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MWFV Ch. 78 Part 2 – Going To The Company (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 77 Part 1.

This time, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao came to Qin Group’s main office during a working day and working hours. They followed Mr. Qin and came in from the main entrance. In no time, everyone in the office knew about their arrival.

Various chat groups suddenly exploded.

[Attention! Attention! Our Qin Group’s little princess and crown prince are here!]

[Wow, we finally see the chairman’s two children.]

[Our two little shareholders should be on school break, that’s why the chairman brought them here.]

[They are fraternal twins, right? I heard from secretary Zhou that they are very beautiful and handsome.]

[That’s a given. After all, our chairman is so handsome. His little princess and prince must be adorable.]

[Just now, I went to the top floor to prepare the meeting room. I saw them! Really good looking children. Unfortunately, I can’t take any pictures.]

[How unfortunate. I want to see.]

Top floor, the chairman’s office.

Right after Mr. Qin arrived in his office, he began to handle stacks of documents. As for the ‘little princess’ and ‘crown prince’ that had become the hot topic of gossip among the employees, they were sitting next to their father, bored.

Su Bei stared at Mr. Qin’s desk, gradually became more bored and bored. Then, she began to play with the things on the large desk. She would take up one thing, then put down another. She would move one thing, then rearranged another.

After Mr. Qin finally finished handling all the documents, he looked up to see that his desk’s layout has changed. The books on the desk were sorted into several piles, and each pile was neatly arranged from the tallest to the shortest. Other things, such as mobile phone, laptop, and pens had also been aligned properly. In addition, there were a few pots of small plants that previously weren’t there, and now were neatly arranged on the desk.

Moreover, the documents that Mr. Qin put down after reading were also sorted out. They were neatly arranged into three stacks: project review, daily reports, and other documents.

Putting the last document in his hand into the proper stack, Mr. Qin looked at Su Bei: “Are you bored?”

Su Bei: “Eh, it’s okay.”

Mr. Qin put down his pen and smiled.

“Let’s go. Come with me to the meeting.”

Qin Shao took Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to the small meeting room next to the chairman’s office. Only the relevant senior executives, department leaders, and special project team were participating in this meeting. Its main agenda was the progress report of the ‘Conceptual Integrated Complex’ currently developed by Qin Group.

“Currently, all the works are carried out smoothly. According to the current feedback data…”

During the meeting, everyone seriously focused on the report being presented. But from time to time, they couldn’t help but secretly glanced at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. Especially female executives, these aunts almost couldn’t hold their smiles when looking at the twins.

——So they were Chairman’s two children. The ‘little princess’ was beautiful and cute, and the ‘crown prince’ was equally handsome, like a more lively mini replica of Chairman Qin. Moreover, the two children’s looks and temperaments were very similar to their father.

“There is one more thing.” After the regular report finished, the head of the project department stood up and said: “Hongtu Group should have gathered some info from our pre-launch publicity and partners, and recently launched a project called ‘New Concept Mall.’ According to the information we got, their project is basically similar to our ‘Conceptual Integrated Complex.’ They should be aiming to launch the project at the same time as us, and use the similarity of the two projects to gain free publicity and get part of the market.”

“Chairman, what should we……”

Qin Shao: “Continue according to the original plan.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After the meeting over and everybody else has left, Mr. Qin glanced at the serious-looking boy sitting on his side and asked: “Do you have any ideas?”

Su Xiaobao: “On what?”

Qin Shao: “The last question.”

“Just do what you originally plan to.” Su Xiaobao calmly said. “What kind of splash can a copycat make? We just need to proceed normally and show them what a ‘genuine product’ looks like…”

Pretty interesting.

Hearing Su Xiaobao’s answer, Mr. Qin’s eyes flashed with surprise and approval. “Your idea isn’t wrong.” After a pause, he said again: “But you should know one thing. If your strength is not as good as your opponent, such a head-on collision will likely resulting in a lot of capital losses, and may even benefit the other party in the end.”

“But you have that strength.” Su Xiaobao stared at Mr. Qin and said in a firm tone.

Mr. Qin chuckled twice. “What is Xiaobei’s opinion?” This time, he asked Su Bei. When talking to his daughter, Qin Shao’s tone subconsciously softened a lot.

“I also agree with Xiaobao.” Su Bei answered, her lips curled upward. After a moment, she continued: “Even if the rival company is strong, it doesn’t matter. They obviously only stole the rough concept from Qin Group. Since they don’t know the real core idea and detailed plan, the project they make is simply an inferior copy, isn’t it right?”

The smile on Mr. Qin’s face widened a bit: “Continue.”

Su Bei: “I think it’s better if we launch the project simultaneously. On the surface, they are stealing publicity from us. But in fact, we are the ones who get the benefit. The greater the Attention is, the more will others see the contrast between superior and inferior.”

Mr. Qin: Both his children have made him surprised again.

After lunch, Mr. Qin was originally going to force Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to take a nap in his lounge when Chen De entered.

Chen De: “Xiaobei, Xiaobao, have you eaten enough lunch?”

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao greeted “Uncle Chen” and nodded.

“Sir.” Chen De turned to Qin Shao: “Young Chairman Lin and his team have arrived.”

This afternoon, there was an important meeting between Qin Group and Lin Group about their joint NST project. Previously, Chen De was completely blind about the network security business. But the result showed by NST has greatly exceeded his expectations.

Mr. Qin nodded. He glanced at Su Bei, who was standing beside him. The girl was looking at him with bright eyes. Mr. Qin sighed softly and finally chose to compromise.

Since she was so eager to participate in this meeting, even if he sent her off to take a nap, she wouldn’t be able to close her eyes. In any case, Su Bei was also an essential member of the NST project, so it was only proper to let her join the meeting.


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