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MWFV Ch. 77 Part 1 – Annual Gathering (I)

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Inside the study room in Jinxi Garden. Qin Jinguo and Qin Shao were sitting opposite each other. The reason why Qin Jinguo called Qin Shao this time was naturally because of Song Yancheng. Qin Jinguo didn’t look very well and was a bit haggard. But the hard time would eventually pass. At least, with Song Yancheng’s matter came to an end, he no longer had to be stressed by the conflict between his biological and stepson.

The two were silent for a moment. Finally, Qin Jinguo spoke first: “Song Yancheng’s matter is his own doing, and he can’t blame others. You didn’t make a mistake.”

“Just,” after a pause, Qin Jinguo continued: “After all, Song Yancheng is your Aunt Chen’s son. Song Group also has many connections with Jihua International. I plan to use Jihua’s asset to pay off Song Group’s debt…”

Qin Jinguo’s words made Qin Shao’s face darkened. He sneered: “Jihua International is originally you and Aunt Cheng’s company. How to use it is your freedom and has nothing to do with me.”

“I know you are resenting me as a father, but I still hope you can understand my feelings.” Qin Jinguo sighed again: “Your Aunt Chen is greatly shaken by this incident, and her body also has many physical problems. After solving the debt here, we plan to move to A Country.”

Chen Xueyan understood that Song Yancheng’s incident was entirely his fault. Still, he was her son. Any mother who saw her own son thrown into jail wouldn’t be able to accept the blow. The couple had a farm estate in A Country, far away from the big city’s hustle and bustle. Qin Jinguo intended to take his wife there to recuperate.

“After resolving Song Group’s debt, the foundation of Jihua International will be seriously damaged. If you wish, I will hand it for you to handle. But if you don’t want to, we will find a professional management team to take care of it.”

After listening to Qin Jinguo’s words, Qin Shao didn’t speak for a long time. Qin Jinguo couldn’t even perceive the mood under his son’s cold face.

Qin Jinguo: “Also, please listen to my last request.”

Qin Shao: “Since I was young, in this house, how many times have you make requests to me? Just speak, what is this time?”

“Song Yancheng is Song Yancheng. But Lin You and Xinyi are innocent. They didn’t know anything about his crimes. Although you have a grudge with Song Yancheng, I hope you won’t do anything to the mother and daughter.”

After this incident, Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan originally planned to take Song Xinyi and Lin You abroad to live with them. It’s a pity that Song Xinyi was reluctant to give up her filming job in China, and Lin You seemed to place all her hopes on Song Xinyi’s acting career. Therefore, the couple had no choice but to give up the idea.

Qin Jinguo hesitated for a moment. He originally wanted Qin Shao to give a little help to the mother and daughter. However, looking at this son whom he owed a lot since childhood, Qin Jinguo couldn’t even open his mouth to ask.

Qin Shao laughed. A trace of irony flashed through his eyes: “You think if I really want to attack Lin You and Song Xinyi, they can still be safe and sound now?”

Mr. Qin himself was a person with children, so he wouldn’t lower herself to target the mother and daughter.

Qin Shao: “When do you plan to leave?”

Qin Jinguo: “It won’t be far. The matter here is almost over. I think we can leave by the end of this month.”

“I see.” After leaving that sentence, Mr. Qin stood up and left.

Finally, the day of Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan’s departure to A Country arrived. Qin Shao took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to send off the two elders.

“Goodbye, grandpa and grandma. Have a safe journey.” Su Bei and Su Xiaobao bade their farewell. After a pause, Su Bei added: “Grandpa, grandma, you two should pay attention to your health abroad. If something happened, call Dad. Also, we will visit you when we have time during the school break.”

Su Bei’s words didn’t contain the slightest impurity. Even though Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan’s feelings towards the twins were not as deep as that for Song Xinyi, Su Bei’s sincere concern still made them feel warm. A long-lost smile appeared on Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan’s face.

“Alright. Our farm in A Country is very big. You should come to play.” Qin Jinguo smiled lovingly towards the twins.

Mr. Qin, who was watching from the side, also raised his eyebrows——his decision to bring the children over was correct. Initially, because he had nothing to say to the Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan, he brought Su Bei and Su Xiaobao along. And they indeed made the atmosphere less heavy and awkward.

Before departing, Qin Jinguo and his wife still looked behind for the last time. In the end, Lin You and Song Xinyi never came to see them off.

It’s over——Seeing the two elders leave, Su Bei secretly said to herself. Regarding Song Yancheng, the dust has finally been settled this time. The male lead would no longer have any chance to ruin Mr. Qin like in the novel, and she and Su Xiaobao would no longer have to face such a tragic ending.

Su Bei suddenly smiled; her eyes were bright.

“Let’s go.” Mr. Qin said to the twins.


On the way back, Su Bei held Mr. Qin’s hand. Feeling the slight heaviness in Mr. Qin’s heart, Su Bei used her own way to comfort her father: “Dad, you don’t have to be sad. You still have Xiaobao and me. We will always be with you!”

On the side, the usually silent Su Xiaobao also nodded in agreement: “Yeah. You can rest assured. We will definitely take care of you in retirement.”

Su Bei: …Su Xiaobao is truly a mood killer!

Mr. Qin: …he suddenly wants to beat a stinky kid again.


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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    yea right film and acting career… a pity tho it’ll never happen

    oh lol and the big boss dad doesnt know how SX tried to sabotage mc during the relay and the recording that spread?He’s one of the biggest hypocrites in the novel competing with su mei for the no.1 title.

    If he truly wanted to them to be together in harmony he had enough chances when they were younger or when SY started his own company,still he didn’t.This time again he had the chance to path things up between SB and SX but still didn’t and the grandchildren ended up the same as their parents. He really doesn’t do one bit to change stuff and expects everything to go well.

  2. Indeed the mother and daughter didn’t do anything that bad, well at least the daughter, sure xinyi is being too prideful now but she’s just a kid Lin You should have just wanted her daughter to lead a stable life, why’s she pushing her with this acting career so young after everything she went through and is still going through.

  3. Did the old couple know about what Su Yinyin did? How she blatantly caused harm to the Mc but just ignored that? I hate how much they seem to favor the other two still without really thinking about it. I doubt that they didn’t know cause it should’ve been pretty widespread and easy for them to find, yet they don’t seem to have anything to say about that incident and even willing to ask Mr Qin for favors to help the other two, albeit they ended up not asking but still.

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