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MWFV Ch. 76 Part 2 – Having Dad is Enough (II)

That night, after Mr. Qin tidied up the things outside the tent, he went inside to see the twins leisurely lying on the sleeping area. The two were nestling together, each with their own mobile phone like a perfect example of internet-addicted teenagers. Seeing this, Mr. Qin slightly frowned in a headache.

Su Xiaobao was playing a game with Du Yiming’s team of fools. Using Du Yiming’s words: They aren’t playing, but fighting for glory and honor.

Next to Su Xiaobao, Su Bei was looking at the photos she took during the day. First, she selected the landscape photo of their camping ground, put a comment’ School excursion. So happy~’ and sent it to her WeChat Moments after setting it visible only to [Dad].

Then, while Mr. Qin still didn’t pay attention, Su Bei quietly made another Moments post. She uploaded three photos in total: her own selfie, a photo of Su Xiaobao with his cold face, and Mr. Qin’s photo she took secretly.

Although the three photos each had a different angle, it could be seen clearly that they all wore a matching t-shirt. Su Bei looked at the three photos in satisfaction, nodded to herself, and added another sentence to the post: “My family’s two handsome guys, hehe.” After blocked [Dad] from seeing it, Su Bei clicked the ‘post’ button.

The first post, which was only visible to [Dad], was very deserted with only one praise from Mr. Qin. The second post was much more lively.

[Xie Minxuan: The father-children t-shirts show the hierarchy in their family.]

[Zhou Jiajia: I am so jealous!]


[Liu Kai: Hahahaha, Uncle Qin actually wear such clothes.]

[Dong Wenqi: When you bought those t-shirts, I actually looked down on it.]

[Su Bei replied to Dong Wenqi: What about now?]

[Dong Wenqi: Having a handsome and beautiful face is indeed very useful.]

[vvvv: Baby Q, the wound in your face has been healed?]

Big brother Xu sent a message to Su Bei.

[vvvv]: Has your wound been healed?

[Su Bei]: Yeah.

[vvvv]: Really? You didn’t use a beauty filter or editing program?

[Su Bei]: Of course not! No filter and no edit. My real face.

[vvvv]: Hahaha, that’s good.

This time, Xu Shiwei actually also wanted to tag along. However, his school’s exam week was too scary.

[vvvv]: I’m glad. Now you can ask Mr. Qin to change the next game format into an open venue, so everyone can see baby Q’s face and you can face slap those idiots in the forum.

Now, not only just the participants of ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ even the whole circle seemed to agree that [Q] has an ugly face. Two days ago, vvvv’s former friend even dared to ask whether his mood was affected when playing together with [Q. This incident made Xu Shiwei boiled with anger, and he was anxious for the open game to begin so he could come out with baby Q and slap those idiots’ faces.

[Su Bei]: Forget it. Let’s wait.

The biggest reason Su Bei was hesitant to play in the open venue was because she still didn’t want to expose her identity to Lin Shaochi. Su Bei wondered what would happen if Lin Shaochi knew that the technical consultant he tried hard to find was actually his business partner’s daughter. Would he think that Qin family was trying to deceive him?

[vvvv]: Why are you hesitant?

[vvvv]: I just received some info from a friend. It is very likely that we will meet [La] in the next game. You have to be mentally prepared.

[La] ranked second after the second round. Right before the final, they reorganized their team and improved their performance even further. Although their individual’s strength wasn’t necessarily better than Su Bei or vvvv, their overall strength couldn’t be underestimated.

[vvvv]: But don’t be afraid. You still have this big bro here, haha.

[Su Bei]: I’m not afraid.

After chatting with Xu Shiwei for a while, Su Bei went online to check the videos of [La] ‘s performance. After a while, she finally closed the browser, logged into the WeChat app, and continued to reply to the comments.

[Mr. Qin is so handsome!]

[Su Bei: Of course!]

[These t-shirts are so funny.]

[Su Bei: I bought it~ *satisfied*]

Probably because she was already exhausted from climbing the mountain, Su Bei’s eyelids quickly began to feel heavy. She leaned against Su Xiaobao, moved a bit to find a comfortable position, and replied a few more replies. In no time, she already fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Mr. Qin put down his phone after dealing with work matters, then went in to find his two children have fallen asleep. Looking at the huddling twins, Mr. Qin frowned slightly. There were three sleeping bags here, but these children were still squeezing together.

Mr. Qin was about to move Su Bei over. A mobile phone fell from Su Bei’s hand, and the screen had not turned off yet. By coincidence, Mr. Qin saw Su Bei’s WeChat Moments.

Last night, Mr. Qin, who never used WeChat’s features that had nothing to do with work, for the first time was doing serious internet research about how Moments work.

Qin Shao: Why can’t I see a Moments post posted by others?

These were the replies:

[Hahaha, congratulations, you have been blocked.]

[This proves that the other party doesn’t want you to see their post. Don’t ask too much. It will only make you depressed.]

[Just one post?]

[Then it must be that the one who makes the post blocked you from seeing it.]

[By the way, my ex-girlfriend used to treat me like this. She would unilaterally block me every time she tried to flirt with others. Are you also….]

Qin Shao: It’s my daughter.


[Hahaha, that’s normal.]

[This is one of the basic survival skills had by children nowadays.]

[Yes, I did the same. When it was a post of me hanging out or joking around with friends, I always block my parents. In contrast, the status of me studying hard can only be seen by parents, hahaha.]

Mr. Qin: ……

He gripped the phone tightly, feeling somewhat displeasure. At this moment, there was a slight sound of movement, and something touched his arm. It turned out that Su Bei had turned over in her sleep and grabbed Mr. Qin’s arm. Hugging the arm like a pillow, Su Bei subconsciously nudged it.

Looking at his daughter, Mr. Qin’s displeased face somewhat softened.

Not long after the excursion ended, the result of Song Yancheng’s trial has come down: lifetime sentence.

Qin Jinguo called Qin Shao to Jinxi Garden again.


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  1. Eternal perspectivea

    thanks for chap
    soo convenient dam whatsapp doesn’t have such features , i maintain two accounts almost everywhere, one for my parents teachers and relatives to see. other for actual use

    1. Bruh… Whatsapp has those features. Isn’t to hide your Whatsapp story from those you dont want them to see? Just google it.

      1. Eternal perspective

        it has a feature of hiding ALL YOU POST (called status on whatsapp) or NOT AT ALL ,there’s no feature of this can be seen only by these ppl,and this by these ppl specifically.

    1. Yeah… I’m also surprised here. I meant, the author probably want to quickly make male lead goes offline. But will the trial for crime involving premeditated murder be over in just several weeks? I doubt it 😅

      1. Eternal perspective

        tbh i think it can cuz:
        1. he killed lot of high profile ppl ,its not like all their money and power will disappear just like that,there will be family and friends who will want vengeance if its true and can pull strings to hasten the case.
        2.The couple has bad personalities god knows how many ppl they made enemies of in both entertainment and business industries ,no way those ppl will let this chance go where they can sink them for good.

  2. you THREATEN papa Qin’s children?!? you threaten his children like the criminal?!!? Oh! Oh! Jail for Song Yancheng! Jail for Song Yancheng for One Thousand Years!!!!!

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