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MWFV Ch. 77 Part 2 – Annual Gathering (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 77 Part 1.

The crisis from the male lead family has finally been resolved. Soon after returning to school, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were going to face their first final exam in Weiming Middle School.

In the past two days, the whole school was filled with a heavy pre-exam atmosphere, which was even worse than during the monthly exam. Dong Wenqi, however, was unprecedentedly calm this time. This semester, with the ‘help’ and contempt from a bunch of school prodigies, Dong Wenqi’s grades had jumped up unexpectedly. Although she still didn’t make it into the honor list, she jumped out from the ‘black and white list’ hall of shame and climbed into the middle rank.

Facing the final exam, Dong Wenqi didn’t get panic at all, and even dragged Su Bei enthusiastically to make vacation plans during the school break.

“Su Bei, winter in B City is too cold, and there is nothing fun to do here. How about we straightly go to H City or U Country after the 30th? We can spend some time vacationing, or even staying there until school starts again. What do you think?” Dong Wenqi excitedly talked about her plan.

Su Bei: “I guess not.”

Dong Wenqi: “Why? There is nothing to do during the school break.”

Su Bei: “That’s you. I have a lot of business.”

The final battle for the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ was scheduled one week after the new year. Su Bei’s team did well, and they won all the way until the semi-final. A total of four teams entered the semi-final, and they would compete one-on-one to determine the ranking from first to fourth. On individual competition, Su Bei also reached the grand final that would begin in a few days.

In addition, Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan successfully took out Du Yiming and a group of leechers into the regional tournament for the online game they played. So, ‘Manager Su Bei’ was also going to start her new job.

However, they all were scheduled after the new year. As for the time before that, although Su Bei didn’t have any particular plan, she didn’t know whether Mr. Qin had any arrangements, so she didn’t dare to make a promise with Dong Wenqi hastily.

Mr. Qin did have some arrangements for the twins. He was in his office at this time, giving instructions to Chen De: “The inspection for Haihua and Yanxi Valley projects should be finished before new years holiday. Yuetian City project should be launched before the 23rd. Also, make arrangements for inspections of branch offices and subsidiaries before the new year.”

“Yes, Mr. Qin.” Chen De nodded. “But,” after hesitating for a while, he couldn’t help but ask: “Sir, isn’t this schedule a bit too tight?”

After all, old Master Qin has only moved to A Country. It was understandable that Mr. Qin wasn’t in the mood to celebrate the new year. However, it was also Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s first long school break here. Didn’t Mr. Qin want to spare some time to accompany the children?

“No need.” Mr. Qin clearly saw Chen De’s meaning. He added: “During their school break, they can just follow me to the company to learn.”

After the Chinese New Year, the twins would be 15 years old. It was time for them to come over and got in touch with the company. It seemed that brat from Xie family already began to participate in the family business after he entered junior high school. Mr. Qin didn’t want his children to start out late.

“How is the preparation for this year’s annual gathering?” Mr. Qin asked.

Chen De: “It’s going smoothly, Sir. We are preparing it according to last year’s arrangements.”

“We also add a few more guests to the last year’s list of invitation.” For example, the Lins, who became Qin Group’s business partner this year. Chen De added: “I’ll finish sorting out the guest list later and give the report to you, Sir.”

“As for the date, when should we hold it?”

“The 3rd.” Glancing at the calendar, Mr. Qin said.

“Yes, Sir. I’ll make the arrangements now.”

Immediately after, Mr. Qin added another instruction: “Add a stage for this year’s banquet.”

Chen De was taken aback. A stage? Mr. Qin usually didn’t need this kind of showy appearance. But this time, Mr. Qin specifically instructed for a stage to be added. Apart from Xiaobei and Xiaobao, Chen De couldn’t think of other reasons.

“Sir, are you planning to let Xiaobao and Xiaobei attend Qin Group’s annual gathering?”…and officially introduced their identities to the guests?


“Yes, Sir. I’ll prepare it.” Chen De replied. Inward, he thought: since Xiaobao and Xiaobei were going to attend the annual gathering, this year’s event would be very important. He had to make the best preparation.

When Chen De informed Mr. Qin’s intention to Uncle Fu afterward, the old housekeeper was equally excited. Unlike the annual gathering and banquet held by small businesses and companies, Qin Group’s annual gathering was very grand and had a particular importance to the whole business circle.

Since Mr. Qin was going to officially take the children out, they must be prepared well. Uncle Fu was overjoyed. He should prepare the clothes they wore for that day. There would also be dancing at the banquet. Should he hire a special instruction to teach Xiaobei and Xiaobao?


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