracted many people’s attention.

[Young master Su is so handsome when building a tent!]

[Young master Su’s father is also handsome.]

[And they are so fast, ah. It’s like watching a live tutorial.]

[Is their family wearing matching parent-children clothes?!]

[Oh my god, you are right. ‘Pig Boss,’ ‘Pig Underling,’ ‘Pig Breeder.’ It’s so funny, haha.]

[When young master Su and his father wear a similar outfit, they look even more alike.]

[Unfortunately, Su Bei and young master Su’s mother still didn’t come this time. We still cannot see the legendary Mrs. Qin.]

[There must be a reason why her identity doesn’t get revealed. I guess only a few people ever see her.]

[Mysterious woman.]

The crowds’ gossips gradually diverged, but Su Bei did not care. With a smile, Su Bei watched the father and son who gradually cooperated with each other. Their movements were fast. In no time, their tent’s progress was already ahead of others. The basic construction was almost completed, and they were doing the last preparation. Looking more closely, Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao were not only moving quickly, but also very carefully, and their clothes didn’t get dirtied at all.

Su Bei took out her mobile phone and secretly took a picture of Mr. Qin. After taking one, she couldn’t hold back and took a lot more photos. Of course, there were also Su Xiaobao’s.

After setting up the tent, Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao returned to Su Bei. Su Bei opened the thermos and poured a cup of warm water to Mr. Qin.

Su Xiaobao watched from the side unhappily.

“Where is mine?” The thermos lid was clearly his exclusive.

“Here, it’s all yours.” Su Bei stuffed the entire thermos into Su Xiaobao’s arm, then ran into their tent. The tent was very big. Not only it had a sleeping area, but there was also a shaded tarp outside for resting. Su Bei first cleaned the tent, then she organized their luggage and supplies inside. Meanwhile, Qin Shao and Su Xiaobao were waiting just outside the tent.

Dong Wenqi’s father finally finished setting up his family’s tent and walked over to the Qin family’s area. When he approached, he saw Qin’s father and son standing side by side, arguing over the sleeping arrangement.

Qin Shao: “Tonight, you take your sleeping bag and sleep with me outside.”

Su Xiaobao: “Why sleep outside? There is so much space inside. It’s enough for the three of us to sleep together.”

Qin Shao: “It’s not proper.”

Su Xiaobao: “What’s not proper. If you think so, just sleep outside by yourself. I’ll stay inside.”

After listening to their argument, Dong Yaohua walked over enthusiastically and said: “Our family’s tents are close by. Mr. Qin, how about we let Dong Wenqi and Xiaobei sleep together in one tent, then we three men can sleep in the other?”

After a lot of struggle, Dong Yaohua finally managed to set up a tent. It took him a long time before he finished. At this moment, his face was still sweaty, and his chubby body was covered with sweat and dirt.

Seeing him like this, Qin father and son’s clean freakiness immediately triggered. Su Xiaobao hasn’t learned his father’s face control technique yet. Hearing Dong Yaohua’s suggestion, a clear rejection appeared on his face.

Mr. Qin calmly glanced at the tent set up by Dong Wenqi and her father nearby. A gust of wind blew by, and the whole tent was shaking.

Qin Shao:…

Su Xiaobao: “Thank you, Uncle Dong. But I would like to stay in the tent I set up.”

Qin Shao: “Thank you for your offer, Mr. Dong. But we don’t want to trouble you.”


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