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Translating Web Novel

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch. 76 Part 1 – Having Dad is Enough (I)

“Mom, quickly come here. It’s super beautiful here.”

“Man’er, be careful.”

“It’s okay. Mom, come here.”

“Dad didn’t have time to come with us, hum! Next time, let’s get him together and come here again to play.”

“Okay. We must bring your dad together next time.”

The mother-daughter conversations caught Su Bei’s attention. Looking in the direction of the voice, Su Bei saw Li Man’er.

So, the woman next to her is Li Maner’s mother, Su Mei? Su Bei’s eyes flashed in surprise.

“Dad.” Su Bei called Qin Shao and pointed to Su Mei. “Is that person Su——uh, I mean, Mrs. Su Mei?”

“Yes.” Mr. Qin nodded. His expression was dark.

After being affirmed by Mr. Qin, Su Bei took another look at Su Mei. As described in the earlier part of the novel, Su Mei was very beautiful. Even after ten more years has passed, Su Mei was still beautiful.

However, Su Bei’s impression of her was somewhat different from the description in the novel. The novel Su Mei had the characteristics that an antagonistic female side character should have: narrow-minded and vicious. But now, it seemed that Su Mei was no different than any ordinary married woman and mother.

Mr. Qin lowered his eyes and saw that his daughter was tilting her head slightly, staring attentively at the woman over there. Thinking that she was looking at her biological mother, an unpleasant emotion suddenly rose in Mr. Qin’s heart.

Unknown to Su Bei, when she was observing Su Mei, Mr. Qin secretly made a difficult decision.

“Xiaobei, do you want to meet her?” Mr. Qin asked. In truth, Qin Shao still didn’t want Xiaobei and Xiaobao to have any contact with Su Mei. But that woman was their biological mother. This was a fact that he couldn’t change.

When Mr. Qin’s heart began to sink, Su Bei shook her head.

“No,” Su Bei answered. Her tone was firm and sincere. What drove her curiosity was the fact that Su Mei was one of the important characters in the novel, so she just wanted to take a look at her, that’s all. As a person who had never appeared in their lives, Su Mei was no different from a stranger.

This was the same as Su Bei’s feelings when she first met Mr. Qin. But there was also a difference. At that time, Mr. Qin was just Mr. Qin, and Su Bei could rush to him and calling him ‘Dad’ without any scruples, but Su Mei already had a new life and her own family.

Unlike her and Su Xiaobao, from what Su Bei knows about Li Man’er, it could be seen that Li Man’er had a perfect family and always lived happily since she was a child. Therefore, since the other side already had a happy family, they didn’t have to try to get together only to make the situation awkward.

Everyone should live well without any intersection——with this thought, Su Bei subconsciously nodded to herself.

Mr. Qin didn’t know what Su Bei was thinking, but his tense expression softened a lot from hearing his daughter’s answer.

Qin Shao: “No regret?”

The picture of the mother-daughter interaction over there was easy to make people felt envy.

Su Bei: “No!”

Su Mei’s new family seemed to be pretty good and harmonious, but their own family was also not bad. Su Bei smiled. She took Mr. Qin’s arm affectionately and raised her head to say earnestly: “Having Dad is enough.”

She had Xiaobao and Daddy Qin at home, and they were doing well. Su Bei was perfectly happy now.

The girl’s brown eyes looked at himself eagerly. The afterglow of evening sunset was reflected in these eyes, shining so brilliantly without impurity.

Mr. Qin smiled. He raised his hand and patted Su Bei’s head. “Let’s go back. There are many mosquitoes here. You will get bitten.” His tone was full of love.


On the way back, Su Bei still held Mr. Qin’s hand. To be precise, she was clinging to Mr. Qin’s arm. Feeling the weight on his arms, Qin Shao guessed that this girl didn’t want to walk by herself and let him drag her. However, Mr. Qin didn’t mind, and even enjoyed it.

After the father and daughter departed without looking back, Su Mei, who also noticed their presence, watched the two leave with complicated feelings. The school outdoor excursion was for the students from seventh to eighth grades, and she had noticed Qin family’s father and children from the very beginning.

Su Mei didn’t expect that after fourteen years of trying to forget about their existence, the pair of children that she abandoned had grown into such dazzling teenagers. Mr. Qin took care of those children very well, and he was undoubtedly a very good father. This was something that Su Mei couldn’t give. Although she could raise them, she wouldn’t be able to treat them like Man’er. In the end, it seemed that she and those two children really didn’t have any fate.

Su Mei sighed softly, finally letting go of the last trace of fixation in her heart.


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My Whole Family are Villains
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