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MWFV Ch. 78 Part 1 – Going To The Company (I)

MWFV sponsored chapters (3/6) by Thunder_Rain, MadLove27, Pnda, Pandash and several anonymous sponsors at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 77 Part 1.

After their final exam ended, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao completely entered the school break mode. It was already half past nine in the morning, but Su Bei was still lying on the bed. Snuggling inside the quilt, her gaze was pasted attentively on the phone screen with her fingers were tapping quickly like a bonafide ‘internet-addicted girl.’

However, Su Bei actually was talking about work with Lin Shaochi. The ‘NST Project’ has entered the final testing stage. Not surprisingly, it would soon pass the trial phase and begin to offer formal services. Prior to this, many technical issues still needed to be tested and finalized.

Although Lin Shaochi told Su Bei several times that the schedule wasn’t in such a hurry, whenever Su Bei thought that Qin Group had 51% shares in ‘NST Project,’ she would get invigorated by a burst of motivation. She couldn’t wait to start the service earlier so they could make money as soon as possible.

The school break was officially started a few days ago, and there was no longer any need to go to school. So in the past few days, Su Bei spent most of her day working remotely with other NST technical team members.

[Q]: I’ve read the trial data analysis sent by the technical team. Everything is good.

[Lin Shaochi]: Can I now choose a time to hold the press conference and signing ceremony?

[Q]: Yeah.

[Lin Shaochi]: You’ve worked hard.

Su Bei sent back a cute [Sea Otter Covering Its Eyes] emoticon with a reply: “Your words make me embarrassed.”

After all, she just provided some technical advice and supervision for the project. If the work was really hard, Mr. Qin would have ‘fired’ her a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Lin Shaochi felt amused after receiving the weird emoticon.

Just when Su Bei was about to send [Goodbye Boss] emoticon, Lin Shaochi sent another message.

[Lin Shaochi]: Are you not busy recently?

Before, [Q] usually handled NST’s works at night, including the remote chat meeting with Lin Shaochi. But Lin Shaochi heard from his employees that recently, [Q] has also been available during the day.

[Q]: Nope. I’m quite idle *proud*.

It’s winter break after all.

On the other side, Lin Shaochi was thinking: [Q] is no longer busy during the day, is it because she quit her previous job?

This guess made him secretly happy.

[Lin Shaochi]: Why? Are you ready to work here full time now?

[Q]: No, no. Boss, you misunderstood.

Her situation didn’t allow her to be a regular full-time employee. Besides, she was still a minor. What did she want to do by working full time? Taking Mr. Qin’s id card to apply for five social insurance and one housing fund?

[Lin Shaochi]: Our company offers a pretty good salary and benefits. Whenever you want to join us officially, feel free to tell me.

[Q]: Alright.

One, two, three…probably about eight years later?

[Lin Shaochi]: Lin Group has some overseas projects in Europe. I went to F Country on a business trip last week.

Seeing Lin Shaochi started to talk about his recent trips, Su Bei was a little surprised: why did Lin Shaochi suddenly tell her about his whereabouts?

But Su Bei soon calmed down. He was probably chatting casually with her. In addition to discussing work matters, the two also occasionally had a casual chat.

[Lin Shaochi]: I brought you a souvenir.

Su Bei:!

Her boss is too wonderful. He went on business trips abroad and didn’t forget to bring souvenirs for his employees!

Su Bei sent a [Thank You Boss] emoticon to Lin Shaochi.

[Q]: If it’s not heavy, just leave it somewhere, I’ll go to pick it.

[Q]: Or mail it to me, the address…

[Q]: Well, I’ll give you the address later.

Lin Shaochi silently glanced at the present in his hand——It’s indeed not heavy. Should he just mail it? Does the postal insurance has high enough coverage?

“No hurry. During Lin Group’s annual gathering…”

Compared with Qin Group’s large scale end of year party, Lin Group’s annual gathering was much simpler. Only people from the company would attend. Lin Shaochi was about to invite Q to attend the annual gathering, but before the typed message was sent, a new message arrived from the other side: I have something to do, let’s talk again in the evening.

Uncle Fu went to the second floor to call Su Bei and Su Xiaobao: “Xiaobei, Xiaobao, it’s time for breakfast.”

“Okay, Uncle Fu. I’ll come right away.” Su Bei glanced at the clock. It was indeed already quite late.

After tidying up, Su Bei went downstairs. When she saw Mr. Qin was drinking morning tea at the dining table, Su Bei’s eyes were filled with surprise.

“Eh, Dad, you still didn’t leave?”

“Mm.” Mr. Qin nodded. “Eat your breakfast.”

“Okay.” Su Bei walked to the dining table and sat on Mr. Qin’s left side. She skillfully made two sandwiches and put them on Su Xiaobao’s plate, then turned to his father and asked: “Dad, don’t you need to go to the company today?”

Su Xiaobao pulled an all-nighter online with Du Yiming and the others last night, so he was still half-awake. But when he heard Su Bei’s words, the boy also turned his head and looked at Mr. Qin quietly.

Seeing the expectation on his children’s face, Mr. Qin smiled secretly.

“I’ll go after this.”

Su Bei: Oh…

Su Xiaobao: Heh!

This time, there was a trace of disappointment on their face. The corner of Mr. Qin’s lips raised slightly. He added: “With you two.”

Su Bei: “Eh?”

“After eating breakfast, go and change your clothes. Let’s come to the company together.” Mr. Qin has made this plan early.

Uncle Fu was standing on the side. Seeing Mr. Qin deliberately teasing the children, he couldn’t help but laugh slightly. Yesterday, Mr. Qin told him that he would take Xiaobao and Xiaobei to the company, so there was no need to prepare their lunch.

Actually, Mr. Qin should have left out early in the morning. But remembering the children had just begun their school break, he let them sleep a bit longer. Only after the sun was high in the sky that Mr. Qin let Uncle Fu go up and call Su Bei and Su Xiaobao.


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  1. Sometimes I kinda feel annoyed with Xiaobao, can he do stuffs himself? I know Su Bei spoils him too much but it doesn’t seem like he wants to change the fact that she waits on him hand and foot over every little things. I don’t know, maybe it’s the twins dynamic I’m not aware of. Or maybe author just wants the father to be jealous or maybe I’m the one jealous lol. I just need to let it out somehow.

    Thank you so much for update 😊

    1. It goes both ways tho? Didn’t Su Bei ask him to piggyback her all the way the mountain?

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